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man francis you should totally write something..you can orphan works and make them anonymous so no one would know it was you

you dont understand im literally self conscious to the point that i start to have delusions im being watched. like its difficult for me to DRAW ship fanart in general sometimes, like sometimes i cant unless someone requests it so it feels like im allowed to. i dont know why i have this problem it is INCREDIBLY stupid but i have issues

hey so i found out that not a bunch of people knew about this handy thing

but you can post anonymously on AO3!!! here’s how it works:

  • post it under this collection
  • everyone sees this work under “Anonymous” but you see your own work as “Anonymous [Your Username]”
  • the fic is STILL connected to your account, but nobody can trace it back to you + you still get comments in your inbox!
  • “is it like “Orphan”? 
  • nope! it’s not! the difference is when you Orphan a work, it’s no longer connected to your account and you can’t get alerts/comments.
  • “can I de-anon my work?”
  • yes you can! you can de-anon your work any time you want. all you have to do is remove your work from the anonymous collection!

if you are shy about posting, or scared of having a work connected back to your account, or even participating in an anon fest, this is PERFECT!

Authors, I beg you. Orphan your work on AO3, don’t delete it. People still want to go back and read your fics, even if you’re out of the fandom or don’t want them to be associated with your name for whatever reason. 

Orphan, don’t delete! Please! 

Well… He there Tumblr :) i am kinda new here and I really want to find new friends or maybe soulmate (who knows maybe I will be lucky enough) who are as obsessed about Cophine as I am. Will be happy to talk about these wonderful puppies or discuss anything actually. So guys let’s chat! Will be happy to become an active part of orphan black Fandom. I desperately need to talk to people and to get to know other human beings all the time so if you are interested let’s be cophine trash or just friendly together

Ok, but why aren’t more people in on the “sombra is the little girl from the ‘Hero’ short” train??

It makes perfect sense, she’s been described as the biggest unrealiable narrator in the OW universe, so her age could be just a lie and she’s actually younger, after all, most of the information we know of her backstory is what she tells us in her origin video + her age but not her actual name, and since she’s an unreliable narrator she could… not be telling the whole truth??. 

She says she was orphaned but that could have happened after Hero, her mom died for some reason and she had to join Los Muertos to survive because of her abilities, she is from Dorado, where the short takes place like you just don’t have two characters be from the same place if there’s no relation between them?? She has a dialogue in-game with Soldier where she asks him “Why didn’t you save my home?” like that implies that she knows him and is bitter with him for some reason?? 

She has a mole that the girl didn’t have and purple eyes, but a) her eyes change colour in her skins so it’s probs just contacts, b) we know she got surgeries to get cybernetic augmentations, maybe she got her face altered so that the people she was hiding from wouldn’t recognise her?

When she’s in Dorado in-game, she says “back home, I should stop by the bakery” a bakery is what the GIRL’S MOM IN THE SHORT RAN. Also in her origin video she is shown offering a basket full of bread to some guy who’s computer she’s about to hack… Like she could be referring to another bakery sure, but that’s too much of a coincidence. Like, why put it in her dialogue if she has nothing to do with the girl of the short?? If she’s not that girl they’re sisters or something