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lmao super late anon ask for your 'spam me with anon asks!' post: if earth social media existed on gaia, what site(s) would each of the asgzc boys have an account on--or have been coerced to get an account on--and what's their activity/posts like (obviously this takes place in a happy au where nobody is dead)

Sephiroth is probably the one coerced into having social media accounts all over the place, so he can appear ‘relatable’ and ‘approachable’  to the citizens of Midgar. These never get updated, unless someone from the PR department nags him about it for a really long time. The only account Sephiroth has and actually uses is Pinterest. He likes collecting pictures of cats.

Genesis is most active on Twitter, where he will get into heated debates with people and also occasionally make whole series of tweets quoting Loveless. 

Angeal has a Facebook - another one of those ‘highly suggested’ things dictated by the PR department. Angeal does use his, but the PR department despairs because he doesn’t actually friend people (he has Sephiroth’s inactive account, Gillian Hewley, and a handful of other SOLDIERs). No, Angeal just goes around liking all the various horticultural and homesteading pages, so his Facebook feed is full of plants and DIY. He also plays those Facebook games.

Zack’s made an account basically everywhere at some point. He’s got a Twitter to follow Gen’s antics, Facebook to keep up with Angeal and a bunch of other squadmates, Instragram because he will take photos of the most random shit and wants to share them. (He also got the rest of the OT5 into snapchat. Apart from Zack, who has a bunch of other people, ASGC have just their little group on there. Dirtier pictures are not unheard of.)

Cloud has a Tumblr. Had, sorry. It was a kind of embarrassing fanblog of Sephiroth, he doesn’t do that shit anymore. >> (Well, okay, maybe he still logs on sometimes… there’s some really awesome pictures of Seph, and if there’s a dumb argument getting too out of hand he might, might step in and correct a completely wrong party. Or just say hi to old friends. But his activity levels are way down from what they used to be.) He’s also secretly on Fetlife. For research.

  • Simon:Baz come here I have something to tell you.
  • Baz:Well, spit it out.
  • Simon:Come closer.
  • Baz:Why?
  • Simon:Just come on!
  • Baz:*comes closer*
  • Simon:*leans in, about to whisper*

IM LATE OTL @akumasonas

My akumasona Candy King!

Costume: its supposed to be chocolate and licorice themed. I was originally gonna have brighter colors, but im so bad at coloring bright colors OTL

Special power: “midas’ touch”- everything touched will turn to chocolate. Ever wanted to eat your own shoes? Here’s your chance, bud.

Akumatized by: being told I am unable to eat sweets after getting my braces and then getting cavities again OTL

De-evilized by: welp, I guess they stole my lollipop and stepped on it. i’d probably cry at the waste before I turn back bc who the hell just steals candy from ppl and steps on it, talk abt rude

I’ve created a decent amount of stuff so I thought why not open my very own redbubble! I’ll probably add more stuff at some point

Link over here!