Pros: Clarity, looks, natural sound

Cons: Potential comfort issues, flat sound might turn some off, no ¼’’ to 1/8’’ adaptor, needs amping


For the price these headphones are absolutely wonderful, especially if you consider modding them in-which there’s a huge community for it. These cans stock have a fantastic accurate sound to them and I feel they should be in everyone’s collection as a pair of flat headphones. My biggest complaint with these is the lack of authority in the sub-bass, I just couldn’t feel it, but thankfully you can mod these to fix that if you’re handy. These are quick headphones able to keep up with any music, seriously, try it. The “black background” is something I never would have understood until I heard these, but boy it makes my Ad900 sound grainy.

Compared to the 668b, well there’s no real comparison. Spend the extra money to buy the Fostex T50RP. You’re getting better build quality, a bigger community and a slightly more detailed and clear sound. Compared to the Ad900 it’s tough. Stock the T50RP just don’t have the energy compared to the Ad900 and surprisingly the Ad900 has more sub-bass. Both are fast though. I’m sure I’ll find myself reaching for both for different occasions though.

Pick these up if you have the money and can find them, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. One drawback though is that I do recommend an amp for it, my E7 can power them just fine though. I only consider this a drawback though because it’s my belief that no sub $100 headphone should require an amp. Great offering Fostex, what an excellent intro to orthodynamics!

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Oh I nearly forgot! Scored these at Al’s in the U District a coupla weeks ago. Saw them hangin’ up near the register and recognized what they were immediately. They’re an old pair of Yamaha orthodynamic headphones. Yammy orthos were a favorite amongst the modding nerds over on the head-fi forum before Audeze and Hifiman started producing new ortho models. Mine are bass light, which is a rare trait for this model. I might try my hand at fiddling with these, though I still haven’t gotten around to properly modding the other orthos I have laying around. Actually, that reminds me… I found the perfect chunk of foam to stick in my Fostexes last week. I wonder where I left it?