‘But whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be liable to the gehenna of fire.’ (Mat 5:22)
There are many who say and believe that this is too grievous and severe a judgement. But it is not. For is he who would deny the existence of his brother’s faculties of reason and thought, those characteristics by which we differ from the beasts, is such a man not deserving of gehenna? For he who reviles and insults, dissolves love; and when love is dissolved, all the virtues are destroyed along with it, just as when love is present it unites to itself all the virtues. Therefore, he who hurls insults, destroys all the virtues by tearing love to shreds, and rightly does he deserve the fire of hell.
—  St. Theophylact of Ochrid

Anglican tumblr: the bcp cured my acne and gave me eternal life #viamedia #gayforecumenism

Roman Catholic tumblr: Mary is an actual fashion icon look at this LACE look at these SWORDS STABBING HER HEART

Orthodox tumblr: *icon* *quote from early church fathers* *picture of old priest with long beard holding a cat* UwU

Eastern Catholic tumblr:… Hey guys can we sit with you? Oh ok …

Lutheran tumblr: I will literally tattoo a facsimile of the 95 theses on my back so help me God

Non-denom tumblr: I am fearfully and wonderfully made teehee *sunset background and swirly writing * *picture of cup of coffee next to a bible open to judges or something *