orran durai

The Man Forgotten: A Brief-as-Possible Analysis of Two Key Themes of Final Fantasy Tactics

Orran Durai: I know not what brings men joy. Of what drives them to great deeds, of what legacies they hope to leave, I know less yet. But I do know this: The true hero of this tale was the man forgotten.

I promised a writeup of some of the arcs and themes of Final Fantasy Tactics before XIV 4.1′s Return to Ivalice raid, and here it is. I acknowledge that this is only scratching the surface of the stories and ideas that this game has to offer. That said, I wanted to provide as succinct and coherent of a summary as possible without losing sight of why this game is so relevant and meaningful, even two decades after its initial release.

The plot of Final Fantasy Tactics is rich and vast, and there’s no doubt that the game is meaningful in countless contexts and interpretations and lenses. For me, however, Tactics’s story is defined best by a couple of key themes: history and privilege.

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