Sam's first Easter

(If you’re new to my blog and unfamiliar with my nephew Sam’s story, or you’d like more information on his condition, check out my sister’s blog. She updates regularly.)

Sam is a happy-go-lucky, busy busy busy little fella. During the time our family spent together on Saturday and Sunday, the only time I saw him sit still was to eat. (Oh how he loves to eat! haha)

I briefly stuck my hat on him before the egg hunt on Saturday - look at this cute li'l Newsie! ;)

He was a little ticked off about the egg hunt at first, because all he wanted to do was ride his tricycle but we were all insisting that he gather these stupid colorful plastic things. ;) But eventually he got the idea and humored us for a little while.

On Saturday, he got into doing Ring Around the Rosie with me and we did it over and over and over….and he remembered it on Sunday too so we did it some more.

(This explains my sore quads this morning. hehe) At first he would just bend over with this bottom in the air, but I would repeat “all fall DOWN!” and he would smile at me, giggle and get all the way down.

He is just a hilarious little guy with a huge personality! And it was also neat to see his cousins interacting so nicely with him. He’s definitely part of the family, no questions asked. :)


Important birb imforms! Bebe birb orpans need help, hoomins can knit-make birb nests to keep bebe birbs warms!

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clone club dance party- the making [2x10]