Orphan Black 30 Day Challenge- Day 2- Favorite Non-Clone Character

Hmm… this one is actually really difficult. It’s a toss up between Felix and Delphine, but I think I’m going to have to go with Felix.

For starters, he’s deliciously sassy. 

I mean the sass literally radiates off of him. It’s glorious.

Secondly, the way he (and every other character on the entire show) loves Kira completely breaks my heart. It’s like every one has this innate need to love and protect this little girl, and I love watching the adults interact with her, particularly felix.

And lastly, one of the biggest things for me, is the way he protects Sarah, especially from Vic. He’s her younger, non-biological brother, and yet he (as I think most brothers- younger or older- do) needs to protect Sarah in whatever way he can, even when she’s being totally bitchy and cryptic.

I conclusion, I think Felix is the very definition of fabulous. And I do love corrupting the minds of the youth.