orphan crack

*Clark speaking at Bruce’s billionth funeral as Batman*

Clark: Batman was a loyal friend and fine hero

Dick: Great! He was a great hero

Clark: *pauses to sigh as the batkids snicker* a great hero-

Tim: and a brilliant fighter!

Damian: He was considered handsome!

Jason: More rugged I’d say

Cassandra: *shrugs* beauty, in the eye of the beholder

Clark: *turns to them, gritting teeth* May I continue Nightwing?

Dick: *nodding and kicking siblings to stop them giggling, and failing* yes, sorry Superman.




*literally the next day*

Bruce: How was my funeral?

Dick: Clark had some very nice things to say about you

Tim: Damian and Jason even shed a few tears!

Damian: Of laughter.

Tim: The sentiment was there

Bruce: I’m sorry to have missed it