orsolya haarberg

Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Amazing pattern of ice that formed on the surface of a small lake in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The  person in the bottom-right corner of the image provides a basis for comparison in this scene that I photographed from the top of a vertical cliff wall towering over the landscape.
#ice #lofoten #norway #abstract @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) Working mostly in the Nordic countries, we are used to harsh winter conditions. However, this week we were surprised in the #Carpathian mountains in #Romania, when winds turned strong below -15 degrees C. Trees were covered by thick ice shields that resisted the wind for days. We, on the other hand, after just a few hours working outside, got frost damages on parts of our faces that were not covered by masks… @thephotosociety #weather #cold #Carpathians by natgeo

Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) “Eyecontact”
This morning I was sitting at the table in our mountain cabin in #Norway, when I saw a red #fox passing by the cabin. I suppose he has been here before, because he went straight under the kitchen window, where we placed food for pine martin—he made his visit a couple of hours earlier. I went to the window, looking at the skinny fox and thought I must give him some more delicacy. After five minutes he was hooked—he did not care about me and the opening window any more. After he was ready with his breakfast, he sit down in front of the window, staring at me in the living room… @thephotosociety by natgeo