<3 tagged by @curse-it to post my favorite // most influential albums of all time (in no particular order)

so if you didn’t get the “dark and weird” vibe from me yet…

1. “best of the best” - nirvana (no idea if that’s the actual title, but I stole this from my brother in middle school and that’s what he said it was)

2. “electric warrior” - t. rex

3. “the great pretenders” - mini mansions

4. “hung at heart” - the growlers (it was a tie between this and their album “gilded pleasures,” but this one has more of my absolute favorites)

5. “rubber soul” - the beatles

6. “deja entendu” - brand new (everybody has a life altering album, this is one of them)

7. “innerspeaker” - tame impala (dear kevin, please make another album like this. this album is my soul.)

8. “sun structures” - temples

9. “razorblade romance” - him (fully prepared for the heavy judgment that comes with still loving this album // ville valo)

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Ah man,I’ve seen them twice. Haha ^_^ I got to see them at coachella and treasure island in sf few yrs ago. I’m a big fan of them. I’m super excited I get to see them play at an awesome venue at the beach for $35 bucks! Ha which I don’t have to travel far