Eep.  Wasn’t expecting a question about him yet. lol. I guess one hobby would be making orrey ( orreries ?)   these things i guess in some odd ode to Cybertron and moons before scrap hit the fan

he always made small ones and often with blue crystals that would hum (differently) depending on their rotations

one of Aims’s ultimate goals/hobby dreams was to make a very very large orrey garden decorated with the crystals.


Orrey - “Losing My Religion”

From Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Stunning Timepieces | The Graham Tourbillon Orrery

Luxury London watchmaker Graham has a lot of stunning watch designs under their belt. The Orrey wristwatch is one of them. This watch was the first of its kind, designed in 1713 by George Graham and it is celebrating its 300th birthday this year. To commemorate such a prestigious birthday, the brand created a three […] http://dlvr.it/3cZGkJ


i am just really determine to make an orrery for myself, that i spent 6 full hours without sleep on my laptop. i was just widely awake and thinking then writing. my head and tummy hurts and i am still on simple machines! aaaarrrggghhh.. i’m afraid i will be stuck with the planning, drafting for quite a long time. and i have a feeling it will affect my moods on updating my tumblr. so, goodluck to me. bless me. and may i have my sweet dreams later (without my mind buzzing with idea, questions or plans every 5 seconds). but before i return to my ‘business’, i’ll enjoy my first cup of milk for today firsthand after posting this. bye~ :P