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Voice Actors in Sports Anime

Being a sports Anime and seiyuu fan, I always find the fun in spotting seiyuu and their repetitive characters in the anime. Here are some that appeared in at least three of the sports anime that I have watched.

Special positions given and names are in last name, first name.

Have fun in finding the connections!

Hosoya Yoshimasa (Sports King)

All Out!!: Sekizan Takuya - Captain

Chihayafuru: Wataya Arata

Daiya no Ace: Yuuki Tetsuya - Captain

Free! Eternal Summer: Yamazaki Sousuke

Haikyuu!!: Azumane Asahi - Ace

Kuroko no Basket: Hyuga Junpei - Captain

Yuri!! On Ice: Otabek Altin

(Bonus) Prince of Tennis: Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Kamiya Hiroshi

Daiya no Ace: Sanada Shunpei - Ace

Haikyuu!!: Takeda Ittetsu - Karasuno Advisor

Kuroko no Basket: Akashi Seijuurou - Captain

Suwabe Junichi

Kuroko no Basket: Aomine Daiki - Ace

Yowamushi Pedal: Kanzaki Tooji - Ex captain

Yuri!! On Ice: Viktor Nikiforov - man of hotness

Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Daiya no Ace: Mishima Yuuta - Pitcher

Free!: Tachibana Makoto - Captain

Kuroko no Basket: Takao Kazunari - Point Guard

Shimazaki Nobunaga

Daiya no Ace: Furuya Satoru - Ace

Free!: Nanase Haruka - Vice Captain

Kuroko no Basket: Sakurai Ryo - Shooting Guard

Miyano Mamoru

Big Windup: Riou Nakazawa

Chihayafuru: Taichi Mashima

Free!: Matusoka Rin - Captain

Yuri!! On Ice: JJ Leroy

Okamoto Nobuhiko

All Out!!: Miyuki Atsushi

Daiya no Ace: Kominato Ryousuke - Second baseman

Haikyuu: Nishinoya Yuu - Libero

Ono Kensho

All Out!!: Ooharano Etsugo

Daiya no Ace: Todoroki Raichi

Kuroko no Basket: Kuroko Tetsuya

Yuri!! On Ice: Phicit Chulanont

Tsubasa Yonaga

Big Windup: Mihashi Ren - Ace

Free!: Nagisa Hatsuki

Yowamushi Pedal: Manami Sangaku - Climber

Uchiyama Kouki

Daiya no Ace: Oomae Takahiro - Captain

Haikyuu!: Tsukishima Kei - Middle Blocker

Yuri!! On Ice: Yuri Prisesky

Osaka Ryota

All Out!!: Hachiouji Mutsumi

Daiya no Ace: Sawamura Eijun - Pitcher

Haikyuu: Akaashi Keiji - Setter

Kuroko no Basket 3: Mayuzumi Chiriro

Kimura Ryouhei

Daiya no Ace 2: Amahisa Kousei - New Pitcher

Haikyuu!!: Bokuto Koutarou - Captain, Ace

Kuroko no Basket: Kise Ryota

What You Need To Know About Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS

On September 21st, 2017, the Love Live! School Idol Project franchise announced on the Tokyo Game Show their newest and arguably most ambitious project to date: a new rhythm action game for mobile devices called Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS (SIFAS). It is currently being developed with the idea that it will be “the greatest, best idol game”, and it should be released in Japan at some point in 2018. This game will be known as the successor to Love Live! School Idol Festival (SIF), while also building on SIF’s success. Here is what we know so far about SIFAS:

1. It will use CGI technology to allow nine people dance formations to be seen whilst playing a song, and it will also feature a new live show system. In additon to this, by using skills you will be able to evolve the idol’s performances and “create your own lives”. There is currently no information on this feature besides fan speculation. For a preview of the CGI models dancing, see the video below!

2. New, fully voiced main and side stories will be added to the game featuring μ’s, Aqours, and the new girls from Nijisaki Academy School Idol Club. These stories will overlap and deepen the plot of each of the series, and members from the groups will interact with each other. It has even been confirmed that μ’s and Aqours will meet! The tagline of these stories is “The Story We Realise With You”. Get a preview video of the characters of μ’s and Aqours talking about the project!

3. SIF will still play a major roll in SIFAS by connecting both games via the School Idol Festival ID system. Based on your rank and gameplay on the original system, you will receive bonuses in ALL STARS

So, that’s all we know for now! Stay tuned and excited!

青道高校野球部【沢村栄純(CV:逢坂良太)、降谷暁(CV:島﨑信長)、小湊春市(CV:花江夏樹)、金丸信二(CV:松岡 禎丞)、東条秀明(CV:蒼井翔太)】

Diamond no Ace 2nd Season Ending 2   “BLUE WINDING ROAD” by Seidou High School Baseball Club (Ryota Osaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Natsuki Hanae, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Aoi Shouta) 


[EPISODE] 97. The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Kana: 水のラピリンス! ねらわれた亜美
Romaji: Mizu no Rabirinsu! Nerawareta Ami

Original Air Date: May 21, 1994

Director: Junichi Satou
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai

Plot: Usagi worries that she and the others are distracting Ami from her own studies. Meanwhile, Ami offends Michiru when she refuses to swim to her full potential during a race.


  • Like Chibiusa, Mamoru fears needles.
  • The statue that Ami and Mamoru sat by actually exists. It is modeled after Kimi Iwasaki (born in 1902), a young girl whose mother gave her up for adoption. Two Americans adopted Kimi, but they could not bring her back to America since the girl was sick with tuberculosis. Kimi stayed behind and died at the age of nine in an Azabu orphanage. Kimi’s mother assumed that her daughter had moved to America.
  • This episode included Naru’s last appearance in S.
  • The decorative end of Makoto’s pencil looked like Luna P.
  • Haruka also wears a Sasaki helmet. Mamoru wore his in episode 94. The name was inspired by one of the show’s episode directors, Noriyo Sasaki.


  • Juuban Municipal Junior High School
  • Juuban Park
  • Sports Club L
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • The Death Busters’ laboratory
Kannaduki Iku

[Set in 2017]
Age: 20 years old Height: 178 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type

[Setting in 2016]
Age: 19 years old Height: 175 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ Although he is in the juniors group, a man who admires everyone. Polite, moral, strong. A sports boy who is positive and will always try hard. I entered the university in Tokyo this spring, both on land and idle. Since his debut, the back has been growing steadily, his content and appearance are also remarkable.
■ Procella ’s precious Tsukkomi charge. However, I am somewhat sweet for my partner Rui.
■ Yoru, Rui, and occasionally also from Hayabusi is called “Ikkun” as a nickname.
■ He decided to keep petite “Sasakuma 1” of a panda as a pet, which was encountered at the time of shooting “Chinese lady costumes” wearing a Chinese style costume. It seems he is being healed by a rolling black and white pill.
■ In Procella’s Tsukiraji, he is in charge of the main personality. Because Rui is not talking about a lot of people, the fact is that they are turning around almost alone, but it seems recently that their fun has become known. Sharpening & talking skills with Koi!

[Setting in 2015]
Age: 18 years old Height: 172 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ Man who everyone admires. He is polite to everyone, so he is well received by older people. He is a solid person, and is active as a Tsukkomi frame with You inside Procella members who tend to run away. However, Rui (and Yoru) are sweet.
■ I have been busy living with the school with the track division, but as a result of that hard work, it seems that the university in Tokyo is likely to be recommended on the ground. Although I was worried about leaving the locale, I planned to start full-time dormitory life as a result of consultation with my family, considering that I can use traveling time for practice.
■ Live broadcast radio, “Tsukita. Radio ”, so-called" Tsukiraji “serve as the main personality of Procella with Rui. He is famous for progressing crisply with the speed of turnover cultivated in Tsukkomi cultivated in the dormitory life, but as a certain leader starts to runaway, he is still in training because he does not resist.

[Setting in 2014]
Age: 17 years old Height: 168 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ He fills a valuable Tsukkomi role of Procella, together with You, because he is the owner of an ordinary sense, who grew up in an ordinary household. I am thinking that it may be okay, since he and his faint seem to be enjoying fun, while fighting to make the Petite Demon Lord of recent times (Rui).
My sister also has good motor nerves and belongs to a badminton club. Although she sometimes makes fun of idol costumes, it seems that she is cheering me for giving encouragement messages by line and e-mail, or missionary activities to a friend.
■ I am living with a lot of movement and I am becoming a professional to make effective use of clearance time by doing tasks and work in the Shinkansen and by taking a nap.
■ He is a hero to Rui, Prince. I can not help but meet that expectation! And the boy decided to resolve.
■ Both his parents are fairly tall, and since they are of the type that the tall sprouts have increased since becoming university students, they predict that he will be of that type as well. Actually the growth in the last two years is the maximum value along with Koi.
■ Play valuable leisure with Rui, go to rice in a group of young people.

[Setting in 2013]
Age: 16 years old Height: 165 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ I am a member of Hyogo and attend a private school in Osaka where club activities are popular.
■ I belonged to the land and participated in the national competition at 200m and 400m, where I received a scout.
■ The body is small, but the vessel holds a big guy.
■ I work hard in parallel with the entertainment activities, club activities, studies and three.
■ I have an older sister, but we look alike enough to be mistaken for twins.
■ Rui is in progress now and I have friendship!

[Initial setting]
Age: 16 years old Height: 165 cm Birthday: October 21 blood type: O type
■ A healthy, bright and positive boy. Because he does preeminent exercise, overall sports come and go!
■ I will not forget consideration to the surroundings, while holding a solid massage, a man’s character that anyone can admire. He is an adult that does not move even to the behavior of a fickle faint.
■ The people I admire are Haru (March Male) and Kai (July Male). He is a long and mature man.
■ Because he is the same year as Rui (June male), he is in the midst of shrinking the distance to get along. I recently got used to it …? "Ikkun” calls are proof of it.

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If this otp + song still going on? If so i would LOVE iwaoi + Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love. Love your blog!

Thank you! I just had a few left over in my inbox from when I reblogged this post ages ago, but LET’S SEE WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU

— — —

There were several things that had changed since high school, and parties were the one that stood out the most. Once upon a time parties had meant goofing off and watching Iwaizumi arm wrestle people, perhaps an exchange of gifts. University parties were like that, sometimes, but the lack of adult supervision and curfews opened a world of other options. Tooru had experienced nights out on the town at his own university, whether they ended in dancing or karaoke or thirty strangers crammed into some poor student’s apartment—but somehow he’d never realized that Iwaizumi might be having nights like that without him, at his own university.

He should have. He’d talked to a hungover Iwaizumi on the phone Sunday mornings often enough—but somehow he’d always imagined Iwaizumi and three or four guys hanging out in someone’s bedroom drinking and playing video games, not out at clubs with strangers like Tooru was. As Tooru watched Iwaizumi dance with their group at an Osaka club, he realized that Iwaizumi had been having nights like Tooru was having. Had been enjoying nights like Tooru was having, without him. 

Iwaizumi was dancing. Surely Iwaizumi was the kind of guy to sit awkwardly to the side and judge people who danced? But he moved like he knew how, like he felt the beat in his bones, like expressing himself like this was natural.

Tooru swallowed.

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Full Free Match: Colt Cabana, Darkness Crabtree, The Swamp Monster & Yohnel Sanders vs. 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews), Ebessan & Takoyakida, chosen by Bryce Remsburg.


Insanity Clan’s refuge - Osaka - 2.40 a.m - CHAPTER 1

Kaito’s Chevrolet arrived silently from the rusty roads of an abandoned Osaka’s neighborhood, lighting up the walls of the old warehouse. The Insanity Clan had found a refuge there after a robbery gone bad in Pounawea. The police had arrested Seven and Rogue during the heist, the other members  had managed to escape. Paying corrupt cops, Daryl had managed to let Rogue get out of prison, but things didn’t go well for Seven, which had been again transferred to a psychiatric hospital. She stayed there for one year, while the Clan lived in Osaka into the Kaito’s old warehouse, that they transformed in a house. Seven got released a week ago. Kaito came to pick her up at the airport, and now she’s about to see again the rest of the Clan.

Kaito: So…Here we are. It’s not a castle, but I swear it is a nice place to live. You will get used.

Seven had been silent throughout the journey. She was not angry with kaito, she was angry with his brother. And with Ace. They would have to find a way to get her out of that hell, they would have to care about her.

Seven: I’m used to live in the crap.

Kaito: Seven…You’ll be fine here. You’re with us now.

He smiled, he knew how much she suffered. She had the right to be angry. But he also knew that every single member of the clan tried everyday to take her away from that hospital, without any success. 

They entered the house by an external staircase, coming directly upstairs . Kaito showed Seven her room, it was the largest one. Daryl brought there some of her stuff, including some posters from her old room in Pounawea, to make her feel at home.

Kaito: “And this is my room. And Ace’s…He’s not here now, don’t get wet”

Seven: “Fuck you. You know what? I will sleep in this room tonight. I want to pee on the asshole’s bed”

Kaito shook his head as he walked downstairs.

Kaito: “That’s the kitchen. And on that table we usually play majong…or poker. We’re bored most of the time, Daryl don’t let us do anything dangerous for the moment, the police is still looking for us. Ace bought two clubs in Osaka, he’s trying to raise some money and make bussinesses with the local gangsters. He’s always away from home, but Nike keeps me company.

Seven: “Jesus, Nike lives with us? Where is she!? And oh…This kitchen sucks.”

Sitting at the dining table, in the dark, there was Daryl. He was smoking a cigarette, he didn’t say a word.

Kaito: “Yes, she’s sleeping upstairs in her room. She’s drunk as fuck…And…yes. Daryl is here…Hello Daryl?”

Daryl: “Hi sister…”

Seven: “I don’t want to talk to you. Stay away from me.”

Kaito: “He just wanted to see y..”

Daryl: “Doesn’t matter. Goodnight.”

He left the house without looking at her sister’s face. Seven’s eyes were covered with tears of anger.


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