orphan black cosplay


How to make Scales 
(Homestuck: Peixes and Ampora family)

You need:
your skin prepared (fundation, cream, etc…)
Blush or eyeshadow of the color of the scales
2 brushes (not too small, I took those with a squared head)
Water based Bodypaint
FISHNET thights or Wig cap 
water spray

How to proceed:

Put on the blush with a brush. It has to be quite light beause if it’s too pronounced the scales won’t stand out enough.
Put your head into the fishnet tights or wig cap.
Spray your bodypaint and use the second brush to take the color and tap it on your skin. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’ll look more natural if it’s shaded…
Wait a few seconds until the paint is dry and remove fast the fishnet tight or wig cap.
It’s done 38D
you can use hairspray to fix the make up :3
Have fun and brush your teeth ♥

One random day at 2am I said “I think I’ll dress up as the Clones from Orphan Black and take pictures!” and then I did. My eyes still hurt from taking off and re applying makeup but I think the end result is worth it! [all makeup/editing/pictures/ect by yours truly!]

I shot & edited this together yesterday because I was extremely bored but now I feel very sad. Yes, that’s me with me. 

The Orphan Black S3 finale has killed me tbh.