Cast Upon The Sea: An Open Letter to Roland Orzabal

Last night, my friend and fellow Tears for Fears soulmate, Karen Cate, decided to cast a “digital message in a bottle” hoping that somehow it would find its way to Roland. Karen and I have an uncanny and downright mystical connection through Roland. Roland was born 13 years before Karen; and I, 13 years after Karen. That’s 3 generations of Tears for Fears…3 generations of music that has transformed and touched lives.

Call it astrology, magic – it is in some ways. After all, we are made of the heavens and the earth; our human bodies are made up of 61.8 percent water with a 93% mass of stardust.

Or thought of simply, Roland’s words and melodies have had the power of shaping the lives of three generations. When Karen and I get together to listen to Tears for Fears or play TFF songs on the guitar, it’s like looking into a cosmic mirror. Sometimes, we are transported back to moment that a Tears for Fears song first touched us; other times, the songs provide an escape from the less than ideal lives we live (not by choice, but by societal and financial imprisonment e.g., The Prisoner).

Without a reliable mailing or email address, we hope that Neptune will somehow deliver this message to Roland. Even if the Fates ‘return message to sender,’ there is no harm done. If anything, Karen’s message is a constant and concrete testament to the power of music.

Fellow TFF fans, I hope you will take a minute to read and help guide Karen’s message along its digital journey to Roland:

Strange how this is its very own sea song


My tribute to Tears for Fears my fav band.  This is my one-girl band cover of their song MAD WORLD with a weird “mad” celtic twist at the end. There are million covers of this song but nothing will ever beat the original version written by Orzabal and sung by Curt Smith. Still here is (again after a while) my humble rendition

  • EverybodyWantsToRuleTheWorld
  • MattCameFromSpace

Songs From the Big Chair was one of my very first cassette tape purchases back in the Merry Old Land of 1985, and I wore it out on my walkman during a family vacation to Alberta, Canada. 

The lyrics are definitely the sort that allow you to use your own imagination to flesh out meanings, rather than being overt with the writer’s intentions.  I recently learned through an unsubstantiated internet rumour that it was originally to be called “Everybody Wants To Go To War,”  which actually kind of brings a lot more of it into focus for me now.    

A nod to Michael Andrews’ version of Mad World, which to me is the blueprint for exactly what a cover should be and do.  Note for note covers are for tribute acts (trust me).  A worthwhile cover should take the song to a different place - a ballad done as prog metal, a rap done as 60’s pop, etc.  All the better if you can tweak the focus.  Not sure I accomplished anything close to that, but I am happy with the overall tone of it. 

PS. Just had a great laugh reading the Wikipedia page for Mad World.  Check it out if you want to learn more about the planet Halarge.


Tears For Fears - Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) (di TearsForFearsVEVO)

Gearing Up

Getting ready for the Tears For Fears tour. Rehearsals start this weekend, but the work has started long ago. I will be penning some notes and photos here on this blog from time to time during the tour. Of course, with the rigors of touring, posting may not be as easy as one may think. Also, when touring out of the United States, we are at the mercy of local internet speed and system.

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