Thirteen Hours And Twenty Nine Minutes

Nilay Patel reviewing the new 13-inch MacBook Air:

13 hours and 29 minutes. That’s all you really need to know — that’s how long the new MacBook Air running Safari lasted running The Verge Battery Test, which cycles through a series of websites and images at 65 percent brightness. Run time in Chrome was shorter, at 11 hours and 29 minutes, but both are still ridiculously impressive. In fact, it’s the record for a laptop running our test without an external battery.

A few of my own thoughts:

1) Wow.

2) And this is running OS X Mountain Lion — OS X Mavericks is supposed to come with even more battery optimizations when it ships in the fall. That’s scary to think about.

3) I’ve noticed this about Safari versus Chrome as well on my laptops. No idea why that is.

Apple: OS X Mavericks available today as free download

Among the announcements from Apple’s press conference in San Francisco on Tuesday is an official launch date for the next major release of Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks. Apple unveiled version 10.9 of OS X this past June at its annual WWDC developer conference and said the software would become available to the public sometime in the fall. As promised, OS X Mavericks will launch today and the upgrade will be free for any and all Mac users, regardless of their current OS version. OS X Mavericks includes a number of new features, such as several redesigned apps, iCloud keychain support, big improvements to the Safari Web browser, Notifications Center enhancements, the addition of Finder tabs and more. Source: The Tech Gets
Magic Mac DVD Ripper and Copier Updated to V3.0.0 Supporting Mac OS X Mavericks

Magic Software released Magic Mac DVD Ripper and Copier v3.0.0, fully supporting Mac OS CROSS Mavericks (OS X 10.9), Apple Inc.’s tenth major release of desktop and server ongoing system for Macintosh computers. All existed users can without delay upgrade to the fashionable text for free, while new users can try the updated Ripper and Copier with new features precedent before purchase.

As soon as Apple Inc. still OS X Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9) on October 22, 2013, Magic Software set out to test its current Ripper and Copier whereat the new OS. After on a stretch improved and developed, higher echelons let out be perfectly compatible whereby Mac OS X 10.9. Neat other contour were also advanced.

What’s freshly for Fascinating Mac DVD Ripper:
1. Compatible regardless of OS X Mavericks ( Mac OS CRUCIFIX 10.9).
2. Improved ripping speed and stability.
3. Add fixes for the popular new-protected DVDs, congenator for example World Six day war Z, Nativity 2, White Put up Down, Created Ups 2, The Hobbit, Turbo,etc.
4. Not-self bugs fixed.

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What’s in vogue in consideration of Magic Mac DVD Copier:
1. Compatible in keeping with OS X Mavericks ( Mac OS X 10.9).
2. Fix the reciprocal protected DVD Everyone War Z, Nativity 2, White Birth Off-color, Nubile Ups 2, The Hobbit, Turbo,etc.
3. Other minor updates.

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