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Movie Remake: It Takes Two

Thirteen year old Baylor Gold has spent more time in boarding schools than his home.  Or homes, rather, since his father owns six properties.  When he comes home for summer break he’s surprised to learn that for the first time they’ll be spending their time at the property on Lake Nostos, the home where he parents lived when he was born and where his mother died.  He’s more surprised to discover that his papa is engaged to be married.

Thirteen year old Neal Cassidy has lived in six homes that he can remember.  Now living in a group home it feel like no one wants him.  No one, that is, except for his caseworker Belle French.  Belle would adopts him in a heartbeat except for the fact that her salary is barely enough to pay for a studio apartment after she pays for her student loans.  She can’t hope to get approved to be a foster parent let alone adopt the boy she’s fallen in love with.  At least they have the summer together at Camp Stiltskin, on the shores of lake Nostos.

When Bay and Neal meet by accident they’re shocked to find how much they look like each other.  A challenge to see if they can successfully trade places becomes something more when Bay needs help driving off his father’s fiancee, the conniving and obsessed Zelena, and Neal needs help to escape being adopted by Killian and Milah Butkis, who just want to use him as free labor.

They come up with a brilliant solution to their problem.  All they need to do is get Bay’s dad and Nea’s social worker to meet and fall in love.  Bay will get a stepmom that doesn’t want to ship him off to Tibet and Neal will get to have a family.

They’re perfect for each other.  How hard could it be?

truths we won’t tell | an orphan black fanfiction

cosima in shay’s bed, trying to forget. equal parts cosima/shay and cosima/delphine; set during s3e6. 1.1k. relatively explicit. warnings for discussion of death. [ao3]

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