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“I tell you,the kids are so excited about the wedding.We can´t tell them when it is,and they don´t know when it is.They thought it was last year,and then it wasn´t.It´s an unusual situation,where all eight of us are kind of getting married.I think the kids may feel much more at peace…maybeit feels more permanent.They understand what marriage os and the concept of it.And they like the idea of Mommy and Daddy getting married.” Angelina Jolie - US ELLE Magazine , June 2014.

It’s nice to see sorin pained to kill avacyn. Not because of the, “he deserves to hurt” thing but because it gives him more depth as a character. It makes it seem like he actually thought of avacyn as his daughter, that he actually cared about her.

To be honest, when I say sorin sucks or whatever, I don’t actually mean that the character concept os bad, just that he doesn’t get much opportunity to be more, you know?

Anyways, this is good. Sorin is more likable to me now.