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Old Friend

We need something to counteract the angst that @radioactivedelorean posted earlier for @a-million-chromatic-dreams‘, @witete‘s, and our Brain Trauma AU. So, more of the good ending! Follows after “Intervention” and “Reunion.”

I think you guys can guess what’s going on here, from the title.

Stan, Dipper, and Mabel watched from the hearth as Jheselbraum stood over a sleeping Ford, her hands glowing a gentle pink as they hovered over his head. The language she was chanting in didn’t sound like anything human, but Dipper wasn’t about to interrupt and ask Jhessie what it was she was saying.

Stan held up a hand and started counting down with his fingers, making a loose fist when Jhessie stopped counting and pulled her hands back as the glow faded.

“That still looks like magic to me,” Mabel said.

“I suppose that it does,” Jhessie admitted, looking over at them. “However, it is a science somewhere in the multiverse, and as it is a science of the mind, I find it the best to use to assist in Ford’s recovery.”

Ford snorted in his sleep, then opened his eyes lazily, like a cat that was in a comfortable position and didn’t want to be moved. Jhessie looked down at him with amusement and patted him on the head.

“Move or don’t move, the decision is yours,” she said lightly.

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Request for Proposals (Coldflash)

Fic: Request for Proposals (Ao3 Link)
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, DC Comics
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, background other pairings

Summary:  In a world where marriage is an extensively negotiated contractual arrangement, getting Leonard Snart hitched is nothing less than a monumental task.

And Mick Rory’s the sucker whose job is to find his best friend just the right spouse.

A/N: Born from the desire to write a coldflash fic entirely from Mick’s POV.


There’s nothing special about the day Len decides to ruin a year of Mick’s life.

Mick’s working on their motorcycles, incorporating some of the stuff he picked up from his heat gun into the design to see if it’ll work – it probably won’t, but if it does, it’ll be explosive, and Mick is into that. Len is lounging on the couch.

There’s always a couch in Mick’s workshop regardless of whether they’re in a warehouse or a real house or a garage, specifically because if Mick doesn’t put out a place for Len to lounge, Len will drape himself over anything that resembles a place to sit - cars (that Mick is working on), engines (that Mick is working on), Mick (hey!) - and Mick has learned it’s best to give in to Len’s whims up front.

Being Leonard Snart’s partner and best friend is not unlike being the owner of a very large, very ornery cat, Mick reflects. But only if that cat had the brain of Moriarty combined with the excitability of a Chihuahua and the attention span of a goldfish.

And, let him not forget, an unerring homing beacon for trouble.

Len has been rather quiet today, alternating between browsing magazines and daydreaming. Mostly daydreaming.

Mick should’ve known he was in for trouble - and he had! Len is always trouble, but none more so than when he has time to think about it.

Mick just underestimated how much trouble.

“Mick,” Len says, staring at the ceiling.

“Yeah?” Mick asks, only about half of his attention on Len, the rest on the tricky adjustment he’s making.

“I wanna get married.”

Mick drops the screwdriver.

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Mick Rory and a cat named Toast

This is what happened when I started headcanoning Mick as reluctant cat person.

They’re doing recon on a mission and Mick is loitering outside staking out a building. He hears a noise, looks around and sees the saddest, most bedraggled little scrap of fur he’s ever seen. It’s freezing cold and starting to rain so Mick thinks, fuck it, and picks up this tiny ginger kitten and puts it in his pocket. He figures it’ll be warm in his coat and he can drop it at a shelter before they leave and before anyone notices him being a softy.
Only, he forgets about it. 

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Aight folks. Its Friday and next Friday I’m moving! In porch news my friend Michael who is an art handler in my department submitted his porch. This is the first porch I’ve reviewed that I’ve also sat on! Multiple times! Another first, first porch picture with a human being in it! And yet another first, THERE’S A CAT IN THE FIRST PHOTO. That’s Bagheera, he’s a cat Michael found and keeps now. Bagheera is very ornery, but quite loveable. He’s also tangled with many animals larger than him. Ornery outdoors cats are a wonderful addition to almost any outdoor seating arrangement.

I love this porch, though I disagree with a change Michael recently made to it. The porch used to have a porch swing in the rear near where the railing makes a corner. Porch swings are [100 emoji]. But, the purpose of this blog isn’t to judge people for outdoor seating arrangement choices they make so I’ll just leave that there.

Hot facts on this porch:
- made of concrete
- has two small chairs and one small table
- I count 3 potted plants
- is where I have smoked 38% of my shame cigarettes
- is about 15 feet away from where some mormon kids asked Michael and I for directions then asked what we were doing tonight and I was like “oh I’m about to go stand up comedy for the first time” (true). They then asked me to tell them a joke. I hadn’t even done stand up yet and people are already asking me to tell them a joke.

This is a great porch for casual hangouts, relaxing at the end of a hard day’s work, or lingering on while you wait for your friend Libby to get out of the bathroom because you’re going to be late to standup.

Drink wise I asked Michael his recommendation and he said he prefers a fresh tequila based cocktail. Seems solid [obamadrinkingbeer.jpg]. Tequila is perfect for porches you relax on at the end of a long day.

All in all I give this porch a hot 9/10. Mostly because of my time on it. Whoever said these ratings are scientific?