Most Planets In The Universe Are Homeless

“So we may have a few rogue planets that were ejected from young solar systems, and there may even be a handful in the galaxy that came from our Solar System. But the vast majority of all the planets in the galaxy were never attached to stars at all! Rogue planets wander the galaxy, most of them destined to toil forever in loneliness, having never known the warmth of a parent star. Their potential parents, most likely, were thwarted by stellar evolution from ever becoming stars themselves! What we have, instead, is a galaxy with most probably around a quadrillion of these nomad worlds, objects which we’re only just beginning to discover. Interstellar space might be devoid of light-emitting objects, but know that there are plenty of worlds to discover on our journey to the stars!”

The planets we know of – in our own Solar System and beyond – all have something in common that we routinely take for granted: the fact that they all orbit stars. But not only isn’t this necessarily true of all planets, it might not be true for most planets. When we run simulations of planetary formation around stars, we find that a great many planets, of both the gas giant and rocky varieties, get kicked out into interstellar space. But what’s even more surprising is that the process of star formation, and particularly the quenching of star formation from UV radiation, could create thousands of planets or more for every single successful star our Universe makes. Come get the whole story on the orphan/rogue/homeless planets in the Universe, and learn how we’re finally discovering them for the first time!

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Okay you know in the concierge episode when the concierge is like "Juno's tied to a death machine and all the planet's orphans are on the line"? What do you think the story is there?

I think it’s one part just taking the most iconically absurd tropes from old radio plays and cranking them up to eleven.

Is the orphanage in danger? No, but the orphans are. All of them

Seriously, though, all the orphans on Mars? Like, did somebody go through Oldtown and round them all up? Are we also counting the adult orphans (so, like, everybody over the age of their parents’ life expectancy?), or just the ones under eighteen? It’s just such a particular word to throw in that sentence. 

So I think it’s meant to just be absurd for the purposes of hilarity. But if we’re gonna take it seriously, let’s see…

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SW:TFA spoilers, I guess.

People miss the boat on the Finn/Rey hand thing by such a wide margin. 

He recognized the sound of an airstrike and she didn’t. It wasn’t a power move, it was a split-second decision to save her life instead of just getting himself out of the way. She (understandably!) didn’t understand what he was doing, but went on to grab his hand to yank him out of the way of danger in the same scene.

If you think about it this way, it shows their instincts. He was part of a squad, his instinct is to protect his mates; she’s a trash orphan on the planet of the scavenge-urchins, so her instinct is to protect her space.

It is deeply unfortunate on a meta-level that they set up a scenario where a woman asserting her autonomy is unwittingly arguing with a man who does in fact, within the context of the narrative, know better. I actually have very strong feelings about that scene for that reason.

But you know whose fault that is? The creators who set up that scene.

Finn saved her life.

And there are people who have the gall to interrupt me on Twitter when I say that SW:TFA is a movie where everyone saves everyone and everyone is the hero to say “Finn never saved anyone.” 

Their argument is that he “only” saved Poe Dameron because he needed a pilot and that he didn’t save Rey from the Starkiller base because she “saved herself” (yeah, she freed herself, but she only got off the planet because Finn mounted a rescue mission for her… he bluffed the resistance, he went straight back into the lion’s den and faced the thing he feared the most, and got her off the planet before it exploded)… but even if you ignore that, he saved Rey’s life minutes after they met when he pulled her out of the direct path of a freaking airstrike.

And all anyone (at least anyone in the anti-Finn brigade?) remembers is that he “held her hand against her will”.

goingtothetardis  asked:


  • Drinks all of the coffee

I think they both drink lots of coffee when they are off traveling.  He drinks it for the slight buzz and maybe when he feels the need to sleep and doesn’t want to.  Sleep means nightmares and he is more about moving, keep going, don’t think just go and show Rose he’s more than his nightmares.  With Rose it’s more her trying to keep up with him.

Eventually she has to sleep and he slowly shifts her to decaff as he figures out what’s she’s doing.  She’s doing it for him, to prove she’s tough enough to keep up with him and he knows she cares.  She doesn’t want him to be alone – even when she’s sleeping.  They are quite a pair and eventually, he does sleep but somehow he ends up asleep with her in the library and the nightmares are held at bay.

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Totally Rose.  After Daleks and an almost regeneration and the need to talk about him sending her away, Jack’s immortality and him almost dying.  All it takes is one orphaned Barcelona puppy (the planet not the city).  She finds it lost, covered in mud with a broken leg and brings it back to the TARDIS.  The “don’t make my ship domestic” speech is on the tip of his tongue but then she juts out her lip and gives him the look. 

One trip to the med bay later and Terror, the doctor’s name, is there to stay.  The Doctor isn’t as mad about it as he pretends and Rose often catches him lecturing said pup about TARDIS repairs.

  • Kills the bugs

The Doctor for sure.  Rose does all right no alien planets and she’s learned to keep an open mind.  But when the TARDIS is infested with giant skunk roaches, she draws the line.  Grabbing Terror protectively, she tells the Doctor to de-infest the TARDIS or she and Terror are on holiday some where else.  He grumbles and finds away that has less to do with killing and more about freezing the little buggers.  He then dumps them in a place his time sense has gone wonky about:  Torchwood.  With glee he leaves thawing stink roaches in their offices at Canaray Wharf.  Suddenly, his time sense calms down.  He takes Rose and Terror out for chips in celebration

  • Cooks the meals

Oh they take turns but really prefer to eat out.  Rose likes to bake though.  At first the Doctor was unsure after a few smoking and somewhat unrecognizable things that even Terror wouldn’t touch.  But then came banana muffins so delicious they inspired him to ponder a way to save his bloodthirsty people.  He didn’t but they were really really good.

He in turn made the best soups.  Rose’s mouth watered at the thought of his gumbo with just the right amount of spice.  She teased him they could retire and open a cafe for hungry travelers.  Then again, Rose was sure his Gumbo would probably inspire some alien to invade just to steal the recipe which the Doctor refused to share even with Rose.  They kept traveling and the Doctor never did share his recipe.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Rose.  The Doctor is all in a huff when the TARDIS joins her and pink paper hearts appear on the console.  He tolerates it.  Then there is the great easter egg hunt which Terror who is now big enough that he makes quite the galoomp sound on the grating seems to enjoy enthusiastically.   In fact he enjoys brigning said festive eggs to the Doctor, even if he drops them on the Doctor’s head during repairs.

Christmas is finally when he gives in.  How could he resist Rose with a big red bow in her hair and nothing else, lying on their bed, colored fairy lights reflecting against her skin like a nebula.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

The Doctor hates selfies.  Rose forces him to for her Mum.  He grumbles but agrees because if they send Jackie pictures, he doesn’t have to take Rose home as often.  But soon, he comes up with compositions and dives into the creativity of the whole thing.  It becomes a competition to see who can get the best selfie and he even drags Terror into the mix until before he knows it, they have an album of them from all adventuring in all of time and space.  Except for a few he keeps in his bigger on the inside pockets.  He denies that little tidbit.

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

The Doctor is always lecturing about human calendar vs time keeping in mulitple cultures and how it’s all irrevelant on the TARDIS.  And since Rose hasn’t really aged much and Terror lives much longer than a typical Earth dog, birthdays seem to pass them by more and more.  One thing that’s never forgotten is anniversaries.  Whether it’s Run or it also travels in time or I am the Bad Wolf, he always makes sure to do something special.  Even Terror gets special treats for the anniversary when he jointed TEAM TARDIS.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Rose.  She can’t help it.  Alien junk food is the best and it’s not always bad nutrition even if the aliens think it is.  The Doctor sighs and cleans out the cupboards when it gets too much or he’s worried it might hurt her.  Terror likes his mum’s junk food addiction just fine.  It isn’t until the Doctor realizes there might be another reason Rose is craving Fifty First Century Sea Weed taffy that things take a turn for the not so bad.  Rose cries.  He cries and soon there will be another addition to the TARDIS

  • Nicknames the other

He is always the Doctor to Rose until a little temporal anomaly in the form of he knocked me up comes into the picture.  Then suddenly it’s all about your daddy.  Funny how easy that came to her.  He’s not one for pet names.  She is his Rose.  He doesn’t need anything else even if he thinks of her as beloved and sometimes love slips out or my little time mum.  All he knows is how greatful he is for all the domestics even if toast is burnt, the dogs is barking, the baby is crying and the TARDIS burns his fingers.  It’s the one life he thought he could never have and he’ll relish it ever second…even when he has to walk the dog in the snow ;)

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“cardassians” is a vastly underrated garashir ep imo. that part where they go to the orphanage? and julian bashir straight up wants to come back with a child or several? nevermind that he still doesn’t know where garak lives where he sleeps or anything that his life consists of? that part at brunch where julian is trying to get garak to be his boyfriend and garak still doesn’t wanna put a label on it. but later at the children’s home he’s still like “babe i know it’s crazy but let’s get married right now and adopt every orphan on this gotdamn planet trust me it’ll work great the UFoP family pension is not to be b e l i e v e d plus if you were on my insurance we could finally get your head shrunk.“ then come to find out garak doesn’t even believe in adoption?????? Only On Bravo tbh.


Luka Milfy (ルカ・ミルフィ) is the lookout on the Gokai Galleon and seemingly obsessed with money and the accumulation of wealth. Her skills lie in spying and observation, bordering on the talents one might expects from a thief or ninja. In reality, she wants to collect as much money as she can to buy a planet to house orphans like herself away from the galactic conflict with Zangyack. She stole from Zangyack at first, earning their ire before hooking up with Captain Marvelous and his crew.

She had a younger sister, Fia, who succumbed to disease and a friend named Cain, who she left with the orphans and the planet they were staying on to seek fortune with which to protect them. Though she may seem abrasive at times and a bit snarky, she really does care deeply about her friends and the fate of those she left behind.

Luka is played by Mao Ichimichi (市道 真央)

Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig. ( Warning: Spoilers!)

SPOILERS – THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS FOR LIFE DEBT AND POSSIBLY FOR  Episode 8. If you don’t want to be spoiled then please stop reading now.

First of all, if you can, please buy and read this book yourself! I highly recommend you do.

In this review I will try to focus on the characters that people seem most interested in, this book is long and so much happens that I simply cannot cover it all in one review. Nevertheless I am happy to answer any questions that anyone does have regarding the rest of the narrative or I can do further posts about less well-known characters like my favourites Temmin, Norra, Sinjir, Rae Sloane ect…

‘Life Debt’ is the second book in The Aftermath Trilogy, these stories are designed to fill in the gaps between episode 6 and episode 7, the action takes place roughly a year after the Battle of Endor. I don’t think its essential that you read the first book, however you might not understand who the new characters are like Norra Wexley or Rae Sloane and Wendig does refer back to the events of the previous novel a few times. So read the first Aftermath book if possible! For those of you who did read the first book, I can assure you that the writing is so much better this time around and the whole plot is far more narratively rich and engrossing. I literally gasped out loud several times because I was so excited about what was happening, I can’t encourage you guys enough to read this book, which comes out tomorrow for most of you. Also please feel free to completely disregard my thoughts on the text to draw your own conclusions/speculations. I have tried to remain as impartial as possible in this post, any opinions I do have on the text are purely theories and conjecture, not canon. I have compiled all this information because I know not everyone will be able to buy the book tomorrow. Enjoy. 

Here is the a basic summary of the plot from inside the book:

 Is Snoke in the book?

MAYBE. I cannot be anymore conclusive because we still don’t know enough about the character in question and he is never called ‘Snoke’.

Could he become Supreme Leader Snoke?Yes, potentially.

 Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax

At the very beginning of this book there is a Prelude and at the end of the book there is an epilogue, both of these chapters are titled ‘Three decades ago’. Therefore these two chapters take place during the era of the Galactic republic (between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones).

Prelude: Young Gallius Rax or ‘Galli’ is an orphan on the planet of Jakku carrying out manual labour when a black ship flies overhead, he feels forced to follow the ship; ‘He was compelled, as if by destiny’. He runs after the ship, following it all the way until it lands in a location that is considered ‘holy’ by Jakku anchorites; Galli then witnesses six droids and a man dressed in a purple cloak emerge from the ship. Galli knows that he should return to the other orphans now, but he feels like he can’t leave:

‘And yet he remains compelled. As if something invisible is tugging him along- an unseen thread bound to his throat, leading him like a leash-and –collar. I will get closer. I won’t be missed’.

Then this strange sequence of events happens:

The Prelude ends with Adviser Tashu the ‘purple cloaked man’ getting back on the ship to leave; Galli who is desperate to leave Jakku decides to stow away on the ship before it leaves.

The epilogue: (Obviously a HUGE amount happens between the prelude and epilogue)

Now this is where it gets really fascinating and thrilling, this is the big reveal of the entire novel and will almost certainly affect the future films. The ship that twelve year old Galli boarded in the Prelude has now landed, he is frightened and hiding, unsure of what do next when a voice commands him to show himself. This voice is Sheev Palpatine!  Gallius emerges from his hiding place to face him, however when Palpatine tries to use the Force to draw him closer Galli resists him. Expert below:

Palpatine and Galli then proceed to have a brief conversation where they talk about Jakku, Palpatine then tells Galli that he is a nasty little boy, but it doesn’t matter because he has ‘little interest in goodness’. He offers Galli a choice going forward, either he will die or:

‘ The second choice is, I give you a new life. A better one. I give you a task that, if you manage, will lead you to greater things. Not some thing so mundane as a job, but a role. A purpose. I sense in you potential. A destiny. Most people have no destiny,’.  

Then this happens:

In the main portion of the book Gallius Rax is introduced as a secret adviser to the empire, Rae Sloane is the public figurehead presented to the Empire as leader, but Rax is clearly the puppet master. He was also present in the first book; he was never named but operated from the shadows pulling strings and was the catalyst for major events in the novel. He also double-crossed the Empire; he fed information to the New republic under the alias of ‘the operator’ he did this in order to secretly cull the Imperial ranks of anyone he believed could potentially pose a threat to the Empire. In this book we learn of his mysterious origins, and see a new and more sinister side to his personality. Is he an evil master tactician or something more? His connection to Palpatine certainly indicates that he is more important than the average Admiral.

One of the driving forces of this novel is that Rae Sloane wants to find out who Rax is and where he came from, all that she knows about him is that he debuted at Palpatine’s side age twenty and rose very quickly up the ranks until he was commanding his own Star destroyer.

How he is described, these are quotes mostly from Rae Sloane’s perspective:

·  ‘That is how she feels whenever she meets him, as if she is meeting the hologram of a dead man made to pass as real.’

·    ‘There he stands, no longer garbed in an admiral’s uniform but rather in a floor- length robe. Red as blood’

·   ‘ He turns towards her with that confident, feral sneer fixed to his face. One eyebrow arches and he spreads his arms.’

·     ‘ I see nothing wrong with pushing weak minds to a conclusion we have already reached.’ – Gallius Rax.

·    ‘When will the sea become a storm? Will he become a monster?’

·    Rax keeps too much, too close. His hands on all the controls. Sloane does not know what endgame is here. That troubles her. Gallius Rax is so in love with artifice. So what, then, is he hiding?’

·   ‘Rax is naught but a vapour trail. She’s chasing shadows.’

 ·     ‘….“If only it were that easy. I can’t just push one of these buttons and make him appear. He’s not a hologram.” Though really, he might as well be.’

I think the imagery of him being a ‘shadow’ and a ‘hologram’ is noteworthy in relation to TFA.

 ‘The Empire needs children’, this is probably one of the most interesting and creepiest aspects of Gallius Rax. He believes that the recruitment of Children is absolutely crucial to the survival of the Empire. As shown in a previous post he is insistent that Rae Sloane arranges for Armitage to accompany his Father. Now if this man does indeed turn out to be Snoke, or in line with Snoke then this could be a really fascinating parallel to how Kylo Ren was indoctrinated into the First Order when he was young.

 At one point during the novel Rae Sloane decides to visit the Hall of Imperial register in Coruscant to see if she can find out more about where Rax came from. She finds little information, apart from one old photo of Gallius Rax with Palpatine, age roughly fourteen. In the picture Gallius appears to have a tattoo or a marking on his palm. He is described as being ‘pale’ and his eyes are ‘Each a black hole swallowing the light.’ 

Towards the end of the novel one of Palpatine’s old advisors is freed from jail, Yupe Tahsu. Tashu isn’t force sensitive, but was a ‘Sith cultist’ and studied the dark side of the force. He is kind of the opposite of what Lor San Tekka is.

Here is an extract of him being freed on the orders of Rax, who at this point is being secretly referred to as ‘Emperor’ by his followers:

 The book ends with Gallius Rax and his shadow council (apart from Rae Sloane) arriving in the atmosphere above Jakku with dozens of Star destroyers and previously hidden fleets. The Battle of Jakku is about to begin.

As we know the final book in the Aftermath trilogy is called ‘Empire’s end’ and will be released in January 2017. My prediction is that the next book will end with Rax disappearing, we won’t know if he is dead or left grievously injured (like Snoke).

Leia, Han Solo and Ben/Kylo Ren: 

Unfortunately we don’t get to see a lot of these characters in Life Debt. We learn that Luke taught Leia how to meditate using the force before he disappeared and that she is practising these skills. Han left pregnant Leia in order to help Chewie liberate his home planet, however things went wrong, Chewie was kidnapped and Han vanished. Leia is obviously very worried about them and appeals to the new senate for help, however Mon Momtha is reluctant to get involved, much to Leia’s anger. She takes her own action and sends Norra Wexely and her team to find him- the team do eventually find Han and then help him to save Chewie and the rest of the Wookies on Kashyyyk from the Empire’s tyranny. 

I am aware that I am skipping large amounts of the action and the story of liberation of Kashyyyk, but I can’t cover it all because otherwise this post will be far too long. More reason to buy and read this fantastic book!

To cut it short, eventually Leia gets wind that Kashyyyk is being attacked and with an old pilot friend from Alderaan she takes the Millennium Falcon to save her Husband; throughout this rescue mission she feels the Force flowing through her and guiding her, she knows that Luke will be happy about this.

 We are given the impression several times that Han Solo maybe isn’t quite ready for impending Fatherhood. However that could be down to Wendig, I don’t think that he writes Han particularly well in this book, his whole demeanour just seems a little out of character.

 Apart from the excerpt that was released a couple of weeks ago about Leia sensing a darkness surrounding unborn Ben, we don’t get much else about him apart from the occasional sentence about Leia feeling the baby move around inside of her or her growing bump – nothing significant about his future or force sensitivity.

 When Han and Leia are reunited what is made clear is that they are extremely happy together and she is excited about the baby boy growing inside of her. From the descriptions I would guess that Leia is about five/ six months pregnant at the end of this book.

 This part also killed me, Han is saying goodbye to Chewie on Kashyyyk because he is returning with Leia to the New Republic base, which is in turmoil after an attack from the Empire:


Again, like with ‘Bloodlines’ Luke is most notable in his absence from the story. He appears even less in this book, only being mentioned a handful of times in passing. We are given no indication of his whereabouts or what he could be doing. Leia doesn’t seem to know where her brother is either, nor does she seem to be that concerned about him.

 Other points and quotes of interest:

·      Regarding the theories that Palpatine could have had decedents:  ‘ No clear chain of succession was evident. Palpatine had no family of which to speak, at least as far as anyone knew, Vader didn’t have family either’.  Like we saw in Bloodlines, the galaxy at large still aren’t aware that Vader was once Anakin Skywalker or that he ever had children, this brings us an interesting topic of conversation that if people didn’t know that Vader had children – could the same thing be true of Palpatine?

·      The Dark sider Acolytes:  during the novel Wendig adds in little side chapters or ‘ Interludes’ which show us other events around the Galaxy.  During one of these chapters we visit Corellia; in the city of Coronet a security guard spots a teenager spray- painting ‘Vader lives’ onto a wall. Here is a little excerpt about the Acolytes: ‘ Black hood, black cloak. This one doesn’t have a mask, though. A lot of these acolyte freaks, they put together these masks- hammering together plastoid, metal, wood, goggles, ventilators, whatever – and wear them as they harangue the locals.’ The security guard feels uneasy about the kid; his instincts tell him that there is something very strange about him. The Acolytes also seem to have given themselves fake names – this one is called ‘Oblivion’.

Events escalate very quickly; the Acolytes basically invade the city declaring revolution. Another Acolyte rescues Oblivion and they break into a museum basement, emerging with a red lightsaber, they say they have been searching for it. 

·      Another extract is about everyone’s favourite Space pirate/ Cantina owner – Maz Kanata. I’m not going to delve too deep into this part of the book, but I’m going to mention two things. Firstly, one of her Cantina rules is ‘Don’t go downstairs’ – I wonder what she is hiding downstairs? Hmm? Maybe a lightsaber?

Secondly and more importantly, the chapter about Maz ends on an ominous note, she feels that peace still hasn’t returned to the galaxy, she says ‘Some stirring in the Force has made the water turbid. Hard to see. But I think it is best we be prepared.’ To me this SIGNIFICANT because what was happening directly before this chapter takes place- Rax allowing hundreds of thousands of people to die in order to get his own way.

 ·     After the battle of Endor traumatised war veterans were given therapy droids or therapy ewoks! I just loved that idea so much.

 Brendol and Armitage Hux:

 I won’t go into much about them in this review because they aren’t mentioned in great detail and I have already posted the main spoilers about them. However there are a few interesting tidbits that I haven’t mentioned yet.  

At the start of the story Brendol is living on the planet of Arkanis, running a training academy for the empire. ‘ Hux trains children. The best and brightest the Empire has to offer.’ Rax believes it necessary early on in the book to remove Hux and his child from the planet, which is under siege from the New Republic.

 Rax also wants Hux to join his ‘Shadow council’ that he is setting up; the council consists of important Imperials. He hopes to reshape the new Empire with these individuals at his side. Although Rax does make explicitly clear that Brendol Hux is more important than the rest.

So what have we learnt and what questions are left unanswered?

  1. Jakku is very important to the Galaxy at large! This obviously leads us to the conclusion that Lor San Tekka and Rey’s presence on Jakku is very significant. 
  2. What was Palpatine building or planning for Jakku?
  3. Is Gallius Rax force sensitive, it appears so several times. Therefore when Palpatine sends him to guard Jakku - is this part of training, we know from the photograph that he is back with Palpatine only two years later. 
  4. What is Luke doing during this time? where is he? why is he absent in all of these novels??
  5. Who are the dark side acolytes? Why are they collecting dark side artifacts? who does the lightsaber belong to?

Let me know what you think and Thanks for reading!


sum salty amporas lmao

1. Eridan in the Alternian Empire Galactic Army. As an Orphaner planet-side he’s been accepted as a special unit of defense for the empress. He’s not allowed to wear his glasses with his uniform. He is not a happy camper. Ever. 

2. Tired and unimpressed but still hipster-stylish, which was me all weekend lmao

3. eridan pretending that he isn’t a smol babby

I know i don’t often talk about star wars, but I am actually a huge fan. One thing I never hear discussed is: the influence of sci-fi author Samuel Delany on the series. Well, I’ve heard folks talk about Empire Sun, a Delany novella about an orphan from a desert planet who ultimately leads a rebel defense against an evil empire. Lots of parallels there obviously. But I am shocked there isn’t more out there about the influence of another Delany book, Nova. In it you’ve got: 

––a ragtag group of rebels on a junky ship traversing a galaxy to drive that ship into a (death)star. 

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––an inappropriate brother-sister relationship.

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––a dude who falls into lava and survives, later to emerge an evil cyborg in black robes.

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––homoerotic subtext

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––a character with a cyborg arm/hand.

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And this came out 10 years before Star Wars (IV a new hope). It’s a great book, draws a lot from Moby Dick, and it’s a lovely sort of gateway drug into Sam Delany’s writing. (My personal fav is a short story, “Aye, and Gomorrah.”) Anyway, Nova should be required reading for SW fans that is all!


Deepest View Of The Orion Nebula Reveals Shocking Discoveries

“Ten times as many brown dwarfs were found compared to what previous studied had seen, and the density of these failed stars was found to vary tremendously across where in the nebula we looked. This find is most exciting for scientists who want to study rogue or orphaned planets, since it indicates there may be hundreds or even thousands of gas-and-rocky worlds forming for each new star.”

When you look at an active, massive star-forming region like the Orion Nebula, you expect to find new stars dominating, blowing off the gas and eventually bringing the episode of star formation to an end. Previous visible light studies of Orion – the closest region to Earth of massive star formation – seemed to indicate exactly this, with star populations dropping off at masses below about 25% that of our Sun. But a new view of this nebula in the infrared, the deepest ever thanks to ESO’s HAWK-I instrument, showed that we had it wrong. In the regions where star formation was most intense, there were more than ten times as many brown dwarfs – or failed stars – than we had thought previously. This could have profound implications for the number of planets formed in a nebula like this, and the next generation of 30-meter-class telescopes should find out.

Come find out the hints of our next great breakthrough in this field (with a fantastic video) on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

Who’s the ‘Leia’, Who’s the ‘Han’, and Who’s the ‘Luke’?

If it wasn’t obvious enough already: 

Poe, the very important person in the Resistance who is already knee deep in the Resistance, and sends a droid off to a safe place with a secret map to aid the rebellion 

= Leia, the very important person in the Rebellion who is already knee deep in the Rebellion, and sends a droid off to a safe place with secret plans that will help the Rebellion

Finn, a guy with a shaky background but pretty good morals that wants nothing to do whatsoever with the Resistance and will take any opportunity to get out of this mess, but ends up reluctantly staying to help because hey, these people aren’t so bad and that one very important person is kinda cute.

  = Han, a guy with a shady background and shaky morals that wants nothing to do whatsoever with the Rebellion and will take any opportunity to get out of this mess, but ends up reluctantly staying to help because hey, these people aren’t so bad and that one very important person is kinda cute.

Rey, an orphan on a desert planet leading a not so great lifestyle that experiences an obstacle in trying to achieve her dream meets a droid working with the Resistance, collects a guy to help her bring this droid home, convinces this guy to stay and help the Resistance, and is also very strong with the force and wields a lightsaber

 = Luke,  an orphan on a desert planet leading a not so great lifestyle that experiences an obstacle in trying to achieve his dream meets a pair of droids working with the Rebellion, collects a guy to help him bring this droid home, convinces this guy to stay and help the Rebellion, and is also very strong with the force and wields a lightsaber