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        The Three Sovereigns, as stated in Sima Qian’s “Records of the Grand Historian”

                                            HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN | FU XI

                                            EARTHLY SOVEREIGN |  NÜWA

                                            HUMAN SOVEREIGN | SHENNONG

existential-complaining  asked:

Because the topic is so hot, which of the characters from Fates would be most likely to, and I quote, "Walk their ho ass into the dining room, looking like a medieval stripper?"

OMG WHYYYYYY okay tho here’s the top ten 10 being least likely and 1 being most
- Mod Sakura, resident medieval stripper


10. Shigure

9. Layla

8. Ophelia

7. Odin

6. Laslow

5. Soleil like grandmother like granddaughter

4. Orochi

3. Charlotte

2. Camilla

1. Niles. You all saw this coming.