random ff9 characters headcanons

  • zidane is able to talk fluently in many languages - the ones he’s better at are european languages, especially french, italian and spanish
  • while travelling, dagger discovered that she loves strong tastes - especially spicy stuff
  • quan and vivi often went fishing together
  • steiner really, really wants to have kids. even with his grumpy attitude, he’s really good at dealing with them
  • freya has a beautiful voice, but can’t sing for shit
  • quina is like a granma when she cooks for you. it doesnt matter how many times you say you’re full, she will make you eat
  • eiko eventually got the lindblum castle full of moogles
  • amarant had something for freya at one point, but eventually forgot about it once flatrey came back
  • quan and quale used to be together - quina and vivi can actually be considered “sibilings” in some way
  • ruby and zidane used to be a couple. it didn’t last long, but it was enough for blank to get jealous (wink wonk)
  • not to mention that everyone in the tantalus shipped ruby and blank at some point
  • cid and hilda got another kid after a while
  • mikoto and vivi got quite close with time
  • kuja was actually a really famous actor in many plays in treno

“What comedy! Zidane, isn’t it hilarious!? I’ll die just like the black mages I so despise! I single-handedly brought chaos into Gaia, but in the end, I’m nothing but a worthless doll!“

Moving Commission #1, for sirsmudge!! This was such a delight to work on; Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite games, and this is probably my first time seriously drawing Kuja? About time.

Day 1 (Jul. 01) → Favorite character(s) or relationship 

Not doing the characters thing because… well, I noticed that I love and I can easily relate to all the main characters (wiiiith a little exception *coughamarantcough*), and the secondary characters are also amazing - even if my vote would probably go for either dagger, quina or vivi.
probably dagger more, because i found myself being related to her the most ;u;

so, relationship. I had some problems here too (because most of the relationship with zidane are simply amazing, like zidane and dagger, zidane and steiner, zidane and blank… i could go on forever), but i choose the ultimate brotp.
zidane and vivi. also sometimes zidane, vivi and steiner because they’re really precious as well
these two have a lot in common, even if they seem so different from the outside. with vivi being really scared and self-degrading at first, only to rise again mostly for the help of zidane himself. every time these two interacted, it showed a strong brotherly love to me, and zidane seemed so close to him from the very beginning…

…i’m really passionate about these two ;u;