orphaned baby owls

New orphan tawny owl

This cute chap was found, abandoned, on a golf course. He doesn’t have any injuries; he was just very hungry! He will stay with us, now, until August, when he will be released with the other tawny owls.

It’s a tawny owl identity parade!

Some of you may remember the beautiful little tawny owl chick we posted about a few days ago, and it was recently joined by a younger addition.

Our older owl is doing well, and is rapidly gaining weight. It is fed by our vet team every day, and it won’t be too long before it’s off to one of our aviaries and eventually back to the wild! It’s amazing to see how much of a difference a few days makes in the life of a chick.. they grow up so quickly!

And as for the smaller one… its exciting story is coming very soon! ;)

One more baby tawny owl!

It’s the time of the year when orphaned owl chicks start to arrive at the centre. Every year, we have an average of eight babies, so we are probably going to end up with a few more! ;)

This one will join our two older chicks in one of our pens until they all get their waterproof outer feathers, and then it’s off to our outdoor aviary before release!


This gorgeous little ball of feathers is a baby tawny owl, and was brought in to us after being found alone in a road.

After a once over from our delighted vet team, it was found to be perfectly fine, but very hungry! Emma took over the role of mum, and it quickly ate everything on offer!

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any signs of it’s nest, so it becomes the first of this years orphaned tawny owl chicks. We get on average 8-10 tawny owl chicks a year, and we have every hope this one will get back to a life in the wild!