it’s BI VISIBILITY DAY so let’s celebrate with some of the most badass bi women out there!

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*watching a well lit emotionally moving plot important scene in a show*

me: wow i could totally gif this

so there’s this awesome post here that suggests a live action kim possible movie with zendaya, tom holland, and jacob batalon like so…

and i was like daaaamn but then it go me thinking about everyon else especially our good ol favourite lesbian shego… which i concluded should be portrayed by kehlani and then her and zendaya can be super gay together

now if we have shego we’ll need drakken too so I’m thinking michael mando who plays vic the dick on orphan black and if you’ve never seen orphan black then clearly you’re not a lesbian and I can’t help you with that

now for kim’s parents dr. james t. possible and dr. ann possible i was thinking gay icon john mulaney and gugu mbatha-raw who plays bisexual kelly in san junipero and yes her parents are like 35 but you’re just going to have to deal with it

letitia wright as monique

bonnie will be lesbian jesus hayley kiyoko and her crew will be the other cheerleaders

and lastly rufus will be played by gina linetti’s shirt

lesbian culture is watching the same wlw kiss over and over again in different gifsets and reacting as if it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

Her on my mind and my heart

I just want to hold her, you know?

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Kiss her

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Love her

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Touch her

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Dream her

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Smell her

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At the end, It’s always her

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Every single time

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What a beautiful place, my heart, to keep safe someone as beautiful as you are for the end of time

Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black

Anonymous: Which character of yours do you resonate the most with on Orphan Black? The least?

Anonymous: How did you prepare to play so many different characters?

Imapieceofpopcorn: Do you ever practice winning an award in the mirror?

Human-and-angel-2: Do you really say what you wrote down as your acceptance speech?

That-one-weird-one: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, but only for an hour, where would you go?

ICYMI, you can catch the 70th Emmy Awards on
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