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Orthodoxy cannot defend the capitalist system, for it is founded on the exploitation of hired labor. The capitalist system has augmented the productivity of labor and creative energy: that is good. But there are very clear limits to this good, and, consequently, to the extent of the Church’s cooperation. Christianity cannot and should not compromise with Black slavery, nor with the exploitation of child labor, practiced by capitalism in its beginnings.
—  Sergius Bulgakov, of blessed memory, The Orthodox Church, pg. 175.

Prince Harry’s American girlfriend’s uncle Fred is known as Bishop Dismas, leader of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church In America

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Meghan Markle's uncle is a bishop with his own church like the Queen

Hey jd. 😄 this just keeps getting better………………….Prince Harry’s American girlfriend’s uncle Fred is known as Bishop Dismas, leader of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church In America. Its ramshackle Sanford, Florida, church has few worshipers.

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Come, let us praise the Saints of North America,
Holy hierarchs, venerable monastics and glorious martyrs, pious men, women and children, both known and unknown. Through their words and deeds in various walks of life, by the grace of the Spirit they achieved true holiness. As they now stand in the presence of Christ who glorified them, they pray for us who celebrate their memory in love.

As the brightest sun, as the brilliance of the morning star, the precious feast of the Saints of North America has dawned for us, to illumine us and to set our hearts on fire, to imitate their godly lives, and to follow their example of zeal for God.

Rejoice, O mountains of Pennsylvania, Leap for joy, O waters of the Great Lakes, Rise up, O fertile plains of Canada, for the elect of Christ who dwelt in you are glorified, men and women who left their homes for a new land. With faith, hope and patience as their armor, they courageously fought the good fight. Comforted by the beauty of the Orthodox Faith, they labored in mines and mills, they tilled the land, they braved the challenges of the great cities, enduring many hardships and sufferings. Never failing to worship God in spirit and truth, and unyielding in devotion to His most pure Mother, they erected many temples to His glory. Come, O assembly of the Orthodox, and with love let us praise the holy women, men and children, those known to us and those known only to God,
and let us cry out to them: Rejoice, All Saints of North America, and pray to God for us.

Rejoice, O continent of North America, illumined by the Holy Gospel. Rejoice, every province, state, city, and town, which raised up citizens of the heavenly Kingdom. Rejoice, our venerable Father Herman, first Saint of our land. Rejoice, O Martyrs Juvenal and Peter, for your blood has watered the seed of faith planted in Alaska. Rejoice, O holy Hierarchs: Innocent, Tikhon and Nicholas, Rejoice, O holy Father Alexis and you righteous priests, Rejoice, All Saints of North America, for your light has shone forth to the ends of the earth. We beseech you to pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved.

—  Selection of the stichera for the Synaxis of the Saints of North America, commemorated on June 18th.

Yesterday, on 23 October 2016, His Royal Highness Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic and Miss Ljubica Ljubisavljevic were united in holy matrimony in the Church of Saint George in Oplenac, which was followed by a reception given by Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, for invited guests at the White Palace. The religious ceremony was officiated by Their Graces Bishop Irinej of the Eastern Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and Bishop Pahomije of Vranje and Father Petar Lukic, Dean of Saborna crkva in Belgrade.

The wedding of Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic, the youngest son of the late HRH Prince Tomislav and HRH Princess Linda, and Ljubica Ljubisavljevic, was attended by over 300 guests – members and friends of the Royal Family Karadjordjevic, as well as by numerous distinguished guests from public life in Serbia and abroad. The wedding was attended by Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine with their children Prince Philip and Alison, Princess Linda Karadjordjevic (mother of Prince Mihajlo), Prince Djordje Karadjordjevic (brother of the bridegroom), Princess Fallon Rayman (wife of Djordje Karadjordjevic), Princess Elizabeth Karadjordjevic, Speaker of the National Parliament Maja Gojkovic, ambassadors of Great Britain, Brasil, Congo, Mexico, Myanmar, Canada, Pakistan, Norway, Turkey, Argentina, India, Azerbaijan, and many others.

Following the wedding at the reception at the White Palace, Crown Prince Alexander wished the newlyweds the bride and bridegroom a long and happy life together.

“It is my duty and privilege to welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Ljubica in our home, and to greet the bride’s and groom’s parents, wishing and hoping that good fortune, health, and family blessings follow the new couple and be in our homes, through them and in them”, Crown Prince Alexander said in his speech.

The newlyweds respected Serbian wedding customs, but they were also innovative, so beside the Serbian traditional music, guests had the opportunity to enjoy a cello concert by two young ladies, the winners of a National Contest. The food was based on Serbian tradition. Companies which donated the food are Hyatt, Metropol, Nuzy Bakery, Nada Butcher Shop, Pekara 30, wine was from the Royal Winery Oplenac and Aleksandrovic winery, cake and sweets were a gift by Anci Kolaci Company from Pancevo, and the company “Bean and Leaf” took care of the coffee and tea.

Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic was born 15 December, 1985 in London. He grew up in a rural area, where he had a lot of time to learn about nature. He organized a number of humanitarian events, and in an effort to engage in the issues of his country he continues to lobby for Serbian interests in the world. Princess Ljubica was born and raised in Belgrade, where she completed her master studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. She is engaged in marketing and writes columns on health and skin care.

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1) How long have you been Orthodox?

I started attending St. Herman’s Orthodox Church (Minneapolis) in 2012 and was chrismated on Lazarus Saturday 2013. My brother was chrismated about a year before me and my parents were chrismated a month after myself. 

2) What “kind” of Orthodox are you? (ex: Greek, Russian, Antiochian, etc)

My parish is apart of the OCA (Orthodox Church in America) which was granted autocephaly by the Russian Orthodox Church. If any one is interested in learning more about the OCA and it’s history you can read more here

3) What’s your favorite service?

Great vespers is very near an dear to my heart. 

10) If you’re not married, would you marry someone who’s not Orthodox? If you are married, is your spouse Orthodox?

Uffdah. I’ve reflected a lot about this topic and to be honest I don’t have a definitive answer. God willing, if I ever get married it would ideally be to someone who is Orthodox.  I’ve seen many couples in my church where one spouse was orthodox before the marriage and/or converted and the other did not, and it has either put a huge strain on the marriage and in some cases even divorce. I also know a couple were one spouse wasn’t orthodox and then 10 years down the road it just clicked for the other spouse and they converted. My brother married someone who is Protestant Christian and I have witnessed first hand how hard it has been on him and their marriage. And who knows what will happen when they have kids.

So short answer: I pray that God will prepare me for what ever he has planned for my future whether it be celibacy or marriage. In the meantime I’ll just continue to pray, participate in the life of the church, and nerd out over LOTR/Tolkien.  

On using the Prayer Rope

What would happen if we treated our Prayer Rope like we treat our cell phone? What if we carried it around with us, went through it several times a day, turned back to go get it if we forgot it, treated it like we couldn’t live without it, gave it to kids as a gift, and taught them how to use it…we don’t have to worry about our Prayer Rope being disconnected - the bill has already been paid.

- All Saints of North America Orthodox Church web posting

Orthodoxy has no problem with evolution as a scientific theory, only with evolution—as some people may view it—eliminating the need for God as Creator of All.
—  Statement by the Orthodox Church in America