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"Daddy?" the small blond boy with evergreen eyes mumbled, tugging into his daddy's sleeve. "W-why does father spend so much time at the lab? Doesn't h-he likes us?" he whispered, staring at his father with teary eyes. Eyes, that were normally filled with happiness and love for bright things.

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      He gazes down, spotting his young child, meeting his eyes with a small kind smile. He crouches down to get down to eye-level with the green eyed child. —“What? Of course he does, he loves us more than anything, yeah?” his smile curved downward just a bit at the sight of the tear-filled eyes. He uses his sleeve to wipe away at his son’s eyes. 

—“Your father’s hard at work in the lab, he does a lot of important and incredible things, it takes time to get it right.” with that he embraces the boy in a warm parental hug. 

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OroDei in "We were cuddling and having a great time but suddenly we heard our neighbors having sex and this is awkward"

Send me a pairing (romantic, platonic, etc.) and an AU OR simply a situation. I’ll write a three or four sentence thing for it.

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The evening had been picture-perfect so far, Orochimaru and himself decided to have a movie night date at home so they picked out a movie and cuddled up on the couch. This time, Deidara was the one laying and cuddling up in oro’s side, enjoying the warmth provided by the blanket draped across their laps. 

“Hm?” the snake hummed in curiosity, causing Deidara to glance up. “what’s up, yeah?” just as the blond spoke he heard what he assumed Orochimaru heard as well. The neighbors next door were getting frisky and not trying to keep quiet about it either. Suddenly, the atmosphere took a turn for awkward as they both tried to ignore it, but to no avail. “Well damn, is it the end of the world or something? why do they gotta be so obvious about it, hm?” 

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“Be still”

Send “Be still” for my muse’s reaction to yours trailing a hand up their thigh and shirt. 

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—“O-Oro…” A light blush crept on the blond’s face as he felt the light trail of nimble fingertips along his thigh. The artist was actually pretty sensitive to the lightest physical contact, in much contrast to his heavy sleeping trait probably due to impaired hearing from explosions. 

—Dei instinctively rested his hand on the other’s shoulder, a shiver traveling down his spine as he leaned his head back just a bit, becoming clay in the other’s hands.

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    Whilst taking a walk with Oro, hand in hand around the area as it was just getting dark, the blond glanced up to the male. The orange rays from the setting sun cast a stunning light on his porcelain skin and ink black hair. Without thinking much about it, Deidara stopped walking and turned to face the serpent. Inching up on his toes to reach the other he used his free hand to rest on his cheek before placing a chaste kiss on the other’s lips.