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Gumi - Childhood Blues (オサナナブルー)

An adorable song about confessing to a childhood friend ♪

Author Comment:
I’ve always wanted to have this kind of love, but it’s just a pipe dream, for my childhood friend’s a plump guy with a shaven head.

Music & Words: Last Note.
Guitar: Machiya (町屋)
Bass: mao
Illustration: Hechima (へちま)
Movie: ke-sanβ

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Last Note: I’ve been asked if I’ll make a male point of view for “Osanana Blue,” but I don’t have plans to make that kind of alternate work myselve. However, anyone is free to make their own fan-arrange or answer song for it!

[ Aww. I’m kind of curious of how a male POV would be like, like what HoneyWorks does with a lot of their songs, but hopefully someone else does make some kind of fanmade answer song or something! ]


Song: Childhood Blue

Vocals: GUMI

Music: Last Note

Notes: #1 on the Vocaran