Who has two pairs of nostrils and won the Popular Choice award at OryCon36’s art show over the weekend? This gal!

Yes, The Teacup Tauntaun was an overwhelming success at the show; people really enjoyed seeing a “real” Tauntaun and reading the little booklet of fan fic that came with her, and while she didn’t get to go home with someone else by the end of the weekend, she did bring back that shiny blue ribbon!

intralimina | Closed Systems, Institutionalized Oppression, & Orycon's Sad Failure to Overcome Ableist Practices

Last year, the science fiction convention Orycon announced a panel on autism (in our world, not in science fiction) that did not include any autistic individuals, though it had plenty of parents. As this is like a LGBTQ panel comprised of straight parents, the Autistic community became obviously troubled. Classic ignorance and ableist tactics ensued. These are already well-documented.

At which point, I thought, gee, if this is coming from a place of ignorance, maybe we can keep it from escalating into anger and ugliness and all end up winning.

I went to the convention site and talked to the directors. We had a civil discussion about civil rights and why the panel had elicited such a negative response from the Autistic community. The panel was cancelled, and I was promised that when planning time came for 2013, the community would be involved.

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hey orycon, guess who has the high ground?
It's an Orycon convention report and wrap-up post!

It’d been so long since I’d been to Orycon that it was basically my first Orycon kind of all over again. And a con other than VCON that I wasn’t working! How strange!

They were in a new old hotel, and we were in a very strange room down past what appeared to be the end of the hallway, down a second, very narrow hallway that did not look like it was supposed to go anywhere. (Seriously, it was some single-file-only narrow.) Our room started then with a very narrow rectangle, one long side of which became the hypotenuse for three sequentially larger and overlapping right triangles. This sounds terrible, but it actually wasn’t; it was kind of neat and certainly more visually interesting than most hotel rooms.

But nobody’s here for architecture. So, oh, what happened that I didn’t talk about in the weekend post? Well, I got into a band scramble with Callie from Echo’s Children, Chris Waffle from Going Viral (who had a great set on Sunday morning that not enough people attended – your loss, folks) and Andrew Ross, a well-liked solo performer in filk. The PDX Broadsides also put on a killer show – really, I didn’t see a bad performance out of anybody, everyone seemed pretty on point.



I’m going to OryCon tomorrow, as a (homeless) Mysterious Hooded Figure from Night Vale. This is my sign, which is attached to my staff. One side says “Librarians ate my family” and the other side says “Will summon unimaginable horrors for revenge money $$$”

Part of me wanted to have the sign say “for food” rather than “for money,” but I figure a Mysterious Hooded Figure either doesn’t need food or could easily hunt for food (or even train a pet monster to hunt for food for the both of them).

I will get pictures in my full costume later.

I'll be selling at Orycon 35 this November!

I’ll mention this again when it’s closer to the actual con, but since I’m not going to Kumoricon and I fairly recently got confirmation on this con I wanted to mention it.

I’ll be selling original fantasy/sci-fi prints, keychains, and lots of jewelry!

Orycon is a wonderful Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention held in Portland, OR. It’s a fairly small con (compared to others I’ve been to) and I’ve always enjoyed the amazing costumes and other geekery that takes place there.

I highly recommend it if you haven’t been to it! The game rooms are very fun too, my friends usually hang out there and play all sorts of games inbetween events.

Saturday spawned a mini Homestuck meetup at Orycon! The few, the proud and the awesome.

Random question, why is kankri always cosplayed by the most adorable people? The one in this picture was only 12. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her and her older sister who was running around as Marceline (I think)

Cosplayers: (stillcan'trememberanyonesnameI'msorry)

Humanstuck Vriska: detectivepenis
Femquius: Me!

If you are in one of my cosplay photos and want to be credited, please contact me and I’ll add your info

ahaha OH CHILD

someone at Orycon tried to measure nerd dick with me over my K K Slider shirt by saying Oh it’s Totakeke! instead of KK Slider and when I stared at her informed me it was his JAPANESE (ie “real”) name and I stared at her for another minute like,

and then I said, “I played it in English.” and walked off.

Dunno what shirt I’m going to wear yet tomorrow but I will be there, glamorously running around doing small tech. Actually I’ll wear my Black Mage Supply shirt if I can find it.

My Tokyo Ghoul Touka cosplay, as worn on day 1 of Orycon 37. The white dress shirt, black skirt, and red bow tie are all thrift store stuff. I borrowed the hoodie, and the boots were a gift. I made the bunny mask (It’s all foam board and posterboard), and got the rubber severed hand at a novelty shop years ago. It’s hard to see because of the lighting, but the wig is a sort of indescribable blue/black/purple/blurple. Considering at some point making the kagune to go with this.