Don´t let you get stopped by tight budgets or other adversity’s. Attitude and ingenuity are priceless! Work with your intuition, large doses of perseverance and allow your self to fail. Try as many times that it might be needed in order to get you on the path that you really want!
     12 prints of this small (A6) editorial object were made and were delivered  personally to a few design studios in Lisbon. Thanks to all amazing people that I’ve met and those who welcomed me on their studios and shared precious insights and advices about life, graphic design and both. 


Parallel — Processing

Visual identity, 2015.

Design: oruam–graphiks
Typefaces: Futura, by Paul Renner / Input Mono, by David Jonathan Ross. 

Designed to fulfill the need of a better and more adaptable platform that enables to work and perform in a more diverse and broad scope of projects within the Visual Arts spectrum. Parallel—Processing is a project that it will always be under development. Adapting itself like a living organism to the exterior world by adding, mixing, combining and multiplying disciplines, people and ways of thinking. There is no formula!  


Chaos In The Lab (Method To The Madness)

It all begun due a crazy experience when I was at the lab working on a new and experimental formula. Concentrated on refining it, it was when I suddenly heard some strange noises. Not sure what it may have been the cause, but I think that I’ve glanced one of the lab rats seconds before. After that … BAM !!!
        This is the second illustration of an undefined illustration series. Entitled “Method To The Madness” it aims to unconventionally show what happens during the creative process.

Watch on o-grafiks.tumblr.com


It always amused me the simplicity of Stop Motion, and how it creates such amazing animations with so little resources.