Tufted Flower Kisser by S.J. Trinidad & Tobago Nature
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The Tufted Coquette can easily mistaken for a huge bumblebee, it is our smallest bird on Trinidad & Tobago. Also a contender for the second smallest bird in the world, beaten in size only by the Bee hummingbird of Cuba.


(Hydrophis ornatus) Ornate sea snake

Habitat: One of the most wide-ranging species of sea snakes; found mainly in shallow to moderately deep (deeper than 30 m) marine waters & reefs near the shores of most countries of the Indian & southwestern Pacific Oceans. Rare in the Persian Gulf, but fairly common around Australia, New Guinea, & most of Southeast Asia. 

Activity and Behavior: Both diurnal & nocturnal. Relatively docile & non-aggressive even when handled by fishermen.

Venom Characteristics: Not well known, but probably mainly potently neurotoxic & myotoxic. Few human bites & envenomations reported, no fatalities reported, so far.

February 22, 2017 - Tufted Coquette (Lophornis ornatus)

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These small hummingbirds are found in northeastern South America. They forage for nectar and insects, visiting many scattered flowers to feed instead of defending a territory around a cluster of flowers, a behavior known as trap-lining. Because they tend to feed from flowers that rely on non-hummingbird pollinators, their food supply can be affected by insects or other pollinators. Males perform aerial courtship displays, flying in a “U” shape around females. Females build small cup-shaped nests from plant down, incubating the eggs and caring for the chicks alone.

Aromantic Anchiceratops does not experience any romantic attraction.  This ceratopsian knows that they do not need romance or a romantic partner to feel fulfilled, happy and complete as an individual - your lack of romantic feelings do not determine the quality of your life, nor do they diminish your platonic love for your friends and family. 

Closely related to both Triceratops and Chasmosaurus, Anchiceratops’ most distinguishing feature is the array of bony, triangular projections surrounding its neck frill.  


My Final Lair Phantom cosplay is complete! I’m so proud of how all my prosthetics work came out (first time doing it!) and the response from people on social media have made me even happier!

It took three and a half hours to put on from start to finish, and despite the amount of makeup on my face it is surprisingly comfortable.

I look forward to debuting this cosplay at MCM London Comic Con October, with @christinesphantomblog as Final Lair Christine and Ornatus Cosplay as Final Lair Raoul!

Hummingbirds, after Haekel

My take on a popular print, the 99th plate illustration from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur. Featured are RUBY THROATED HUMMINGBIRD Trochilus colubris (or Archilochus colubris), HORNED SUNGEM Heliactin cornuta, CRIMSON TOPAZ Topaza pella, TUFTED COQUETTE Lophornis ornata (now: Lophornis ornatus), RED-TAILED COMET Sparganura sappho (or Sappho sparganura), SWORD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD Docimastes ensifer (now: Ensifera ensifera), BUFF-TAILED SICKLEBILL Eutoxeres condamini, DOT-EARED COQUETTE Lophornis gouldii, Ornismya petasophora, HOODED VISORBEARER Augastes lumachellus, Hylocharis stokesii, and BOOTED ROCKETTAIL Steganura underwoodi (now: Ocreatus underwoodii).

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Secrets Definitely Don’t Make Mates

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So this part 2 to Definitely Hot, Definitely Bothered

Alawi= heavenly bonding
Ornatus= Armor



     “So where is Natsu taking you for the ‘bonding’?“ Growling you took another swig from your beer and almost successful knocked your brains out onto the bar. At the sound of your skull against wood you could feel your female entourage take a collective step back. Sighing you stood up.

      "Watch this ladies….” You uttered as you finished your beer. “Hey Natsu!” Your voice rang out alongside the rest of the guild noise. Natsu’s pink head popped up from one of the many tables all shits and giggles. “What’s up sweet thang?” Hmm maybe he’ll actually spill it this time?

      “Where are we going for our Bonding Ceremony?” At those words Natsu’s face visibly fell and exasperation etched itself into his fine features. Groaning he fell back into his seat. “I told you I’ll tell you when we get there!” Letting out an annoyed huff you shrugged your shoulders and headed back to your group hovering women. “He doesn’t tell me a damn thing….”

      "So when’s the big day?“ Gajeel’s voice cut through the cloud of feminine opinions. You groaned at the thought of another person giving their opinion on your wedding.

        "Gajeel if you want to keep your balls intact, and I assume Levy wants kids, you’ll pick another topic. Gajeel’s eyes smiled but his ever stoic face stayed the same as he fiend disgruntled annoyance.

        "I don’t care about a goddamn party I’m talking about the Alawi.” At the sight of your blank face Gajeel turned on his heel and waded through the pool of drunken wizards to pluck a certain pink haired idiot out of the crowd and dragged him back to your seat at the bar.

        "Now listen hear you charcoal for brains moron you can’t ask her to go through the Alawi without telling her everything it entails.” With an impending argument the horde of women that had been harassing you all day suddenly disappeared. Glancing around you could tell the guild was preparing for an all out war between Gajeel and Natsu, not wanting to deal with the headache Gramps would give you later you grabbed the distracted boys and began leading them outside amidst a sea of protest from the boys and not surprisingly some of your guildmates who wanted to bet on who would win. Once you were a safe enough distance from the guild you let go and decided to let them work it out for themselves. They both glared at you for the indignity of being dragged out of the guild but they were too occupied with each other to fight with you.

       “Seriously dude what kind of idiot are you? You do realize this is for life she’ll be stuck with you forever she needs to understand her options.” Natsu only scoffed.

         “I’m not an idiot I explained what the bonding entails I just didn’t use the formal name it sounds stupid.” Gajeel’s eyes narrowed at Natsu but then he peered over at you to confirm that Natsu had explained the seriousness of this bond and the responsibilities that it entailed. You nodded and gave him a reassuring smile.

     “Okay well then did you explain this to her…” Gajeel yanked the collar of his shirt down to reveal blue scales that encased the skin at the juncture of his neck and shoulder and most of his collar bone. “The Ornatus is not a walk in the park for the non-dragonslayer partner.” If you weren’t so enthralled by the gleaming royal blue scales, you would have seen the blush covering Natsu’s face.

       “I hadn’t gotten to that part yet…I was gonna tell her before the Alawi.” As the word rolled off Natsu’s tongue it must have tasted as bad as Cana’s ‘special’ fruitcake.

       “This isn’t something you can just spring on a girl Salamander, dammit man Levy cried for an hour after it happened.” The mention of Levy jolted you from your trance.

      “So you and Levy are bonded? When did this happen!?!” And in that rare instance you were privy to one of Gajeel’s genuine smiles.

       “Two glorious months ago…”He scowled at Natsu. “Before the craziness of Mating Season set in.” You were still kind of shocked that Gajeel and Levy had taken the big leap and even a little hurt she hadn’t told you, pushing that aside your interest was now peaked about the beautiful and mysterious Ornatus.

    “Gajeel what did you mean the Ornatus isn’t a walk in the park for the non-dragonslayer partner?” At your question both men tensed and neither would look you in the eye. Sighing Gajeel leaned against a tree, arms crossed against his chest, eyes steely.

     “Listen I’m not gonna sugarcoat the ornatus is the final seal in the bonding ceremony, think of it like a permanent wedding ring. It can pop up anywhere on the body, most of the time it’s in places that are visible to others, to warn other dragonslayers that this person is claimed, and comes in an array of colors but most of the time each partner’s Ornatus is the other person’s hair color.” You looked over at Natsu whose eyes seemed to be glued to the ground. God I hope he doesn’t get my boring Y/C/H.

       “The way the Ornatus is placed is by both partners piercing each other’s skin and drinking a small amount of their blood.” You suddenly felt queasy at the mention of blood but you still didn’t understand what was so scary.

      “Okay Gajeel you gotta hurry and make your point because from where I’m standing this sounds similar to getting my blood drawn and I donate every eight weeks.” While you thought you were being funny Gajeel was not impressed.

         “Well since Natsu explained to you about the connection then you do remember that during the ceremony you and Natsu’s souls will begin to interlock, you’ll begin to start feeling everything the other is feeling…”Still not getting his point he growled and raked his hands through his long onyx hair.

     “Consider this, Dragonslayer skin is ten times stronger than human skin and during the ceremony your teeth will sharpen slightly but it’s still not gonna be as sharp as our teeth, which will pierce your skin like butter. Bottomline you’re gonna have to basically rip into Natsu’s neck. Dragonslayers have a higher pain tolerance so we can handle it but the pain will be reflected back on to you.” Silence then settled over your little trio and you could feel anxiety and fear tickling the bottom of your spine. How bad was this gonna be? Will I be able to handle it?The thoughts bounced around your head like bowling balls, crashing through your strength and weighing down your spirit. Maybe this was a sign you weren’t good enough for Natsu… those words seemed to be burned into your retinas, and knock the wind from your lungs. No. Clenching your shaking fists you raised your head high to find Gajeel smirking yet Natsu still looked defeated.

      “I am Y/F/N Y/L/N, I am a Fairy Tail wizard and mate to the son of the Fire Dragon King and nothing’s gonna stop me from tying that pink goofball to me forever.” Walking over to Natsu you lifted his head forcing him to look at you and tears shined in his beautiful sage green eyes. Pressing your lips against his warm rough lips you felt at home.

     “Nothing.” You whispered as you broke this kiss. Turning back to Gajeel he gave a small mocking round of applause as you all made your way back to the guild, Natsu rushed ahead complaining about how he was starving which left you and Gajeel near the entrance.

       “Okay well my jobs done I just wanted to make sure you were in the loop Tanith.”

        “Wait what does that mean?” Gajeel grinned.

          “It means bearer of dragons, a title only given to a dragonslayers mate.” You both blushed for some unknown reason but even thinking about the word seemed extremely intimate.

          “Well I should get going Levy wasn’t feeling great this morning, she’s thinks she caught a stomach bug when we went out of town for our bonding ceremony.”You raised your eyebrows in surprise as you started to put two and two together.

      “Well it looks like some of us will be bearing dragons sooner than others.” You said jokingly but as the words sunk into Gajeel’s mind his eyes widened as the blood drained from his face. Without another word he took off towards him and Levy’s apartment, before he could get too far you called after him.

       “Gajeel grab some ginger ale on your way to the house, it’ll help with the queasiness.” Gajeel threw a thumbs up in thanks before disappearing around a corner. Smiling to yourself you walked into the guild and tried to think about what little Gajeel’s and Levy’s would mean for the guild, your final conclusion was chaos. Heading back to the bar you narrowly missed getting pegged by a beer mug which sent Natsu into a rage that ignited an all out war in the Guild. Taking a seat you watched the chaos and mayhem and could only imagine how different everything would be this time next year.  


Placoid scales aka dermal denticles are found in cartilaginous fishes such as sharks, rays, and chimaeras. 

They are also structurally homologous with vertebrate teeth (“denticle” translates to “small tooth”), having a central pulp cavity supplied with blood vessels, surrounded by a conical layer of dentine, all of which sits on top of a rectangular basal plate that rests on the dermis. 

The shape of denticles is specific to individual species and cannot grow in size, but rather more scales are added as the fish increases in size. 

  • SEM image of Banded Wobbegong Shark (Orectolobus ornatus), Brier Shark (Deania calcea), Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) and Gummy Shark (Mustelus antarctius) denticles.
  • all photographs by Sue Lindsay/ Australian Museum 

Went to the museum and got completely mesmerized by suture patterns in ammonites…

A variety of ammonite forms, from Ernst Haeckel’s 1904 Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature)

Plate 44

Ammonites (Cardioceras) cordatus (Quenstedt) = Cardioceras cordatum (Sowerby 1813), from the side Ammonites (Cardioceras) cordatus (Quenstedt) = Cardioceras cordatum (Sowerby 1813), from below Ammonites (Schloenbachia) Coupei (Brogniart) = Schloenbachia varians? (J.Sowerby, 1817), from the side Ammonites (Schloenbachia) Coupei (Brogniart) = Schloenbachia varians? (J.Sowerby, 1817), from below Ammonites (Ptychites) opulentus (Mojsisovich) = Ptychites opulentus Mojsisovich, 1882, from the side (outer shell layer removed) Ammonites (Ptychites) opulentus (Mojsisovich) = Ptychites opulentus Mojsisovich, 1882, from below Ammonites (ornatus) mammillaris (Schlotheim) = Douvilleiceras mammillatum (Schlotheim 1813), from the side Ammonites (planulatus) cavernosus (Quenstedt) = Puzosia planulatus (J.Sowerby,1827) cross-section Ammonites (amaltheus) rotula (Schlotheim) = Amaltheus margaritatus Montfort, 1808, from the side Ammonites (stephanoceras) Humphryi (Sowerby) = Stephanoceras humphriesianum (Sowerby, 1825), from the side


A ceratopsian scapula sticking out of the hill. Though most of the scapula is covered, you can make out the outline where the fossil has broken and some broken fragments on the far left.

This is in the Horsetheif member of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation (71.5-71 mya). Three Ceratopsians occupy this temporal and geographic range: Anchiceratops ornatus, Arrhinoceratops brachyops, and Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis. The stratigraphic range of Ar. brachyopsis inferred to encompass the entire member, though skeletal material has yet to be recovered in the lower half of the member (Ebreth et al. 2013), which is where scapula is located. Therefore the specimen likely belongs to either An. ornatusor P. canadensis. 

The tufted coquette ( Lophornis ornatus ) is a tiny hummingbird that breeds in eastern Venezuela, Trinidad, Guiana, and northern Brazil. It is an uncommon, but widespread species, which appears to be a local or seasonal migrant, although its movements are not well understood.
This small bird inhabits open country, gardens, and cultivation. It is 6.6 cm long and weighs 2.3 g. The black-tipped red bill is short and straight.