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青道高校野球部【沢村栄純(CV:逢坂良太)、降谷暁(CV:島﨑信長)、小湊春市(CV:花江夏樹)、金丸信二(CV:松岡 禎丞)、東条秀明(CV:蒼井翔太)】

Diamond no Ace 2nd Season Ending 2   “BLUE WINDING ROAD” by Seidou High School Baseball Club (Ryota Osaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Natsuki Hanae, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Aoi Shouta) 



2017 #BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~の大阪のFC限定イベントブースが今日も始まりました。 RAP MONSTERさんの手書きが入ったスタンプ楽しんでください☺ #防弾少年団

The Osaka fan club exclusive event booth for the 2017 #BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ began today as well. Please enjoy RAP MONSTER’s hand drawn stamp☺ #BTS

Trans cr; Jackie @ bts-trans


[EPISODE] 97. The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Kana: 水のラピリンス! ねらわれた亜美
Romaji: Mizu no Rabirinsu! Nerawareta Ami

Original Air Date: May 21, 1994

Director: Junichi Satou
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai

Plot: Usagi worries that she and the others are distracting Ami from her own studies. Meanwhile, Ami offends Michiru when she refuses to swim to her full potential during a race.


  • Like Chibiusa, Mamoru fears needles.
  • The statue that Ami and Mamoru sat by actually exists. It is modeled after Kimi Iwasaki (born in 1902), a young girl whose mother gave her up for adoption. Two Americans adopted Kimi, but they could not bring her back to America since the girl was sick with tuberculosis. Kimi stayed behind and died at the age of nine in an Azabu orphanage. Kimi’s mother assumed that her daughter had moved to America.
  • This episode included Naru’s last appearance in S.
  • The decorative end of Makoto’s pencil looked like Luna P.
  • Haruka also wears a Sasaki helmet. Mamoru wore his in episode 94. The name was inspired by one of the show’s episode directors, Noriyo Sasaki.


  • Juuban Municipal Junior High School
  • Juuban Park
  • Sports Club L
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • The Death Busters’ laboratory

December 8th, 1941, Japanese controlled northern Manchuria. 2nd Lt. Baldwin S. Lügner of the US Army Corps of Engineers was the de facto commander a survey team who had spent the last 6 months working on improved mapping of Manchuria. 7 civilians and 5 additional soldiers were under his command, which he had been thrust into only a week earlier when their Captain had been injured in a climbing accident and evacuated. In the early hours of Dec. 8th (still Dec. 7th in the US), his radio man reported to him, ashen faced, that he had received an urgent message announcing a state of war between the US and Japan. 

Operating in enemy territory, and their presence well known to Japanese authorities, Lt. Lügner knew that it would be a brief matter of time before they would face arrest - or worse. The Soviet border was 50 miles away, but through rough terrain, the chance of escape was next to nil. Defense positions were prepared, and all that could be done was wait. It was early the next morning that a Japanese company began their approach. Hopelessly outnumbered and wiith nothing to lose, Lt. Lügner, and one of the civilians who was quite fluent in Japanese sent up a flag of truce and walked out to talk, where they were met by the Japanese commander Major Honmonode Wanai.  

Maj. Wanai was friendly, and happy to offer terms of surrender, but a man of honor, Lügner was unwilling to simply roll over, as he insisted it was palpably unfair that his men should be forced to surrender when they had been in the region on a peaceful mission agreed to by the Japanese government. In a strange stroke of luck however, the American translator, who had spent some years in Japan, recognized Wanai as the former star right fielder for the Osaka Baseball Club in the JBL, and previously of the famed Waseda High School program. A college star himself, Lügner was quickly intrigued, and decided to make a gamble. Issuing a challenge to Wanai, he insisted that his men could beat a picked team from the Japanese company, and offered to surrender with to terms the Major asked for if they lost the game, while Lügner being allowed to dictate his own terms of surrender if the American’s triumphed. An eager sportsman, even if his career had been interrupted for the war, Wanai couldn’t let a challenge to Japanese baseball supremacy go unaccepted, and duly agreed. 

Runners were sent back to their base to retrieve gear, while the rest prepared a field of play. As the defenders, the Americans were allowed “Home team” status, and Lügner threw the first pitch, and inside fastball for a strike (A Swedish geologist, the lone none-American civilian in Lügner’s group and a deemed a neutral observer, served as umpire, although his understanding of the game was marginal at best). Both teams, mostly middling amateurs at best, played their hearts out, and it remained a close, low scoring game, going into the 9th inning tied 3-3. With two outs, the Japanese pulled ahead on a daring grab by Wanai of home plate on a wild pitch, but Lügner got himself under control, and put the next batter down on three straight strikes. A sac bunt, a stolen base, and a solid line drive tied the game up at the bottom of the 9th, and it moved on to extra innings.

By the 15th inning, both sides were exhausted. Although outnumbering the Americans, the Japanese had restricted themselves to three substitutions in deference to the American’s small numbers, and both sides had long since made them. Two outs, a man on first, with a 2-2 count, Lügner, fighting the fatigue of pitching the entire game, nevertheless managed to catch a low curve, sending it over the head of the left fielder. With no outfield fence, there was no “out-of-the-park” hits, and as he rounded second, Lügner knew the game was tied, but also that he had a chance to win it all. The outfielder chasing after the rolling ball grabbed it and hit the cutoff man as Lügner made his mad dash for home. With inches to spare, he dove at the plate, clearly beating the throw and giving the Americans a walk-off win with his “inside-the-park” home run.

Not one to waste his opportunity, rather than simply write agreeable terms for surrender, Lügner requested he and his men be allowed to not only keep their arms, but given an honor guard to escort them to the Soviet border. A gracious loser, Wanai agreed, even providing transportation for the small group. They were delivered into Soviet custody the next afternoon, and eventually repatriated to the United States a month later. 

Maj. Wanai would face a court martial for his actions, but was cleared of the charges as it was agreed that his conduct was honorable, if incorrect. Nevertheless it ended what had been a promising career, and he would be killed in action a year later after being reassigned to Guadalcanal in punishment. 

Lügner however was awarded the Silver Star for his leadership, and after a tour of the US raising war bonds, was assigned to play for the Army’s baseball team, where he led them to an inter-service championship over the Navy in 1943. Uncomfortable playing ball while others were shedding blood however, now Capt. Lügner requested a combat assignment, arriving in Europe in time to earn a second Silver Star as a combat engineer with Patton’s 3rd Army during the Battle of the Bulge. Demobilized after the war, he was overed a minor league contract by the Washington Senators, but despite several solid years AA ball, was never able to make the major league squad, with any final chance eliminated when he was mobilized for service in Korea. Once again a civilian, he would lead a successful career as a water engineer before passing away in 1983.


Insanity Clan’s refuge - Osaka - 2.40 a.m - CHAPTER 1

Kaito’s Chevrolet arrived silently from the rusty roads of an abandoned Osaka’s neighborhood, lighting up the walls of the old warehouse. The Insanity Clan had found a refuge there after a robbery gone bad in Pounawea. The police had arrested Seven and Rogue during the heist, the other members  had managed to escape. Paying corrupt cops, Daryl had managed to let Rogue get out of prison, but things didn’t go well for Seven, which had been again transferred to a psychiatric hospital. She stayed there for one year, while the Clan lived in Osaka into the Kaito’s old warehouse, that they transformed in a house. Seven got released a week ago. Kaito came to pick her up at the airport, and now she’s about to see again the rest of the Clan.

Kaito: So…Here we are. It’s not a castle, but I swear it is a nice place to live. You will get used.

Seven had been silent throughout the journey. She was not angry with kaito, she was angry with his brother. And with Ace. They would have to find a way to get her out of that hell, they would have to care about her.

Seven: I’m used to live in the crap.

Kaito: Seven…You’ll be fine here. You’re with us now.

He smiled, he knew how much she suffered. She had the right to be angry. But he also knew that every single member of the clan tried everyday to take her away from that hospital, without any success. 

They entered the house by an external staircase, coming directly upstairs . Kaito showed Seven her room, it was the largest one. Daryl brought there some of her stuff, including some posters from her old room in Pounawea, to make her feel at home.

Kaito: “And this is my room. And Ace’s…He’s not here now, don’t get wet”

Seven: “Fuck you. You know what? I will sleep in this room tonight. I want to pee on the asshole’s bed”

Kaito shook his head as he walked downstairs.

Kaito: “That’s the kitchen. And on that table we usually play majong…or poker. We’re bored most of the time, Daryl don’t let us do anything dangerous for the moment, the police is still looking for us. Ace bought two clubs in Osaka, he’s trying to raise some money and make bussinesses with the local gangsters. He’s always away from home, but Nike keeps me company.

Seven: “Jesus, Nike lives with us? Where is she!? And oh…This kitchen sucks.”

Sitting at the dining table, in the dark, there was Daryl. He was smoking a cigarette, he didn’t say a word.

Kaito: “Yes, she’s sleeping upstairs in her room. She’s drunk as fuck…And…yes. Daryl is here…Hello Daryl?”

Daryl: “Hi sister…”

Seven: “I don’t want to talk to you. Stay away from me.”

Kaito: “He just wanted to see y..”

Daryl: “Doesn’t matter. Goodnight.”

He left the house without looking at her sister’s face. Seven’s eyes were covered with tears of anger.


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