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“That’s oddly romantic… and totally encouraging.”


emilogg and I finally had the chance to take some Cophine from orphanblack pictures that aren’t selfies! We really wanted to try and produce some pictures that are inspired by some of our favorite cophine scenes :) So of course we had to go for the window kiss first! It was a fun experience to change outfits three times, and have to set up the camera and lighting for three very different scenes haha! So I hope you guys like it, as well as the other ones! <3


At this point, there’s nothing left unsaid about the impact a small show about clones had on its fans.

For me, three things truly stood out from my experience with @orphanblack—among its riveting storytelling, amazing actors and talented writers and crew.

First, let’s take things back to the end of my quest for my Bachelor’s degree.  While in the midst of all this, I began watching OB on the recommendation of a Tumblr friend. I gravitated towards the show because I recognized the immense amount of time and energy it took to give each clone life. Tatiana, while amazing at her craft, couldn’t have done it without her scene partners, including her clone double, Kathryn Alexandre. She couldn’t have done it without the Technodolly, the tennis ball stand-ins, the gaffers, the set dressers, the make-up team, the wardrobe department, the directors, the writers, the producers, the editors. It was a constant flow of giving selflessly to reach an end product that was respected and admired by the fans. It was a lesson to revere in my own career as a funeral director. OB pushed me in the direction that my life was meant to take—to help dedicate my time and attention to families in need. I’ve since earned my license and I’m proud to say it all started with a little push from the show.

Second, I would be remise if I didn’t mention my time in Clone Club. I’ve met so many people, so different from me in several ways. The great thing about the show is that it’s a gateway to having open, honest dialogues with others, whether it begins with who your favorite character is, or what your favorite scene may be. It’s crazy to thing how simple conversations led to friendships across the globe—one that won’t end after the show does, that’s for damn sure. It’s truly special, this group of misfits who were looking for a home. No matter how far away we all live from one another, we always will always be a family.

Lastly, seeing a positive representation of myself in Cosima’s sexuality was great, but the introduction of Tony Sawicki changed the way I thought about my own gender identity. I decided to cosplay him for my very first Clone Club interaction, complete with goatee. After I’d completed the transformation, I took one look in that mirror and startled myself at how comfortable I felt in the embodiment of his skin.  It shifted my views on what being masculine and feminine meant. That perhaps there wasn’t always a black and white, clear cut idea of what gender is. I’m still exploring this part of myself, but I thank OB for opening that door for me.

I’ll be grieving for a long while after the finale airs, but I know I won’t be alone. I think it’s safe to say this was more than just a show for so many of us. It gave us hope and ambition and a place to be ourselves. It showed us that we are complex creatures that can defy the odds and re-write our own history.

I feel honored to have shared this masterpiece of television with all of you.

Conventions don’t happen as often as I’d like here, and this year I’ll be missing my fave because one of my faves is on the other side of the globe. So tbt Fan Expo TO a couple years ago where we were very sleepy “amies de DYAD.”



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