In the latest Real Estate Horror Story some tenants skipped out on their lease owing $2500+ in rent, completely trashed the house that my great-grandfather built (and my folks own), and abandoned this sweet little chicken. It’s super skittish so I haven’t been able to catch it yet but it did come pretty close to me today when I fed it so maybe I can bring it home soon. I think it’s a White Leghorn but I’m not sure.

Really hoping that they also didn’t abandon a cat because there is an enormous, nasty litter box in the house and before they left they set out a bunch of dry dog food and canned cat food (which was covered in flies). I searched the house top to bottom but it’s full of garbage so a cat could be hiding anywhere. Ugh.

I have a bad feeling that everyone will suddenly die ,and like that’s not even the bad part but we all end up going to hell and there’s a long-ass line and shit and satans standing at the gates arguing with everyone.

“Wait hold up ugly! What the fuck am I even in for?”

“No,no,no! I went to church.No let me go to hevan asshat!”

“Wait,stop! I shouldn’t be here!”

“All of you shut the fuck up!Your suppose to be here!”
 “Fucking, why!?!”


meanwhile in hevan God suddenly receives a phone call:


A wounded Canadian soldier being disembarked from the Polish Navy destroyer ORP Ślązak (L26) at Portsmouth on return from the Dieppe Raid in August 19, 1942

Captain, Romuald Nalecz-Tyminski
“Nobody did more than he did to get the Canadians out.” said Joe Ryan, a veteran of the Royal Regiment of Canada who Fought at Dieppe, France. Ryan, 84, said he can still remember watching Nalecz-Tyminski as he manoeuvred his destroyer, the ORP ŚLĄZAK, precariously close to shore to rescue the trapped Canadian soldiers at Dieppe. He later learned Nalecz-Tyminski disobeyed Royal Navy orders to stay back from shore.
Today, 62 years after the famous 1942 raid, Ryan can still vividly describe the destroyer heading straight towards the beach, firing all of its guns at the enemy, before turning abruptly, churning up mud and rocks from beneath the water. “He was a very humble person,” Ryan said. The Silesian was the only destroyer to come so close to shore, he said. “He did not want to be a hero, but he certainly was in Dieppe.” (…) Nalecz-Tyminski, who died in December 2003 at the age of 98, was honoured by the Polish navy in May 2004 when he was buried in the Polish naval cemetery in Gdynia, Poland.

ORP Ślązak (Polish for Silesian) was a World War II Hunt-class destroyer. Initially laid down in 1940 for the Royal Navy as HMS Bedale, in 1942 she was commissioned by the Polish Navy.

After World War II, she was leased to the Indian Navy in 1953, where she served as a training ship until 1976. She was scrapped in 1979.

(Colorized by Mateusz Prociak)

me rn: ORPHAN BLACK SEASON💄 5 ORPH👮🏻‍♀️👮🏿AN BL🎭⚽️ACK SEA💅🏼SON👯🤰🏼 5🤘🏼ORP✏️HAN 👨🏻‍🎨📱BLACK🔪 SEA👩🏻‍🔬🌈👩🏼‍⚕️SON💉 5 ORPH🤳🏼AN BL👩🏼‍💼🐁☠️ACK SE-

Within the Snake’s Clutches


Black Star was exploring a jungle that happened to be near a desert.  She was looking for gem artifacts, corrupted gems, really anything to further the Crystal Gems’ cause.  The grey gem hopped over a large tree root when suddenly, she heard a voice.  It sounded.. heavenly?  Angelic?  She couldn’t describe it properly.  But wanting to see who was making that lovely sound, Black Star followed said voice.