orphan work


This show has meant the world to me for the past five years. I’m so glad I’ve been a part of it from the beginning to the end. The Partisan, The Apothecary, The Huntress, The Matriarch, or The Martyr, the future will always be female. Farewell, Orphan Black.


i finished my book. it’s a story about my sestras. i call it orphan black. my story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end. but i will start with the thread of my sestra, sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself.

hey so i found out that not a bunch of people knew about this handy thing

but you can post anonymously on AO3!!! here’s how it works:

  • post it under this collection
  • everyone sees this work under “Anonymous” but you see your own work as “Anonymous [Your Username]”
  • the fic is STILL connected to your account, but nobody can trace it back to you + you still get comments in your inbox!
  • “is it like “Orphan”? 
  • nope! it’s not! the difference is when you Orphan a work, it’s no longer connected to your account and you can’t get alerts/comments.
  • “can I de-anon my work?”
  • yes you can! you can de-anon your work any time you want. all you have to do is remove your work from the anonymous collection!

if you are shy about posting, or scared of having a work connected back to your account, or even participating in an anon fest, this is PERFECT!


Delphine Cormier: a woman of her word


delphine cormier appreciation week: day three

favourite friendship

Its gonna take a bit of work
Oh oh work
Now that you’re here
Whoa oh work

Cause people come and go
But I think you should know
That I
I think this will work

It’s gonna take a little time
But with you by my side
I won’t let go
Till I got what’s mine

Cause people come and go
But you should know
That I, that I
I will take it slow


song playing while Cosima and Delphine are sitting on bed together S05E08 ‘Guillotines decide’ - Charlotte Day Wilson, Work

Just a moment to talk about season 5 Delphine wardrobe? Neutral light colors, loose comfy fabrics, like she’s finally at *home*. Then compare that to, say, season 3. Sharp defined lines, always professional, even after hours. She finally gets to just be…happy? She’s finally found her home.

It’s amazing that we have a president with no redeeming human qualities whatsoever. We’ve had some terrible presidents, but if you dig deep enough you could find some spark of humanity in them, some quality you might want your children to emulate. Hoover grew up as an orphan with a sterling work ethic. Nixon joined the navy in WW2, even though being a Quaker could have gotten him a draft deferment. Bush Jr. beat alcoholism. But there’s nothing in Trump’s being that is remotely admirable, he’s pure greed, stupidity, anger, bigotry and hatred.