Paleoart returns with a portrait of basal ceratopsian Archaeoceratops oshimai which lived in the early Cretaceous of northern central China. I decided to give it in a semi-erect pose like it’s looking at something very far, alert.

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

Massive Dinosaur family shake-up

A new theory has been proposed for the phylogenetic relationship of dinosaurs. Theropods and Sauropodomorphs are no longer part of saurischia. Now, theropods have joined Ornithischians to form the new clade “Ornithoscelida”. Sauropodomorphs and Herrerasaurids form a different clade and all common traits are interpreted as convergent evolution.

Here’s the link to the original paper: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v543/n7646/full/nature21700.html

To be brutally honest, I am not convinced and I give less than a month for the thoery to be magestically debunked, probably by italian theropod specialist Andrea Cau.

Yes, even in the palaeosphere, change is hard to accept.

What is your opinion on the matter, paleoblr ?