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A punpun fanmix

For the reckless generation that never grew up. 

We fucked it up, we fucked it all up, but it was so beautiful. 

Cheated Hearts★ Yeah Yeah Yeahs ★ Oh My God ★ Ida Maria ★ Possibility ★ Lykke Li ★ Salvation is Here ★ Beware of Darkness ★ Pissin in a River ★ Patti Smith ★ Today ★ The Smashing Pumpkins ★ Let Me In ★ Snowmine ★ All Alright ★ Fun.



Adding story by adding context to a typical sunset photo.  Venice Beach, August 2014.

Sunset pictures always look good but I try to avoid the typical ‘look at all the pretty colors’ photos by including an extra element to give the image context or story.  When I got to the shore, there was a little girl dancing in the waves.  I set my camera close to the sand to get the pretty reflection of the sunset off the water, tried to get a nice composition, and took a bunch of photos to ensure I would get one where the girl was in a dramatic pose.