orpheus x eurydice

sweet love of mine / you’re so divine ::

“centuries have passed /
kingdoms have raised and fallen / 
but this love just stays the same”
modern!au mythology romance

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side 01 :: gods

( hera / zeus ) all of you - betty who
( apollo / artemis ) don’t tell your parents - we are twin
( ares / aphrodite ) fire meet gasoline - sia
( hades / persephone ) froot - marina & the diamonds

side 02 :: mortals

( achilles / patroclus ) gone - vacationer
( paris / helen ) fall in love with the enemy - mndr
( odysseus / circe ) set me free - charli xcx
( orpheus / eurydice ) in the dark - cathedrals

Endless List of Favorites

→ myth figures: Orpheus & Eurydice

Orpheus fell in love with Eurydice, whom he married and lived happily with for a short time. Eurydice was tragically bitten by a snake and died instantly. Orpheus sang his grief with his lyre and managed to move everything living or not in the world; both humans and gods were deeply touched by his sorrow and grief. Orpheus, protected by the gods, went to Hades. Orpheus played his lyre, melting even Hades’ cold heart. Hades told Orpheus that he could take Eurydice with him but under one condition; Eurydice would follow him while walking out to the light from the caves of the Underworld, but he should not look at her before coming out to the light because he would lose her forever. If Orpheus was patient enough he would have Eurydice as a normal woman again by his side. Orpheus thought It was a simple task as he considered himself a patient man. He was trying to hear Eurydice’s steps, but he could not hear anything and he started believing that the gods had fooled him. Only a few feet away from the exit, Orpheus lost his faith and turned to see; Eurydice was behind him, but her shadow was whisked back among the dead. Orpheus tried to return to the Underworld but a man cannot enter the realm of Hades twice while alive. Orpheus is ultimately killed either by beasts tearing him apart, or by the Maenads, in a frenzied mood. According to another version, Zeus decided to strike him with lightning knowing Orpheus would reveal the secrets of the Underworld to humans. X

The opposite signs as historical couples

Aries x Libra: Bonnie and Clyde

Taurus x Scorpio: Tristan and Isolde

Gemini x Sagittarius: Paris and Helen

Capricorn x Cancer: Romeo and Juliet

Leo x Aquarius: Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

Pisces x Virgo: Orpheus and Eurydice

Lucy and Natsu, or, Orpheus and Eurydice

Still crying over Natsu and Lucy almost happened romantic reunion? Still heartbroken over the fact that the two didn’t manage to say what they wanted to? Let me make it worse.

Orpheus and Eurydice is a myth in Greek-Roman literature. Virgil and Ovid wrote short poems about it. Variations aside, both narrate the story of Orpheus, a singer and lyre player, whose instruments was given to him by none other than Apollo, the god of music and arts. He was a cantor, a player who used his instruments to sing stories. Orpheus played divinely and he was also very beutiful. Many, men and women, humans and gods, fell in love with his heart rending voice.

But Orpheus refused them all. Honours, beautiful women - and men, these were anciet greeks -, riches … the one he loved dearly was his beautiful Eurydice, a nymph. Nymphs were minor deities, depicted as beautiful, young, who singed and danced in the Nature, sort of ethereal creatures, a form of life between men and gods - the most famous nymph would be Teti, a naiad, Achilles’ mother.

But Eurydice prematurely died - bitten by a viper or as she run from a suitor, versions differ. Orpheus was beyond distraught. He sang in mournful voice a song - and remember, song narrated stories  - so beautiful that it is said even inanimated objects such as trees and rocks started to weep. So did the gods, who, heartbroken, granted him a passage to the Underworld, the Hades. Here he passed many trials, including facing the three-headed monstrous dog Cerberus, and was finally granted an audience with Pluton, the god of the dead, and his wife Proserpine. As he sang another beautiful song to them, the two were moved, and granted him to lead his wife back with him to earth, on the condition though that he never turned back to her as they walked.

So they they started walking. Orpheus walked in the front and Eurydice was behind him. I imagine now he must’ve been, for a while, overjoyed: he had been robbed of happiness, but managed to overcome so many obstacles, and now was about the enjoy a life with his beloved again. 

But he was worried; he couldn’t hear her. She was a spirit, an ethereal being even more now than when she was alive,  so she made no sound as she walked. He as anxious, tried to shake the feeling off, but couldn’t. So he did the one thing he was told not to: He turned to her.

And just like that, he broke his promise. He had managed to overwrite the rule according to which the dead cannot be brought back to life.

… and broke it. The love of his life had now vanished into thin air.

The myth goes on as Orpheus, turned to madness by the now unsolvable grief, started wandering​ through woods and forests, and eventually met the Maenads, women followers of the wine god Dyonisus, who tried to have him join their maniacal dances and rituals; he refused and thet dismembered him, then threw the pieces of his body in a river. 

Now of course I don’t think this will be the case. As I was confident from day one that Makarov wouldn’t stay dead, I’d be as crazy as Maenad to think that Natsu won’t come back. Not to mention Mashima, SPOILERS, did the exact same thing in his previous manga, Rave Master. I just wanted to draw some little lovely parallels as Orpheus and Lucy are both narrators who go through an inhuman feat to save whom they love. 

How he will come back remains a mistery though. Lucy managed to rewrite him back to life, but Natsu’s exsistence was tied to Zeref’s, who stated it multiple times. However, Natsu is also partially a dragon and a human, and though the book of END and informations about him disappeared -, parts of him may have remained “somewhere”. And as long as that somewhere exists, there must a way to get there, and if that way happens to be a door, remember we have a girl who happens to have a bunch of keys.

they call me.
Lost, forgotten.
My snakebite heart
growing colder
by the second.
My gooseflesh skin
greying ugly in the dark. 
So it goes. No matter. 

What awaited me
in the land of the living?
His hand creeping starved
between my thighs?
The sweet stench of rot
choking itself in my hair? 

Let me be honest here,
whisper my story in your ear. 
Let me tell you 
how I was silent as he turned,
how I never reached for him
as Death’s cold fingers 
curled around my waist,
how I wanted him 
to look back,
how I craved it
with all of my unbeating heart. 

Let me tell you how I chose hell.

—  Emily Palermo, Eurydice. 

anonymous asked:

Someone should write ancient greece!stony, where Steve is the Achilles/Heracles "hero" type and Tony the simple but clever Odysseus type, i'm just saying

i could kISS you. i’ve wanted more greek mythology au’s in this fandom since day one.

  • steve as achilles who’s just lost patroclus, in all this blind terrible rage and grief and the only one who can talk him down and get him to rejoin the battle is smart, clever tony as odysseus
  • alternatively, everyone thinking achilles has died and odysseus convincing patroclus to take up his mantle and fight in his name only for him to die and achilles to return :))))) coUGHS LOUDLY ABT CIVIL WAR PARALLELS.
  • BUT ALSO: eros x psyche. steve as psyche who never gets to see eros without his metal mask, but only knows him as two men: iron man and tony. steve’s in love with both but he thinks he can only ever be with let alone touch one of them. ultimate greek mythology identity porn au. 
  • orpheus x eurydice. steve as eurydice plunged into the underworld after he bleeds out on the courtroom steps and tony moving literal heaven and earth to bargain with whatever devil he can find to bring him back
  • my favorite is steve as atlas for obvious reasons, atlas carrying the world  and all its burdens on his shoulders. and i know it’s unrelated by tony as prometheus because it fits so well. the genius, the futurist so full of hubris paying a hundredfold for the sacrifice he dared to make for mankind.
  • tony as icarus. but a combination of icarus/daedalus where he builds his own wings and wants to fly so badly and kiss the sun that he’d risk falling every single damn time. except the one time he does fall and maybe steve (as apollo, as a nereid, idk) saves him from drowning.
  • and of course steve as heracles. i’ve seen tony as megara a bunch of times but tony as athena would be hella awesome. rule!63 tony or 3490!tony as the goddess of wisdom and military victory looking out for the brave beautiful hero who was always destined to be amongst the stars.