So I’ve been considering Kemetic Orthodoxy, but it’s mildly frustrating when there is no one near me to discuss this thought with… It came to me in a really weird manner

So like anyone remember that post that showed the Greek clothing and how they made it, and it was basically two big pieces of cloth secured in different ways to make different styles?

So I had a dream about making an Egyptian theme gown in that style, and I was thinking about it this morning and somehow… For the life of me I couldn’t tell you how… It got me to thinking about KO like early as fuck in the morning so I Googled it and read the info I found and idk I feel like I have more questions, but I’m wondering if this is what I’m looking for? Like I said I don’t have anyone close to me that’s knowledgeable about KO, I feel so distant from the Netjeru and I feel… Idk stagnant? I’m wondering if KO could be what I need

Кресту Твоему поклоняемся, Владыко… • Before Thy Cross we worship, O Master… #воздвижение #крест #праздник #православие #храм #торонто #канада #elevation #cross #feast #orthodoxy #church #toronto #canada (at Holy Trinity Russian Christian Orthodox Church)

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It’s over here– it’s her parroting internet-talk about how SNL and Jimmy Fallon are somehow uniquely evil for not having “challenged” Trump for being  a racist or for having allowed him on their platforms in a cuddly way that downplayed the dangerousness of his rhetoric. And that Jimmy Fallon interview– I watched it; it was disgusting; Fallon is terrible; but that’d basically be my reaction to seeing Jimmy Fallon interview anybody– he’s a bootlicker for anything resembling popular or famous.  But Bee’s framing of it all just plays to a lot of internet orthodoxies that I find odd and silly.  

(And it’s done in that language of shrill internet “zero-empathy for there being an other side to the debate sarcasm-talk only designed for the bubble” that I’m not that into– I don’t watch her show or the Daily Show or Larry Wilmore when he was on– I don’t find that format funny without Jon Stewart there, and I don’t need my beliefs reconfirmed or turned into animated gifs. Gifs of comedy shows that are just super-sincere set-ups and no punchlines– those creep me out– that was all I ever saw about Larry Wilmore’s show before they yanked that.  I like John Oliver because he’s got solid jokes, plus like… he pretended the other day to take Clinton’s scandals seriously– he didn’t, I didn’t agree with his take– but he at least pretended to be sympathetic that people had concerns about them even though it was dead obvious he didn’t care about those concerns and certainly hadn’t represented them with as much scrutiny or sarcasm as he would if he didn’t want her elected.  He’d throw in a “it’s fine if you think this is something” and I like that, though I really wish he’d get back to covering stuff the smaller-but-more-important stuff other people don’t– I think he’s more valuable at that.  Or I can watch Seth Myers– I don’t go out of my way to watch him but you know, dude knows jokes.  But these videos go around, so I saw hers..).  

But especially when she says at the end “they’re not racist– they just don’t care that he is which is just as bad” or whatever she says.  Setting aside the question whether Trump is a “racist” by every measurable criteria (I think it’s pretty obvious he is but I’m sure there are people out there who disagree… I mean, racist people, but)… at least in Fallon’s case, I think that ignores something pretty obvious– he’s the GOP nominee for President.  That’s kind of reason to have him on their shitty TV show, even if I happen not to share anything about his politics. (This isn’t like … like there are people who I find objectionable when they get hired on this and that– Orson Scott Card, say, is a name that comes right to mind– but here, Trump’s not getting hired or his career really advanced in the same way as when they make a videogame of Card’s nonsense, say.  He’s getting promoted, certainly, but again Trump is a wealthy GOP nominee for President– I don’t think he’s hurting for promotion.  I think there’s a distinction there, though maybe a subtle one that people can disagree with.  To those people, it’s about normalization… but they don’t care as much when Michelle Obama is running around hugging George Bush for photo ops and that guy murdered America in addition to a whole shitload of Iraqis so if we’re going to care about what’s getting normalized, how about we start with that fucking guy because he actually fucking was the worst case scenario we’re all asked to care about Trump being…).

But Fallon is what he is; people like that he’s a bootlicker; and: it’s an entertainment show.  If your strategy of stopping Trump relies on Fallon being Walter Cronkite, you’re fucked.  (Maybe the strategy to stop Trump should be promising the American people a big vision they can care about more than just “he bad”– I don’t know that’s happened as much as it should have).  What I find annoying is that overfocus on the content of entertainment, especially when presented as an explanation for why people don’t care that Trump is racist (which is beyond simplistic, it just seems so dunderheaded or… sure, racist people care about immigration in racist ways, but that doesn’t mean that only racist people care about immigration or that immigration is or should be an “easy issue” to non-racists).  But to the internet, they expect their viewpoint absolutely to be embedded in the pop culture, in a really weird way– I think there’s people who see a liberal dominance of pop culture as sort of proof of the rightness of their viewpoints and sort of “what matters” (more than, like, you know controlling school boards or state legislatures, say, which Democrats don’t seem to get nearly as upset or mobilized about).  So, they expect their late night talk shows to be bastions of “speaking truth to power” or some shit.  And that’s dumb. That’s a fun historic fluke because Jon Stewart cared about politics and talked about it in his act before and knew how to achieve that and was the guy for his time and place. He was one guy– but you look at … you look at the people who’ve replaced him and they can’t do what he did.  Trevor Noah??

 Plus, I watched Clinton on Fallon too– he acted the same way.  There were no hard questions.  I saw Obama on Fallon– Obama was straight-up promoting the TPP on there!  No one cared.   What I liked about the Federalist piece (and I’m not a big Federalist reader– those people are trash) but is how the internet’s rage over the Fallon thing seemed so flimsy and small put in any other context. You have to believe that there’s a special rule for reality that only applies to Trump because he’s history’s unique monster.  And that’s also a viewpoint that I keep seeing on the internet, that I think is off. Or at best, unhelpful in any kind of long term. Because Youtube comments existed before Trump, and I’d read them.  Us having to all recognize those people as existing and being legitimate is a horror and a lasting horror that will be Trump’s legacy no matter who wins this thing.  People all wanted to think they were just aberrations and internet no-lifes and, not, you know, a real part of the electorate real human beings who had to be thought about in political terms.  And now here we are.  But even if Clinton wins, think about 4 years from now– what do we know about 4 years from now? It’s going to be hotter, way hotter; innocent people will have died in unpleasant ways; and poor people are probably going to be poorer (especially if we’re coming due for a recession– not sure, wouldn’t know, but it’s been a while).  Those are all safe bets.  Trump is only a unique monster if you don’t think there’s going to be a 4 years from now, or that it can be staved off indefinitely. (Or people want to think that Trump can get stopped by “the media” but stopped being supported by who?  People who the media never cared about to begin with!  People who know the media hates them.  So I find that silly, too…)

I think it can be staved off but it’d take a Democratic Party that’s energized about serving the American people, and who the American people see as being on their side.  Instead, they nominated Hillary Clinton.  Uhhh, we’ll see how that works out.  I hope I’m wrong.  The internet’s pretty sarcastic about that being a good idea.  The same people were also really sarcastic about how great that Ghostbusters remake was going to be though and I saw that the other day and it was a big piece of shit, plus from what I hear it stunk up the box office pretty bad.  I enjoy being sarcastic on the internet too but man it’s not like I know anything about anything.  I find Bee just reflective of that internet sarcastic tone that seems to be the dominant voice of places like twitter or hot take culture that … even when I agree with what’s getting said, I find myself so put off by the pomposity of it.  And I think there’s also a lack of engagement that it’s all just covering for.  But you know: I’m probably guilty of it too to other people, so.  I might spend most of my time in that tone, too, probably!  I don’t know. Sorry to type so much– drowsy from last night– god that was exhausting, having to listen to that guy’s gibberish.  That was just uncut gibberish.  

Sim Fed Chairman

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has released a simulator that challenges you to be the Chair of the Federal Reserve and “achieve full employment and low inflation.”

The game is more interesting for what it says about economic orthodoxy than how it reflects reality. All simulations exclude some nuance and complexity, but this one rules out exogenous shocks, and acts as though there’s a deterministic, linear relationship between interest rates, investment, inflation and employment.

Still, it’s good fun to play, and, with the right critical framing, would be a useful way to teach about monetarism and the Federal Reserve system.


У каждого из нас есть свой крест. Он слагается из всего, что беспокоит и тяготит наш дух, что терзает сердце на правом пути ко Господу во все дни нашей жизни.
   Первый конец этого креста составляют немощи нашего естества и дурное направление сил его, как-то: недалекость ума и незрелость соображений, отсутствие энергии в воле и неподвижность ее на дела долга, вялость чувств и падкость их на недолжное, особенно же исчадия нашей самости – полчище страстей и всякого рода похоти плоти. Пробудившийся дух видит все это в себе, тяготится им и несет это на себе, как преступник, которому в наказание привязан на плечи тлеющий труп. Это крест падшего человечества.
   Второй конец нашего креста составляют все труды и неприятности житейские. Мы ищем довольства, добрых отношений со всеми и благоприятного течения наших дел; но во всех этих сторонах нашей жизни почти поминутно происходит расстройство скорбное, а иногда и бедственное. Желая избавиться от неприятностей, мы боремся с препятствиями и тянем жизнь свою похоже на то, как будто кто идет среди терна и шиповника: то и дело – зацепки и царапины. Это крест житейский.
   Третий род креста слагается из трудов по исполнению обязанностей. Каждый из нас обложен своими обязанностями; каждая обязанность имеет свой круг занятий; каждое дело требует труда и терпения, чтобы довести его от начала до конца в том духе, порядке и полноте, какие составляют его существо, с преодолением всех неизбежных препятствий. Стало быть, всякое обязательное для нас дело есть ноша, а все они, в совокупности, составляют нелегкое иго долга, которое мы несем и должны нести до гроба. Это крест служебный Господу, обществу и нашим ближним.
   Нет никого на свете, кто не был бы обложен этими крестами или своим трехсоставным крестом. Но одни несут этот крест во спасение, другие на пагубу себе. Господь, возлагая на нас крест, хочет, чтобы мы творили им спасение свое. Если же кто, пытаясь сбросить с себя этот крест, уязвляется им насмерть, то виноват сам неразумием своим и невниманием к попечительным указаниям спасающей нас благодати Божией. Господь хочет, чтобы, борясь с собою, мы приобретали опытность в различении добра и зла и очищались; чтобы, терпеливо неся тяготу житейскую, смирением преклоняли Бога на милость; чтобы, исполняя свой долг с преодолением всех трудностей, достойно стяжали венец правды! Таким образом, когда, входя в эти благие намерения Божии, мы держим себя именно в таких отношениях к своему кресту, мы несем его спасительно. В противном же случае крест наш не во спасение нам, а в пагубу

Епископ Феофан Затворник


St. Petersburg, Russia

People of the World: Christian Edition II

Jerusalem, Israel


Nairobi, Kenya


The Horn of Africa

Seoul, South Korea

Colorado, United States

New York City, United States

Vatican City, Italy


Lalibela, Ethiopia


United States

Amman, Jordan


Rome, Italy

Gonder, Ethiopia

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