come to think of it, rachel is very extra

like, imagine pretending to kidnap your clone’s daughter to get her on a plane, then actually kidnapping your clone’s daughter after dressing up as said clone and drugging her brother, shagging your clone’s ex, investigating your clone’s other ex, managing to get your father to kill himself watching old home videos, deporting your other clone’s girlfriend, getting a pencil in your eye after attempting to harvest your clone’s ovaries, faking a seizure at your clone’s mother’s house, putting another one of your clones into an induced coma so you can leave the country, telling your mother you’d rather die than have dinner with her, casually explaining to your baby clone she’s going to die of a horrible disease, destroying your nemesis’s career with your camera necklace, having your manservant tie your brother up to your bed so you can get on a helicopter, stabbing your mother and then bandaging her up out of spite and leaving her to rot in the basement where she locked you up, beating your clone, stabbing your clone, and shooting your clone

only to then casually clean the knife, put it back, don a cool suit and discuss how to use future clones as lab rats with a super shady secret board that has an immortal victorian scientist at its helm

i mean, extra

I know it’s chemicals that make me cling to you, cling to you….

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