I’m not very thrilled with being labelled that way (bombshell)… I don’t want to be reduced to the clichés that come with being called sexy or a blonde bombshell. I want to keep looking for roles where the main interest will be in the character itself; her importance in driving a story forward rather than her relationship with the male character.

hey, you know what i really want ? interlocked muses ! like i want to have backgrounds where my muses first love could have been your muse and my muse gets to talk about them in all their other verses as being their first love and how great their first love but i also want heart breaking backgrounds where maybe my muse broke your muses heart and that’s okay but your muse can have that background in verses with their actual ships and i want my muses to be best friends with your muses and i want my muses to love your muses so much and would take a bullet for your muses in all of their verses ?? and i don’t exactly know what i’m saying but my point is i want your muses to be apart of my muses backstory and i want them to be able to talk about it 

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Could you do a Antoine Griezmann smut ? Maybe he could be jealous as fuck and you have a disput with him and then he shows you to who you belong to

first time really writing smut but i tried my best lol. it’s not entirely sexy either … but “””enjoy””” 😛

(also if you get the references, you’re 1+ 🐠🐚🐙🐌⭐️)

OHHHH SHIT I’M SORRY I RESPONDED TO THE WRONG REQUEST LOL i’m so dumb seriously. i’ll upload your request later xxxxxx SO SO SO SORRY

It’s almost one a.m. when you can hear the front door click shut – an indication that finally Antoine has made it home. 

Atletico had been scheduled to play against Barca tonight and while you usually manage to accompany him to the matches — especially the important ones — to support him on site, you’ve had a busy day at work and therefore couldn’t make it to the stadium in time. Had your boss been able to check your browser history, he’d probably have fired you anyway; you had kept updating the liveticker to see whether there had been any fouls, red cards, or goals. 

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i was so bored and i decided to draw the worst bee possible on pencil2d animation so u can look at this when you’re feeling sad and know that this bee loves you no matter what (i know it’s cheesy but i want to spread the love x)

OOOOOOOO MY GOD!!!! i love this so much thank u so os much this makes me v happy !! youre the best!! 

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Are you okay with the personal problems now? I really hope you are. If you still are stucking with them, I hope you could overcome those problems and be happy again! ^^

oh gosh kevin..you are so so awesome, thank you so much for this ask..im alright now! the rough parts are sorta over and im feeling alot more better, ill do my best to overcome and problem thatll face me next again! thank you so much ;A; youre the best// hugs

sinspector チェロ, [06.07.16 18:05]
honestly this is the only circumstance i  could possibly use that icon, unless marlowe was drunk or something

sinspector チェロ, [06.07.16 18:05]
oh hey thats a fun thread idea XDDDD

Hanners, [06.07.16 18:05]
hey marlowe i live in a bar, come experience the “snake in a boot”

sinspector チェロ, [06.07.16 18:06]
why do you have snakes

Hanners, [06.07.16 18:06]
…it’s the name of a drink, kid. …damn, you gotta get out more.

               “ OH MY GOD, JUST KILL ME.”