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青道高校野球部【沢村栄純(CV:逢坂良太)、降谷暁(CV:島﨑信長)、小湊春市(CV:花江夏樹)、金丸信二(CV:松岡 禎丞)、東条秀明(CV:蒼井翔太)】

Diamond no Ace 2nd Season Ending 2   “BLUE WINDING ROAD” by Seidou High School Baseball Club (Ryota Osaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Natsuki Hanae, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Aoi Shouta) 

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10-21-2015 - Wednesday

Fan Club Takoyaki

This is about the fan club event in Osaka ☆

In my fan club event staff, 

there’s an original takoyaki artisan,

and at the actual site of the event in Osaka, 

they made handmade takoyaki for me (*^o^*)

In this manner, lol

Genuinely homemade!!!\(^o^)/

I’m so happy, to receive such love from the staff~~~☆☆☆(*^_^*)

And so,

as expected of an artisan!!

Perfectly placed in the nooks, lol

In completion, it’s the original, full-scale takoyaki(≧∇≦)

And of course, Mamo will also dig in ( ̄+ー ̄)☆

The flavor…

Tastes of the real thing…

It’s soooo deliciouuuss~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆

In Osaka, 

being able to eat takoyaki from its home place,

was the utmost happiness ♪(´ε` )

takoyaki = fried octopus, often fried together in a special pan with scallions and pickled ginger.


August 17, 2015 [4:41 PM]  Not sure if it’s because of the low pressure, but the back of my head is throbbing where I got stitches… Harry Potter’s lightning-shaped scar probably hurts when air pressure’s low too

August 17, 2015 [4:43 PM]  Grape-picking with my fan club in Osaka🍇
It rained but I feel better after talking a bunch with you guys! I’m so happy (top)

August 18, 2015 [4:46 PM] Went to the gym for the first time in forever. Can’t believe how much weaker I’ve gotten… here goes. I tanned a little bit too (bottom)


150727 renpi26 IG Update with Hee at Club in #OSAKA 😀😀

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