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after your barrage of likes of course im gonna check ur cute blog out! Thank you for your kind words my dude! I really try to be friendly and encourage people bc we need more of that in the world, u know? Kindness does tend to go a long way :3c

also ur fine at talking dont sweat it, u cool dude B) 

(btw ur art is cute i like it)

back up your data

hello everyone

if there is anything you have on your computer’s hard drive that is of significant value to you 

e.g. if you lost it suddenly you’d be in trouble or feel like shit then please

please put a copy of your important files somewhere external. 

for example, upload them to your dropbox / google drive / other filehost, burn it to a DVD, email them to yourself, copy them to an external disk etc., 

make more than one copy if you can

ask yourself - if suddenly all of the files on your computer disappeared, how fucked would you be?

would you lose anything significant? 

if you answered yes, then back. your shit. up.

bonus points - if you don’t know how to already, then learn how to format your computer and reinstall Windows/Mac OS/Linux

and how to install the programs you use and copy over the important files from your backup

when CryptoLocker-like ransomware (”pay us $$$ to decrypt your files”) hits, you’ll laugh, reinstall Windows and get your files back from your backup.

even if you don’t use Windows / have good security, back your shit up. hardware breaks. especially old hard drives.

thank you for your attention

I grew up in a hick town so consider this with me: RvB farm AU

imagine the reds and blues are a bunch of farmhands who live on warring farms across the dirt road from each other in a tiny town. all of the buildings on each farm are painted their respective colors - they probably had names at some point, but now it’s just “Red Farm” and “Blue Farm”.

Sarge is really good with fixing up machinery, while Wash is ace at building structures, so it’s pretty frequent that they’ll somewhat begrudgingly make plans like “If you let us borrow your hay tedder we’ll help you put the roof on your silo.” “*grumble* Deal.”

Freckles is this big, beefy dog that’s definitely meant for guarding things, but after taking him in, Caboose has somehow convinces him to herd livestock (and occasionally the other guys lmao)

Lopez is a chunky desktop computer that Sarge put together for keeping track of ledgers, cattle registration, etc. but when he was installing the OS, he accidentally set the language to spanish, and none of them know enough of it to navigate the settings and change it to english

Sheila is the Blue Farm tractor that Caboose occasionally runs important things over with

Doc is a vet who ends up hanging out at Red Farm most of the time even when the animals are fine. They offer to give him some work as a regular farmhand while he’s there, because may as well get some work out of him while he’s there and they also half wonder if they’re the only ones that will put up with him enough to give him business because there should be more animals in town he could go see??, but anyway he’s pretty much useless at the manual labor and won’t risk doing any work that could benefit the raising of animals for food (so basically all he’s willing to do is cuddle them) so they’re finally just like ,,,nvm just don’t be underfoot

PFL is a big farm that got way too commercialized and ended up getting pretty unethical with it’s job requirements so some of the workers jumped ship. It occasionally tries to screw with Red & Blue Farms by stealing business, strong-arming the farmhands, etc., so it can monopolize on the area, but so far hasn’t been too successful

idk this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Parrot Security OS 3.8 (ParrotSec) Installation + Guest Additions on Oracle VirtualBox

Parrot OS 3.8 introduces many new features and updates. The new Parrot Security OS 3.8 is now based on Debian 10 Buster (current Debian Testing release) with Linux 4.12, ZFS support, better wireless drivers support and the introduction of the new MATE 1.18, GCC 6.4 and 7.2, Java 9 and so on, and all the Parrot flavors now include Electrum, a lightweight bitcoin client. We have not only fixed the previous DNS resolution issues, but also introduced a new round-robin model between both the default DNS servers provided by DHCP.




It probably would’ve been easier and lowkey if i got a job at some smaller independent place but it wouldn’t have been as busy as i wanted

i like doing it but i just wish these tasks were a little more… challenging?

i swear if i have to go through another hand-holding OS installation i’m gonna exit the atmosphere

and i don’t worry about getting into much trouble, its not like they’d fire me. they wouldn’t! they cant. i’m clearly the best one here.

but… they don’t let me interact with the customers anymore

Guess who’s back

Back again

Magpies’ back

So after 4 days and a catastrophic hard drive failure, I’m back on Tumblr. I know. You were just on the edge of your seats.

I’ve had my hard drive formatted and my OS re-installed, but all is not peachy. Namely, I have now lost about 8 years of writing, drawing and other files. Some good, some bad, most of it irreplaceable.

If you were expecting this to start waxing philosophical about the ephemeral nature of life and our achievements … you’d be wrong. I am PISSED.

I have to re-write so much

A Review of Modern Artist Hardware -or- Don’t buy a Wacom Cintiq

Warning: Long Post

Ok, so let me explain first: The art industry/hobby is diverse and no one piece of hardware or software will work for everyone. This is meant for middle market artist who want to level up their digital art experience, or even break into digital art. I want to give my thoughts on a few devices out there, their pros and cons, and why I choose the device I did after a long journey. Plus I don’t see a lot of people talking about the device I use and I think it’s a shame not many people know of this option.

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here is the four web browsers i have installed in os/2 running side by side on their default homepage

IBM WebExplorer (its a local saved copy of the ibm website from 1996, webexplorer has problems with most websites)

Netscape Navigator 4 (live internet archive version of it’s old home page)

Lynx 2.8.9

Firefox 38.8


Os Gemeos – “The Bunker” 

Museu Casa do Pontal in Rio de Janeiro unveiled the first ever permanent installation from the Brazilian street savants – Os Gemeos. Entitled The Bunker, the piece features a statue of their famous yellowskinned character enclosed within a concrete bunker. 

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Shih Tzu Upgrades to iOS 9, Immediately Regrets It

Puchi’s mobile devices were all working great. Her photos were synced. She loved using Instagram and Tumblr. And her weather app always notified her when it was time to stay in from the rain and snuggle.

That all changed on Wednesday when she got a little notification.

“It was nagging her to upgrade to iOS 9,” says Beth Malkoff, a friend of the connected pup. “I know she had been putting it off for a few weeks. But that notification wouldn’t go away.”

So she embarked on the upgrade. And it all went downhill from there.

“Suddenly, she couldn’t sync her photos with iCloud,” Malkoff tells The Fluffington Post. “Her phone was moving in slow motion, and she had all sorts of connectivity issues.”

The same was true for her iPad. After attempting a number of DIY fixes via Google, she eventually called in the big guns.

“I had to re-install the OS from scratch after backing up all her data,” says Winston Carlyle, an Apple Store employee who fixed Puchi’s devices at the Genius Bar. “I’m not sure what the issue was, but that did the trick.”

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Fell behind on things because of school and fiddling with hardware, so I have lots of stuff to get done tomorrow, including trying to recalibrate this monitor. Fresh OS install on a new SSD made me lose my color settings and the default is horrible.

A Tua Chegada

Eu tive medo da tua aproximação
por saber que tua chegada
é a última chegada.
Assim que se instalar,
assim que desfizer as malas,
Seu lugar estará aqui.
Um pouco bagunçado
por arruaceiras que passaram,
mas ainda assim é o seu lugar.

Tive medo pois não tive tempo
de arrumar a casa.
Quando você bateu
ainda tinha gente aqui
e quando entrou
ainda estava expulsando
intrusas que só faziam bagunça.
A minha casa já foi cheia de pragas,
então talvez haja um bicho ou outro,
mas nada que vá nos atrapalhar.
Eu te garanto que nada vai nos atrapalhar.

Este lugar que te dou é teu.
Se instale, troque os panos se quiser,
há roupas novas dentro do armário.
Vou precisar pintar as paredes,
há muitas marcas aqui, está vendo?
Vou precisar da sua ajuda pra isso.
Minha casa talvez pareça em ruínas,
mas está tudo bem, vai tudo bem.
Eu só preciso de uma cara nova.
Novos quadros ajudarão.
Trouxe alguns da última viagem que fiz.

Se instale aqui e seja bem vinda.
Há espaço de sobra pra nós dois.
E este espaço também é seu.


Before I moved out of my dad’s house, I had to find a way to transport my extensive video game collection, preferably in a concise and compact solution.  Since I had planned to bring my heirloom WWII footlocker with me, I figured that It it might work well to bring my game collection with me.  Wouldn’t you know it, game cartridges and CD/DVD cases fit really nicely within the lower section, and controllers/handhelds fit in the upper section.

Seen here is my entire collection of NES, SNES, N64 (minus 2), Gamecube, Genesis (minus 1), Atari 2600, Gameboy, & Game Gear game collection.  I also have a handful of PC games and programs, including a few OS install discs.

I also keep my ziplock bag of NES/Atari manuals here (I don’t have many sadly). Plus, my few accessories for my Gameboy’s including a link cable that still works!

The majority of the cartridges by number are for my Atari, followed by NES. 

genericamericano  asked:

Why don’t people read up on how to upgrade or install an OS before doing so? This isn’t a Windows 10 problem. You can literally wipe everything on your computer with any OS if you do it wrong. Doesn’t matter if its Win10, 8, 7, 1993. Anything.You’re not installing Peggle or SAI, you are installing an Operating System. This is the groundwork for everything on your computer. IF YOU DO IT WRONG, BAD THINGS HAPPEN.

Except I did it exactly how I read it was supposed to be done? I’m not the only one having this issue, man.