How to win edh

Turn one expedition misty rainforest
Tutor expedition steam vents
Take 2 and tap to play masterpiece sol ring
Tap for masterpiece lightning greaves
Drop masterpiece ornithopter
Equip greaves
Swing out

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I was wondering if you've had a chance to listen to Max Richter's latest ("Music from Woolf Works) and if so, whether you have any thoughts to share. I enjoyed your review of "From Sleep" so much and imagine this one is right up your alley!

I think this particular alley was created especially for me. Woolf + Richter? There are few finer things, I should think. At this point, I believe that my hypnagogic soundscapes are exclusively those of Richter’s, reverential and all-consuming.

“Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works” is yet another voyage into the orchestral paradise of Richter’s compositions - stirring, impassioned, and entirely, blissfully, melancholy. Is it any wonder he was commissioned for this particular work? Woolf’s writings, in turn, with all their splendid sense of impressionism, rhythm, colour, and flow, have always intuited a strong affinity with physical and aural art.

Each novel – Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando, and The Waves – as represented in the work possesses its own unique musical identity. Mrs. Dalloway is elegiac and ruminative, Orlando is whimsical and dexterous, and The Waves is haunting and fatalistic. Seeing the production on stage illuminates each of the works with blinding light – the muted hues and existential anguish of postwar London; the acrobatic and mellifluous frenzy of the traversing of ages; the monochromatic passage of life and light to the ultimate, inexorable darkness. The entire production is a beautifully realised narrative metamorphosis, from the written word to the physical form to the quiver of a viola string. An ode to the deliberate act of creation and artistic permanence, as presaged by Woolf’s own voice in the introduction: “How can we combine the old words in new orders so that they survive, so that they create beauty, so that they tell the truth?”

Tracks to hear again and again:

  • Transformation (the sound of wings in flight, as of da Vinci’s ornithopter)
  • War Anthem (WWI elegies à la cello concerti are my eternal weakness)
  • Meeting Again (classic Richter: weeping cello with melancholy piano)
  • Tuesday (the sound of waves, and Gillian Anderson reciting Woolf’s suicide letter to Leonard, a 20-minute elegy to Woolf herself; a lone soprano floats over sweeping strings, then taken over by solo violin, strings become more urgent, rushing like the crashing tide to an ascending climax as one can envision Woolf walking into the river with stones in her pockets – and then, all at once, silence, duetting violin and clarinet, weaving in and out of each other’s melodies over the crashing waves)

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So, who actually created the creature type "Thopter"? 'cause etymologically, it makes no sense and that irks me to no end xD For the records, Ornithopter means "bird wings" from the Greek words Ornitho (as in ornithology) and Ptera (as in Pterodactyl). So using "Thopter" is not cutting the word in the right place.

Language grows up in ways we can’t always control. Literally now can mean “figuratively”.

Noble Attack Foiled, Missing Doctor Spotted

By Risri Elthron

The Special Investigations Unit is seeking information or witnesses to an attack in Elwynn Forest on Tuesday, May 16th. In a suspiciously timed assault, almost within the same hours as Lady Addington and Lord Blackfyre were separately attacked and kidnapped, another attack was attempted on a noblewoman traveling to a wedding in Stormwind.

Lady Raschel, a distant cousin to King Anduin, was traveling with her grandmother and two members of the Church of the Light-Anchorite Kha’tal and a Sayyadina Farrah. In addition, three guards traveled as protection for the young Lady. The assault was carried out via a winged ornithopter. The guards shot down the vehicle leaving the pilot dead and the co-pilot severely injured leading to their subsequent death, the third member of the attackers escaped after parachuting to safety, though not without injury.

Investigators are looking into former Lordearon citizens turned criminals as the parachutes used by the attackers had seals indicating connections to the lost kingdom. The three guards are also sought by investigators as it was revealed during the course of the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother that the three guards may be the missing Lord Doctor Wellson and persons of interests in his case.

Doctor Wellson has been missing since late last year. The two other guards are suspected to be two individuals the Special Investigations Unit has been searching for in connection with Doctor Wellson’s disappearance. A Miss Dove and a Miss Quai Mason, who was thought deceased, were identified by an anonymous source after the interviews with Lady Raschel and her grandmother. All three are now being sought in regards to the attempted attack on Lady Raschel as well as for the escape of Miss Dove from her Abjuration in January this year.

Special Investigations Unit requests any information leading to the finding of the remaining attacker or to the discovery of Doctor Wellson and his compatriots to be sent directly to their office in Stormwind care of Major Glenice Morcant.

The Royal Courier will continue to track this case.

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A Trip to the Zoo

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: What about a Bucky one with “No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”

A/N: AH sorry for taking so long!  Was a little blocked and also super busy, but I really like how this one turned out.  I wrote this prompt on my other blog, so I wanted to make sure I approached it in a different way.  Hope you like it!  And tagging the lovely @pleasecallmecaptain as usual.  


“Bucky, you know you’re my favorite Avenger, right?”

“What do you want, (Y/N)?”

“A favor?”  Bucky looks up expectantly from the newspaper.

“Yeah?” he says, his voice annoyed, but you can see the smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“So you remember my niece Lizzie?” you ask.

“If it has to do with Lizzie, it’s not a favor,” he says.  “What do you want me to do?  Is it her birthday?  Do you want me to write her a card?  I could adopt her if something-”

“Whoa,” you say, slightly confused.  “I didn’t think you remembered Lizzie that well.”

“Well, I only met her for about twenty minutes,” Bucky says.  “But in that time, we had a tea party, rescued the stuffed animals from an alien invasion and painted my nails.  Green, because that’s her favorite color.”

“Hold on,” you smile.  “You met Lizzie for twenty minutes.  And you’re ready to adopt her?”  You can’t help but think that someday he’d make a great father.

“She’s great,” he says simply, shrugging.

“Well, she’s staying with me for the weekend while my sister and her husband go on a much-needed vacation,” you explain.

“Can I help watch her?” Bucky asks and you grin.

“Guess I don’t even need to ask,” you say.

“I told you, when it comes to Lizzie, it’s not a favor.  It’s a pleasure.”



Lizzie charges into the room, launching herself into Bucky’s arms.  He scoops her up and pulls her into a hug, spinning her around as she giggle maniacally.

“I’m getting dizzy,” she shrieks and he puts her down.  She turns to look at you and grins.  “Aunty (Y/N)’s turn now!”

“I don’t think-”

Bucky picks you up and spins you around, to Lizzie’s delighted whoops.  He puts you down, but doesn’t move away, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“So, what do you want to do today, Lizzie?” he asks.

“Can we go to the zoo?” Lizzie says.  Bucky turns to look at you.

“Aunty (Y/N)?” he says questioningly.

“Of course!” you say.  “Anything for my favorite little monkey!”


“Is Uncle Bucky your boyfriend?”  You choke on your water, and look down at Lizzie, who’s smile is a little bit too wide to be completely innocent.  You glance anxiously over at Bucky, who’s luckily in line for tickets, too far away to hear Lizzie.

“No,” you say quickly.  “Why did you think that?”

“Well, he picked you up,” Lizzie says.

“He picked you up too,” you reply.  “Are you his girlfriend?”

“No, silly,” she says.  “But I can tell you guys like each other.”

“You’re the silly one, monkey,” you reply. 

“He’s really pretty,” Lizzie says, matter-of-factly. 

“I can’t deny that,” you say.  “He is very handsome.”

“So where to?” Bucky asks, as he walks up.  Lizzie grabs his hand and yours and starts pulling you both toward the entrance.

“Slow down,” you laugh.  “The animals aren’t going anywhere.”

You reach the entrance, where a sweet old lady is scanning tickets.  Lizzie takes the tickets from Bucky and marches up to the old lady, offering the tickets to her.

“Hello sweetie,” the old lady smiles gently, taking the tickets and examining them.

“Hello!” Lizzie says.  “How are you?”

“Good, thank you for asking,” the lady says.  “What are you going to see today?  I hear the butterfly house is quite beautiful.”

“Yes,” Lizzie says.  “I can’t wait to see them.  The most commonly recognized butterfly is the monarch, or Danaus plexippus, but my favorite one is Papilla ulysses, or the Ulysses butterfly.  Which one is your favorite?”  The old lady smiles in amazement and hands the tickets back to Lizzie.

“They’re all very pretty,” she says.  “Have a nice day!”  Lizzie passes through the turnstile, Bucky quick to follow.  The old lady smiles at you.  “Your daughter sure is something.”

“Oh-” you start to correct her, but something in you makes you shrug.  “Thank you.”


“What’s that one?” 

Eurytides marcellus,” Lizzie says breathlessly.

“And that one?”

Ornithopters goliath.”

“Wow,” Bucky chuckles.  “You know all of them, don’t you?”

“Did you know that that butterfly species is the second-largest in the world?” Lizzie offers, staring around her in a look of awe.

“I do now,” Bucky says.  

“Aunty (Y/N), which one do you think is the prettiest?” Lizzie asks, coming up beside you and taking your hand.

“Um…”  You look around and spot a bright blue butterfly.  “I like that one.”  

“Where?” Lizzie says, craning her neck.  You scoop her up into your arms and point in the direction of the butterfly you’ve picked.  “Oh, Morpho menelaus, good choice.  What about you, Uncle Bucky?”

“The prettiest one in here?” he asks and Lizzie nods her head.  “Well, that’d have to be Aunty (Y/N).”  You can feel the blood rush to your cheeks as you lock eyes with Bucky.

“I thought you said he wasn’t your boyfriend, Aunty,” Lizzie says, turning to look at you with confusion in her eyes.

“He’s not,” you say quietly.

“That sounds like something a boyfriend would say,” Lizzie says and you shake your head.

“How about some ice cream?”


“Two chocolates and one strawberry!”

Lizzie jumps up and runs to the counter, grabbing your ice cream and bringing it back to the table.

“Here you go,” she says, passing you and Bucky the chocolate ones and digging into her strawberry.  You scoop up a spoonful and put it into your mouth.  You savor the rich chocolate flavor, letting out a low hum of approval.

You hear Bucky choke and scoot his chair in closer to the table, putting his cup down with a loud thud.

“Are you okay, Uncle Bucky?” Lizzie asks, cocking her head.

“Lizzie, can you get Uncle Bucky a cup of water?” you ask.  Lizzie nods and darts up from the table.  “Bucky, are you okay?”

“Fine,” he says.

“What’s-”  You accidentally glance down and your eyes widen.  Bucky looks at you and you see a blush rise up in his cheeks.  You raise an eyebrow at him in question.

“No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened!” he says, and you have to bite your lip to keep from laughing.  “It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!”

“Here you go, Uncle!”  The two of you look up to find Lizzie returned with a large cup of water.  Bucky takes it from her gratefully and gulps it down.

“Thank you, Lizzie,” he smiles.  “That was perfect.”

“Yeah,” you smirk.  “Uncle Bucky needed that to cool himself down a bit.”  Bucky shoots daggers at you and you smile sweetly back at him.


You’re on the car ride home, Lizzie fast asleep in the back seat.  You drive in silence, just as tired from your day out as Lizzie.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Bucky says, and you could swear you see his hands clench the steering wheel a little tighter.  “I’m not-”

“Bucky, it’s fine,” you say reassuringly.  Bucky glances over at you and you can see his body unclench, as if he had been tense.  “Although I think you admitted to being attracted to me,” you tease.  The blush from earlier’s back.

He’s quiet now, and you know that if it’s up to him, he’ll remain quiet for the rest of the car ride home.  

“So, do you want to go out, sometime?” you ask.  Bucky’s eyes widen.  “I mean, I know we got out all the time, but like…on a date?”

“Did you…are you…are you serious?” Bucky asks.

“Of course,” you smile.  “I mean, we don’t have to go out if you don’t want to, I just thought-”

“Yes,” Bucky says, cutting you off.  “I’d like that.”

“Okay,” you grin.  Your eyes meet Bucky’s and you can’t help but feel a sense of completely, giddy happiness.  

“I look forward to it,” he says, and you see a little smile grace his lips as he turns his attention back to the road.

“Just as long as we don’t go to an ice cream shop,” you joke and even though he lets out a sigh of annoyance, you can’t help but see the way his smile widens, the way his eyes crinkle up adorably, the way his face softens.  

“I told you so,” Lizzie mumbles from her carseat, before drifting back to sleep.

You Want Izzet? We Got Izzet!

The news is in folks! Blue/Red is broken in half. Izzet lists have won GP San Diego and taken second at the Pro Tour, and we’re bringing you budget versions of each!

Creatures (19)
4x Chief of the Foundry
4x Ornithopter
4x Phyrexian Revoker
3x Thopter Engineer
4x Whirler Rogue

Non-Creature Spells (19)
4x Ensoul Artifact
4x Ghostfire Blade
4x Shrapnel Blast
3x Springleaf Drum
4x Stubborn Denial

Lands (22)
4x Darksteel Citadel
3x Foundry of the Consuls
7x Island
4x Mountain
4x Swiftwater Cliffs

First up is Artifacts/Affinity/Scissors that took second at the PT! A synergistic aggro deck, this is looking to drop your opponent from 20 to 0 ASAP. Plan A is to Ensoul up a cheap artifact, be it Ornithopter, Drum, Blade, or Citadel, and beat down, finishing off the opponent with Shrapnel Blast. Plan B is the use your token producers with a Chief of the Foundry to create a deadly flying armada, and play the slightly longer game.

The only thing we lose to budget is Hangerback Walker, which makes our long game a bit worse, but instead we play more token producers and can swarm the board a little bit faster.

Creatures (4)
4x Humble Defector

Non-Creature Spells (29)
4x Anger of the Gods
4x Magmatic Insight
3x Monastery Siege
2x Roast
2x Send to Sleep
4x Sphinx’s Tutelage
4x Tormenting Voice
4x Treasure Cruise
2x Whelming Wave

Lands (27)
7x Island
4x Swiftwater Cliffs
8x Mountain
4x Mystic Monastery
4x Radiant Fountain

Our second deck, fresh off of a GP win, attacks the opponent in a totally different way but is just as fast out of the gates. The entire deck is built to abuse Sphinx’s Tutelage. Once you have the enchantment in play, your goal is to simply draw cards until your opponent drops dead. Red draw spells are cheap and help you filter through your deck to find a Tutelage, and Treasure Cruise’s raw power helps you put the game away. Cards like Anger and Roast keep the board clear so that you can keep on millin’.

The real version of this deck runs 4 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, but he costs 25 bucks right now! We’ve replaced with him a playset of Humble Defector’s. They cost the same, and can draw you a lot of cards. The deck is fast enough that you’re quite happy to get the Defector back and to keep on drawing.

Both of these Izzet builds are quite explosive, and we hope you enjoy crushing your opponent in the name of science!


Ornithopter and creator George R. White at St. Augustine, FL 1927

White is in his foot-propelled, wing-flapping, motorless ornithopter which weighs 118 pounds, is 8 feet in length, and has a wing span of 29.5 feet. It crashed on this test flight, but was later improved

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Hello the other day I thought what would happen if Cardia turned into a toddler and how the boys would react and what would they do?

This is an incredibly unique headcanon, haha! I can definitely do it, though. It’ll be called Code: Realize Characters React to Cardia Turning into a Toddler. What a cute idea! ^_^

As always, please let us know if there’s anything else you wanted with this. Have a great day, and you’re great! –Mod S

Cardia: As for Cardia turning into a toddler and how that happened, I think there is a simple explanation. Victor, experimenting with alchemy, told Cardia he believed he finally found a solution to mitigate her poison. She took it, and it shrunk both her body and her mind. She literally became 4 years old. Regardless of the events pertaining to each guy, when Cardia turns back to her normal self, she forgets everything that happened while she was a toddler. In regards to some basic reactions, Lupin and Van and Victor would be the most concerned, with Van being the angriest. Impey and Saint G would have fun with what happened and enjoy Little Cardia. 

Arsène Lupin: Lupin’s shocked to the point of speechlessness at first. He never thought something so crazy would happen while trying to help Cardia. Once he’s focused, Lupin tells Victor to start working on an antidote ASAP while he gets the rest of the guys to help poison-proof a place for Little Cardia to play. Little Cardia ends up having a crush on Lupin and tries to bring him flowers from Saint G’s courtyard, but they melt in her hands and it makes her cry. When Lupin finds out, he can’t help but laugh and blush. Lupin plays with Little Cardia until Victor’s medicine is ready; in that time, Little Cardia wants Lupin and everyone to play house with her; Lupin is the dad, Cardia the mom, and everyone else ends up being their children. Lupin thinks is absolutely appropriate and fun, and calls Cardia “my cute little wife”, which she loves. They play until Victor brings the cure. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van gets irritated at Victor, tells him he should have found a better way to test the solution before giving it to Cardia. Little Cardia herself is a bit scared of Van Helsing because of his booming voice and his grumpy expression. She hides behind Lupin and Victor and tells them that Van is a “scary nightmare man”, and everyone can’t help but chuckle. Van walks off like he doesn’t care, but really he wants to find a way to show Little Cardia he’s not scary. While she’s a toddler, Van goes and buys her a doll and asks Victor to poison proof it quick. Van quietly walks up to Cardia and gives her the doll, which she takes hesitantly. Van speaks in a soft voice and says he’s sorry that he scared her. Cardia smiles and says he’s not as bad as she thought and sits in his lap while playing with the doll. Van stays with Cardia, smiling the entire time, until Victor’s medicine is finished.

Impey Barbicane: Impey immediately thinks Little Cardia is cute and tries to play with her. Lupin smacks Impey for being too eager, Impey yelps in pain, and it makes Little Cardia laugh so hard that she falls on the floor laughing. Afterward, she tells Impey that he’s funny and asks him to play with her. Impey accepts without hesitation. He puts Little Cardia on his shoulders and carries her around everywhere and answers all the simple questions that she has. He re-shows Little Cardia his workshop and the Ornithopter, and she asks if they can fly in it. Impey takes Little Cardia up pretty high; she gets nervous at first, but Impey lets Little Cardia sit in his lap and help him steer. Anytime Impey says she’s cute or how much he likes the toddler Cardia, she says he’s funny but still really weird. Little Cardia falls asleep after all the fun, and Impey sits beside her, patting her head, until Victor’s medicine is ready.

Victor Frankenstein: Victor feels terrible for causing Cardia to turn into a toddler, so he picks her up and promises everyone he’ll find a way to turn her back to normal. Little Cardia takes a liking to Victor and doesn’t dislike him picking her up. When he sits her down, he tells her to be good and not to touch anything in his lab. Little Cardia asks if Victor is her dad, and Victor sheepishly, yet awkwardly says no. Cardia bombards Victor with questions about what is in his lab, which leads to her asking more questions. Eventually, Victor tells Cardia that he is quite busy and needs her to be a good girl. But Little Cardia says she “can’t because she has no toys but him” which makes Victor twitch nervously. He quickly poison proofs a little toy horse on wheels and gives it to her. Little Cardia happily accepts and says if it’s from him, she’ll treasure it forever. Victor keeps a wide smile on his face and works until his medicine is done.

Saint Germain:Saint G, like Impey, thinks seeing Cardia as a toddler is quite cute, but he reminds Victor that he should be working as hard as he can to turn Cardia back. Little Cardia looks at Saint G and asks him if he is “an angel from the sky”; Saint G laughs, happy to hear any kind of praise from any form of Cardia, and asks her to wait for a bit. He quickly purchases three stuffed animals, has Victor poison-proof them, and he invites Cardia to his study. He uses her poison-proof dinnerware to play tea-party with her, and they pretend to gossip about the other stuffed animal members. Little Cardia then asks Saint G if she can be a princess in their game, which he absolutely says yes too. Little Cardia gets shy anytime Saint G calls her Princess Cardia. After their game, Cardia naps with all of the stuffed toys around, including Saint G. He waits with her until Victor comes in with the medicine.