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Isn't it weird that gemma and oscar never met kira?

it isssss! i really really really wanna see them together ♥ and charlotte too!

can you imagine helena talking about kira with them though like helena tells them really nice things about her and they get super curious and wanna meet kira really bad or something aaaaa :’)

Writing and Editing Commissions

Hello, dearies! I know I’ve been away for quite some time. It’s good to be back. 

I am opening up story commissions, and offering to write fan fiction for Hannibal, Penny Dreadful, and Orphan Black as those are my primary fandoms. At the moment, I am not offering to do stories longer than 10k, but if the muse bites, I may negotiate as we go. I am open to doing AUs and crossovers as I thoroughly enjoy writing them. I love throwing beloved characters into new and strange, sometimes even unnerving situations and seeing how they react. How they evolve and surprise both writer and reader. I love writing anything that transcends and inspires. I generally write smut-free as my interests linger elsewhere, BUT, I do write sensual content (i.e. make-out scenes). Details of your story can be discussed and tailored accordingly. I take pride in my craft and therefore, put my heart and soul into every written creation.

What I will NOT write: Rape, non-con, incest, animal abuse, graphic suicide, domestic abuse/abuse in general, A/B/O, feminization, humiliation, porn without plot, porn with plot, plot with porn, graphic self-injury, and sexual violence.

My triggers include: Rape, abuse, graphic or generally detailed suicide and self-injury.

My favorite OTPs: Hannigram, Marlana, Ethanessa, Cophine.

Samples of my writing can be found on AO3 under the name of feveredsweetness.

Samples of my original work are not yet published.

Prices are as follows:

Drabbles consisting of 500 words: $5. Drabbles will be written on a weekly basis. I am offering to take up to 3-5 drabble requests per week. This request limit may change as I get into the flow of things.

$20 per 1,000 words. I am offering to take up to 2-4 of these per week, depending on the overall length of your story and the agreed upon deadline. (I’m new to the commissions world, so be gentle. Be nice. No rude partnerships will be accepted/ tolerated.)

* If you pay me $40, you will be getting a 2,000 word story, give or take 300 words each way.*

While story length is negotiable, pay is not. As any working professional, I take pride in my work. I give my work my heart, and therefore, will put in the allotted dedicated time and effort into making your story perfect for you. This being said, I will be rather strict on the word count in relation to the pay. Payments may have to be made upfront, and can be delivered via PayPal.

Each drabble and story will be posted on AO3, once completed, unless you wish for the piece to remain private. In that case, I can email you your story, or if you prefer another option, we will work something out.

Editing services are available upon request. I am offering to do mainly context and line edits/general edits. Standard rate: $20 per 2k (give or take 500 words each way).

Interested? You may contact me on here via chat or on Twitter @d0wninunderland. :) 


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