Alam niyo ba yung paniniwala ng mga Pilipino pagdating pagdidisenyo ng baytang ng mga hagdanan?

Naka-base ito sa mga katagang “Oro”, “Plata”, at “Mata”.

Ang Oro ay Ginto, ang Plata ay Pilak, at ang Mata ay kamatayan (root word siguro ng kamatayan ang Mata).

Ayon sa matatandang paniniwala, dapat ang bawat baytang ng hagdanan ay nagsisimula sa Oro, at nagtatapos sa Oro. Malas kapag sa Mata nagtatapos. Parang eenie-meenie-moinee-mo lang kumbaga.

There are guidelines, too, governing the number of steps in one’s stairs. Starting with the first landing, count the steps using the words oro (gold), plata (silver), and mata (death). The perfect last step should be oro. Ending up plata is not too bad either but, understandably, do not ever end up with mata. This ruling is strictly observed especially if it involves the first steps going into the house. If your home has a slight elevation, choose four steps but never three.

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Hirit: Dahil sa pag-unlad ng kaalaman, nagbago na ang lumang paniniwala.

Kapag maitim ang may-ari ng bahay at gusto nilang magpaputi, ganito na ang pattern: Oro, Plata, Gluta

Kapag madalas bahain ang bahay: Oro, Plata, Bota

Kapag may coconut business ang may-ari ng bahay: Oro, Plata, Gata

Yung mahilig sa canned goods: Oro, Plata, Lata

So on, and so forth, fifth, and sixth.

Oro, Plata, Mata (1982)

starring Sandy Andolong, Cherie Gil, Joel Torre, Liza Lorena and Ronnie Lazaro

Hailed as one of the most important Philippine films in the 1980s, Oro Plata Mata serves as an almost exact portrayal of the continuing collapse of the social order in our country. 

The lavish lifestyles of the Ojedas and the Lorenzos are driven to a halt with the fall of Corregidor. They are forced to live in the Negros jungles, but safety isn’t what they will encounter as fellow Filipinos take advantage of the chaos, pitting one against the other.

A microcosm of our country, Peque Gallaga and Joey Reyes carefully recapture the Pinoy every-man-for-himself ideology in times of trouble, unabling one to pick a side between the protagonists and the villains.

An utter revelation in itself. 

RATING: 8/10


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Oro, Plata, Mata (1982) by Peque Gallaga