More fox cubs!
Orphan season is well and truly underway and recently we got a call to collect 6 tiny fox cubs from a local vet practice. They had been orphaned after a builder accidentally removed them from their den and, sadly, could not be reunited with their mum.
They were rushed back to the centre but luckily were not injured. After being cared for overnight, three of the cubs (and our two older cubs) were collected by Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue to provide companionship for lone cubs, and thee will remain under our care until they are old enough for release!
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If you want to help us help them, please donate. Texting WILD5 to 70300 will give us the £5 needed to give these tiny creatures a feed.


Important birb imforms! Bebe birb orpans need help, hoomins can knit-make birb nests to keep bebe birbs warms!

See howa hoomins knit-make nests to help: http://www.wildcarebayarea.org/site/PageServer?pagename=babybirdnest_homepage

Observe the NEAT FAC at birb orphanag!  These bab get a snacks aLL DAY n now a yell from FABRIC HOME!  


clone club dance party- the making [2x10]