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Could you do Jack and Gabe in B1? It's up to you who goes where, but its got that good angsty vibe and im evil

Same face syndrome on Jack’s cause no clue how to angst properly (yet).
Hope you like it tho! Thanks for you patience~ Dear anon, hope you’re not disappointed ><’.

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Psst…send me some fem! Ryou or fem! Malik headcanons.

(˵ ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o˵)

(And no, that’s not an excuse for me to play dress up with them.)

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Fic Title: All the Raindrops

Oh noooo, this feels like it would be a sad one. Or at least bittersweet. 

I’m seeing this as a post AC kind of fic, with Cloud reminising about Zack and Aerith while the rain falls and leaves ripples all across the pond in the middle of the church.

Actually… this could go the way of that one kink meme prompt. The prompt was something about Aerith and/or Zack appearing, either as oddly corporeal ghosts or a summon or whatever excuse. They comfort Cloud at first, and Cloud admits how much he misses them, and he’s trying but it’s hard to move on. And honestly, whether Aerith or Zack or both, I could totally see them teasingly replying he misses them in bed too. 

That’s not it, of course not (not just it, anyway), but the joke helps lighten the mood. And, oddly, after they talk a little more, somehow they end up kissing. It’s just the softest thing at first, affection for Cloud who clearly needs it. But then it… progresses.

Cloud is kinda freaked out, because, um, technically dead?? Spirit?? Summon?? What?? But they’re really good at putting him at ease, and then there’s some rather heated fooling around involved.

But the rain stops eventually, and when it does, they have to leave Cloud again, fading out with the last of the raindrops. Cloud still misses them intensely, but he’s happy and they’re happy and he feels like it’ll be a little easier to move on with some kind of closure.

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Your art is so clean and beautiful... Do you have any tutorials for that ? Have a nice day.

aaah thank you anon!! i think the clean look is mostly bc of lineart, so here’s my process+explanation

  • the program i use is paint tool sai; my stabiliser is set to 15
  • i make lineart straight on the sketch layer by erasing and redrawing in areas; i have thicker lines and erase them to the right shape and thinness
  • so usually one line is the result of multiple strokes+erasing
  • ALSO i draw on a4 300dpi size canvas, so when you’re done and resize it to 540px width it’ll look really nice and sharp (esp if you resize it in sai. resizing in photoshop makes it look kind of weird)
  • with colours just make sure u don’t colour outside the lines!! use manual colouring alongside the magic wand
  • i hope that makes sense?? basically i erase a lot and RESIZE

Lay as Ryan from Skeleton Creek 
“There was a moment not long ago when I thought: This is it. I’m dead.”