orpheus turner

alex turner as the modern embodiment of orpheus. alex turner soothing wild animals with his voice. trees swaying in still air in time to alex turner’s guitar playing. alex turner drowning out the sound of sirens, seducing them. alex turner courting his eurydice, singing her songs, watching her dance, writing furiously in notebooks after a night of lovemaking. alex turner tearing at his hair when she dies, writing, scratching out the words, writing again, breaking guitars, making pianos grow weary, causing gods to cry until he has the perfect dirge. you know. stuff like that

no but seriously, the whole show was an orpheus narrative from start to finish and i couldn’t believe how totally on point it was (and i mean this not in terms of my emotional high and how happy i was about them playing, because honestly i know i’ve been insane about this whole thing, but i’m serious

the show started lightly and got you totally pumped, and as the show progressed the lighting techniques and usage of fog machines completely clouded the whole stage in an either white (or red, depending on the song’s mood) fog and all you could see was the silhouettes, and just

the whole thing was literally the descent into the underworld and back up again, that’s what the show was. there were points in which the movements, lighting, fog, and music were going together to create a very, very dark atmosphere, like you were getting deeper and deeper, with a melodic chaos all swaddling this angelic voice (whether you could see the source or not, sometimes the fog was so overwhelming you couldn’t see them), and then the slower songs guided you back toward the real world in an almost melancholic way, and then it built back up, less dark with a different and amazing and peculiar feeling, and you had a fiery epilogue of r u mine?

tl;dr it was like a rock opera-style show that took you on the journey down into the underworld with orpheus and sometimes i swear to god this band is 100% onto me and i could talk about this for ages, please talk to me about it always