orphan work


“When did ‘I’…”

“… become 'us?'”

[ orphan black fancast ]requested by hijadepavlov

mouna traoré as the clones | jade hassouné as felix dawkins

kevin hanchard as art bell | noma dumezweni as siobhan sadler | faithe herman as kira manning

kaitlyn leeb as delphine cormier | avan jogia as paul dierden | ennis esmer as donnie hendrix

kofi siriboe as the male clones


‘til I see it, I won’t believe it / say you love me, tell me you mean it /
‘til I see it, I won’t believe it / touch me so I know I’m not dreaming /
‘til I see it, I won’t believe it / spill your heart out, give me a reason /
‘til I see it, I won’t believe it / I won’t believe it, I won’t believe it /


The Project

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

Jack normally made sure the boys were on top of their homework. But Gavin was pretty forgetful and often his homework would sit in his backpack for days, totally neglected. 

Which is how he found himself with one day to go before he had to present a big science project.

“Come over here Buddy.” Geoff sighed, putting his drink away. “I’ll give you a hand.”

“No, you can’t!” Gavin protested, clutching the paper sheet to his chest defensively.

“Doesn’t it say you should get your guardian to help? Well, I’m your guardian, Kid.”

“Yeah, but…” Gavin trailed off awkwardly. 

“But what?” Geoff practically squawked.

“But it’s science. So I want Rye-Bread to help me.”

“… Ryan?”

“Yeah! Because he’s really smart…. And good and science and stuff, you know?” 

Geoff paused for a moment then relented, grabbing his phone in order to persuade Ryan to come over and help his little brother with his homework.

Class grown up au!!!
  • Okay so like grown up gang leading the next gen of mildly confused teenagers, because they can’t deal with the end of the world forever. 
  • Tanya working at Unit to clear up the ocrruption, but also sending the alien orphans to coal hill
  • Matteusz working as school councillor/ mentor for all the kids of the school. 
  • Super domesetic Marlie
  • Miss Quill sometimes forgetting Matteusz is technically staff now, and sometimes telling him off for being in the staff room. 
  • Matteusz being the best cook in the world and making dinner for crying kids tired of dealing with aliens. 
  • Three out of the six kids are from outer space
  • Charlie being the ultimate stay at home dad, who writes childrens books based on the nursery rhymes of Rhodia, and occasionally Quill nursery rhymes
  • Married Miss quill, whose lessons still don’t make sense but its rumoured that you can get out of detention if you compliment her wife- and the many pictures of her Quill has in her office. 
  • Tanya still being a genuine! Ray! of !sunshine! does her best to make unit clear up the mess. 
  • Leads her own unit squad, who are the least corrupt and problmatic unit squad ever depsite the fact shes the youngest person to ever be a commander in Unit, but probs the most qualified.
  • She may or may not have been adopted by martha 
  • April and Ram runnign a none for profit sports centre that helps disabled kids break the ‘glass ceiling of sport 
  • their defo not dating, most of the time
  • Ram running a charity and doing a degree like the smart Mf he is
  • April doing music and making a name for herself on the folk scene without her dad’s help.