“The Director and the Dancer”-Chapter One

 Another Jynnic fic to add to the growing number of them on here. What can I say? I’m hooked. Hope you like it!

Title: The Director and the Dancer

Rating: T

Pairing: Jyn Erso/Orson Krennic (Jynnic)

Summary: Jyn Erso is a dancer in a night club on Coruscant. When the Imperial military is visiting the city, Director Orson Krennic comes to see her dance and is captivated by what he sees. Entranced by this beautiful dancer but loyal to his cause, the Director struggles to proceed with caution after this tantalizing encounter.

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This art is an illustration to drabble by argent-gale

Orson could not suppress a gasp of surprise as Thrawn pulled him onto his lap in an awkward straddle. 
 “You…intrigue me…Director.”  The Chiss’ red eyes seemed to blaze, as if teasing an inferno held within.
 “Do I intrigue you?”
Orson swallowed thickly.
He never got to finish his sentence as Thrawn then pulled Orson to him, claiming his lips hungrily. His tongue, smooth and slick, slid between Krennic’s lips to plunder and explore the confines of the Director’s mouth, teasing and searching. Krennic marveled how very warm Thrawn was.  Heat seemed to radiate from him and seeped through Krennic’s uniform right down to his very skin. Thrawn’s bold kiss succeeded in coaxing a low, needy moan to escape from Krennic and he found himself hungrily grinding on the rather large bulge that had sprung from Thrawn’s groin, nudging insistently at Krennic’s inner thigh with hungry promise. Thrawn broke the kiss and his voice husked,
 “Ah…it seems I do.” 


“Welcome back, Hannah!”

The Scary Godmother TV specials and comic books were one of my favorite things to watch and read on Halloween as a kid, and they still are.

A big part of why I love monsters and the holiday so much probably stems from loving this series, and the many other Halloween stories that had the same charm~