So let’s break it down starting from the top left of the infographic. Some students from the Cultural and Religious Organizations are a part of Multifaith Council (MFC). The presidents of the cultural and religious organizations make up the Multicultural Presidents Council (MPC). The cultural and religious organizations, MFC, and MPC are advised by The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and The Office of Intercultural Education. Multicultural Presidents Council also supports and advises work that the Office of Intercultural Education does.
**Quick side note: Who are the people in these Offices?
Well we have Victor Kazanjian (Dean of Intercultural Education and the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life), Mared Alicea-Westort (Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Latina Students), Tracey Cameron (Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education, Director of Harambee House, and Advisor to Students of African Descent), Karen Shih (Assistant Dean of Intercultural Education and Advisor to Students of Asian Descent), and Leah Fygetakis (Director of Services and Programs and Advisor to LGBTQ Students). Also in the OICE is Donna Matson (Assistant to the Dean of Intercultural Education), Robin Lush (Interim Assistant to the Office of Intercultural Education), and Nancy Giusti (Assistant to the Director of Harambee House). Want to know their faces? Go here. To see the wonderful list of people who make up the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life go here. Slater International House and Accessibility Services are not technically a part of the OICE (Accessibility Services falls under student life). However, they are both a huge part of making our campus a more inclusive and wonderful space. Karen Zuffante Pabon is the Director/International Student and Scholar Advisor. Jim Wice is the Director of Disability/Accessibility Services. I have listed them as giving council to the Office of Intercultural Education because there have been partnerships between them and the OICE in the past year.
At the bottom there is the box labeled Deans of Intercultural Education. They offer support and advising to Diversity Committee which is the MAC’s Committee in College Government. Making up Diversity committee is the MAC, representatives from each residence hall’s House Councils, senators from College Government, and anybody else that would like to join the party (including students, staff, and faculty).

Moving down we see something called Diversity Coalition. This is a part of Academic Council and is made up of members from all over the Wellesley College Community, in particular the MAC, the Deans of Intercultural Education, the Director of Employment, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Associate Provost and Academic Director of Diversity.

In the middle of the map you can see the Campus Diversity Leadership team. This is the team of people that come together regularly to check in with each other on the various diversity and inclusion initiatives happening all over campus.

Shoutout to Lindsay Barnes (MAC 2011-2012) for giving me an earlier version of this infographic that helped create this one! For more information on some of these groups I previously wrote about them here. Let me know if you think anything should be added or if you have any questions.