✊😎 Start using the 🆕 Unicode 7.0 emojis today

New emoji characters have been released as part of the Unicode 7.0 standard, however no announcement has been made from Apple, Google or Microsoft on their proposed schedule for including these new emojis into iOS, OS X, Android or Windows.

That means characters such as the middle finger or hot pepper remain just out of reach until we have emoji fonts on our systems that include graphics for these emojis.

New Emoji List on Emojipedia

To start browsing those characters today, you can install a third-party font which already has these symbols included. Symbola is that font.

By downloading and installing the latest Symbola font on your Mac or Windows computer, you will be able to see for yourself some basic artwork for the new emoji characters. This won’t match the modern color characters normally seen in OS X or Windows, but it is a start.

👌 How to do it

☝️ Some things to consider

While you now have the superpower of being able to view these new emojis, that doesn’t mean all of your friends do. Sending them a tweet with a Man In Business Suit Levitating will show the emoji at your end, but still be an empty box on the receiving end.

Best to wait for the main operating system providers to release their updates before assuming any of these characters can be used for communication.

Also keep in mind that the appearance of each of these symbols may vary across platforms, when they are included in a future operating system update.

💠 Test your font

Here’s some examples to test if your Symbola font installation is working. If your font is working, you will see an emoji next to each name below. If you see an empty box, it is not working.

➡️ What’s next?

Presumably, each major operating system will support these new characters in the future. When they do, you will see artwork for each character that matches the rest of the emojis on your platform.

Until then, enjoy your own sneak-peak at the new characters on your own system.

Thirteen Hours And Twenty Nine Minutes

Nilay Patel reviewing the new 13-inch MacBook Air:

13 hours and 29 minutes. That’s all you really need to know — that’s how long the new MacBook Air running Safari lasted running The Verge Battery Test, which cycles through a series of websites and images at 65 percent brightness. Run time in Chrome was shorter, at 11 hours and 29 minutes, but both are still ridiculously impressive. In fact, it’s the record for a laptop running our test without an external battery.

A few of my own thoughts:

1) Wow.

2) And this is running OS X Mountain Lion — OS X Mavericks is supposed to come with even more battery optimizations when it ships in the fall. That’s scary to think about.

3) I’ve noticed this about Safari versus Chrome as well on my laptops. No idea why that is.


The History of Mac OS X 

(by Fabricio Rosa Marques

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