orphan black cosplay

“That’s oddly romantic… and totally encouraging.”


emilogg and I finally had the chance to take some Cophine from orphanblack pictures that aren’t selfies! We really wanted to try and produce some pictures that are inspired by some of our favorite cophine scenes :) So of course we had to go for the window kiss first! It was a fun experience to change outfits three times, and have to set up the camera and lighting for three very different scenes haha! So I hope you guys like it, as well as the other ones! <3

One random day at 2am I said “I think I’ll dress up as the Clones from Orphan Black and take pictures!” and then I did. My eyes still hurt from taking off and re applying makeup but I think the end result is worth it! [all makeup/editing/pictures/ect by yours truly!]

I shot & edited this together yesterday because I was extremely bored but now I feel very sad. Yes, that’s me with me. 

The Orphan Black S3 finale has killed me tbh.