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15.03.2012 Kyoto & Osaka

Since we went back to Tokyo via bus that night we didn’t planned too much for that day.

Late in the morning we visited the Nijo castle amid Kyoto. By far it was the most impressive building I ever visited. Back then it was the Shogun’s residence. For centuries people lived here and a lot of history happened here, even if his main residence was in Edo. The floor contains a special alarm system which should warn of intruders. When you place one foot in front of the other, built-in cones move so you hear chirping nightingales.

Since the castle is surrounded by a beautiful park area I had some interesting and deep conversation with my ladies sitting on a bench.

Our last destination was Arashiyama. This part of Kyoto is famous for a bamboo forrest which we really wanted to visit. On the way you can stop at the Tenryu-ji temple. It was built in 1339 and contains a breath-taking garden builded by Muso Soseki. Since the sun was shining many Japanese people visited the temple as well. When we wanted to talk about some of them we gave them german names like Mr. Tasche.

On our way back to the station we walked around Arashiyama and almost got lost. Suddenly we were surrounded by nature. A funny side-story: when we almost reached the bridge we came from, I found a familiar place. There was a little restaurant I saw some pictures of here in Tumblr some time ago. Found it!

We had dinner at Osaka station and killed time until entering our overnight bus. Up on the roof of the station you had an amazing view of Osaka and the Umeda Sky Building.

Suddenly a couple started talking to us. The young man just visited Germany a week ago and recognized our language. It was a lovely meeting. We talked a bit and he took pictures of us in front of the skyline at night. When I noticed that I’m from Dortmund he shouted: “Dortmund! Kagawa Shinji!!!” It’s such a pity is isn’t a soccer player of Borussia Dortmund anymore.

After eating a big cup of Ramen we went back to Tokyo.

Today’s calendar:

Weather: really nice
Distance: From Kyoto to Tokyo
Accommodation: Khaosan Tokyo Original

Positive: The impressing Nijo castle and to watch the other people around 
Negative: nothing


Umeda Sky Building by Akira
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