orriginal art

Adding story by adding context to a typical sunset photo.  Venice Beach, August 2014.

Sunset pictures always look good but I try to avoid the typical ‘look at all the pretty colors’ photos by including an extra element to give the image context or story.  When I got to the shore, there was a little girl dancing in the waves.  I set my camera close to the sand to get the pretty reflection of the sunset off the water, tried to get a nice composition, and took a bunch of photos to ensure I would get one where the girl was in a dramatic pose.


A punpun fanmix

For the reckless generation that never grew up. 

We fucked it up, we fucked it all up, but it was so beautiful. 

Cheated Hearts★ Yeah Yeah Yeahs ★ Oh My God ★ Ida Maria ★ Possibility ★ Lykke Li ★ Salvation is Here ★ Beware of Darkness ★ Pissin in a River ★ Patti Smith ★ Today ★ The Smashing Pumpkins ★ Let Me In ★ Snowmine ★ All Alright ★ Fun.




This is actually the same short-story concept that I’ve been kicking around for a while. I just don’t know where to set it. The first is set in Corruption’s european 1940’s styled universe and the second is styled in Rydal’s Storie’s universe more or less.

The girl’s name is Hannah (Hanna?) and I’m still working on the other guy’s name. 

Lyric is from Light in Your Eyes by Fly Leaf

Post 29th Birthday Self Portrait.  Photo a day, day 86. August 2014.

After learning how to properly light portraits in my apartment, I started thinking about how to actually take interesting head shots.  I came to the conclusion that by just adding a single prop a headshot would convey much more about a person.  To try my experiment I used myself as a subject and a glass of wine as the prop.  I like this results so much I am going to take portraits of the friends I have over to my apartment as a photo project.