orphan wolf au


Sterek Au- The Deputy and The Delinquent

Orphaned at a young age, now seventeen year old Stiles is getting himself mixed up in some seedy things. Enter Deputy Hale who hopes to pull this stupid kid, out of his downward spiral of self destruction. 

White text = Stiles

Yellow text = Derek + random drug dealer

AU’s are literally the best part of being in a fandom. Like your fandom could be simple and nice or something and someone creative can make it intense and make an AU set where everyone kills each other or it goes the other way around. Or the AU’s where two of your fandom’s collide in a gifset and it’s very splendid.


Freshman’s a pretty tough year and most kids in school assumed the pressure of High School forced the nerdy science girl to leave.  Little did they know that her leave of absence was caused by a major metamorphosis that her body was going through, puberty had hit and the wolf gene had sprung itself on Cosima Niehaus pretty hard causing her family to pull her out of school and take her to the mountains of Europe until she learned to control herself. Leaving wasn’t easy, Cosima didn’t make friends very well so having to get up and go without saying goodbye to her newly made buddies, Delphine and Scott was a heartbreaking thing for the fourteen year old girl.

However, just before Senior year kicked off, Cosima found herself lurking on the out-skirts of the town she used to call home.  Deciding she was ready to dissolve back into society, she headed back to her family home alone and prepared to return to high school.

It didn’t take long for her to realize some things, some people had changed since she left, just as much as it didn’t take them long to realize that she herself had changed.  

Dorky girl out, wolf girl in.