osaka exhibition

1300 ありがとう
Thank you!



Thank you for coming to my exhibition in Osaka.

It’s a 3-day holiday from tomorrow. See you on Tuesday :)


Natsume yujinjo ’s exhibition in Osaka

I am lucky that I am one of the first 100 audience :)

Photo shooting is prohibited in most part of the exhibition. But there’s some spaces that you can take pictures.

And also the damn gift shop……..
All the merch are so beautiful !!! Gahhhhh I really spent so much there QQ
But it totally worth it omg

Strongly recommend if ur the fans ;)
I totally enjoyed it even though my Japanese is poor lololol


Grace Kelly/Princess Grace exhibit 2017 in HANKYU OSAKA

In a special exhibition in celebration of 10 years of friendship with Japan, the Monaco palace has opened up its collection of Grace Kelly dresses, relics, and photos!

This is an exact reproduction of the magnificent wedding gown , designed by Helen Rose, that Grace Kelly wore for her marriage to Prince Rainier lll of Monaco, April 19, 1956

Thanks and credit to Sam Graham for photography and text



Bus Stop Promotional Posters for the Shingeki no Kyojin Exhibition in Osaka 

As part of a promotion for the Wall Osaka Exhibition, posters depicting titans roaming the city have been placed at various bus stops around Osaka. 

The Wall Osaka Exhibition, which will be held at Grand Front Osaka’s Knowledge Capital building, will run from September 11th to October 18th.


anonymous asked:

16 & 27? =)

16.  Favorite drink.
Fresh squeezed orange juice, and overall orange juice with pulp.
I’d love mojitos and whiskey, but the allergies… ToT

27. Favorite artist?
For art;

Ayami Kojima (I waited for her art book for 15 years..!)

Takehiko Inoue (went to his exhibition in Osaka in 2009 and it was one of the best things ever!)

Kaori Wakamatsu (I’ve got her art book, waited for it so long!)

000[REi] (No art book available, bohoo, but I got her postcards. I’d LOVE to have this pic as a huge poster and frame it.)

Sachiko Kaneoya (I have a privilege to be familiars with Sachiko-san. I went to her exhibition in 2014 in Tokyo)

For music my fave artists are Divine, C.C. Catch and Billy Idol

So yeah, my fave art artists are all Japanese and fave music artist are from the 80′s!

Joshi-ri no kai 女四人の会 exhibition photo - Japanese female painters photography

From the left -  Okamoto Kouen 岡本更園, Kitani Chigusa 木谷千種, Shima Seien 島成園, Matsumoto Kayou 松本華羊 - Osaka - Japan - May 1916