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Higurashi alignment chart

So, this might not be everyone’s point of view on the subject, but @ooishikuraudo and I came up with an alignment chart for (most of) the main cast in Higurashi. Again, we might’ve missed some characters (Nomura was going to be included but couldn’t be because she doesn’t have a sprite laughs) and you might not agree completely since this is just our opinion on the subject.

  • Lawful good (compassion, honor, sense of duty, strict moral code–but it can be broken for the greater good): Mamoru Akasaka - Satoshi Houjou
  • Neutral good (willing to bend the rules to do the right thing, not for or against rules or traditions): Mion Sonozaki - Akira Toudou
  • Chaotic good (will do whatever it takes to do what’s right, rebels, free spirits, disregard laws): Keiichi Maebara - Satoko Houjou - Kurado Ooishi
  • Lawful neutral (believes in order–be it personal, systemic or both, will abide by their personal code/orders): Rena Ryuuguu - Jirou Tomitake
  • True neutral (not personally committed to order/law/good/evil, often apathetic and aloof, but also mediatory, independent and diplomatic): Rika Furude - Hanyuu Furude
  • Chaotic neutral (will do what they want, doesn’t bend to rules or traditions, individualistic, unpredictable): Shion Sonozaki - Natsumi Kimiyoshi - Kyousuke Irie
  • Lawful evil (plays by the rules for personal gain, believes in survival of the fittest, efficient, proud): Oryou Sonozaki - Tetsurou Okonogi
  • Neutral evil (no regard for rules or chaos, will use people to further their personal goals, self-reliant): Miyo Takano - Ritsuko Mamiya
  • Chaotic evil (no respect for anything but their own desires, vicious, arbitrary, unpredictable): Teppei Houjou