Look what just arrived at the studio!

14k yellow gold clickers from quetzallijewelry​. These pieces have a beautifully unique design that is very ornate, but very petite and delicate looking.

Great pieces for septum and daith piercings.

Monterey, CA

What type of amusement park ride would you associate with yourself (if any)? With your muse(s)?

((Is my Munday question! So I want to answer it too!

I would be Klockwerks at Canada’s Wonderland. The ride itself spins as well as moving it’s arms up and down. Is it scary? No. Is it fast? No. Do I love it? Yes.

Cujo would probably be a carousel, old fashioned, sturdy and ornate! Goomberic would be the red known as Time Warp (also Canada’s wonderland it’s cool because you lay on your stomach and it feels as though you’re flying)

Bonus muses:

Nyx would be a large and frightening Roolar Coaster, great speed and a daunting height! Brutus would more than likely be something more simply and calming, like a lazy river type ride. Unagi would be Leviathan (Canada’s Wonderland, look that one up and you’ll see why!)

anonji asked:

I'm a big fan of your acrostic poems. I was wondering if you would please write one for me using: Kwon Jiyong. Thank you so much.

Kneeling in the dim backstage closet, Jiyong passes a hand

Weary with exhaustion over racks and rows of delicate,

Ornate costumes, adorned with glittering scales and

Noiseless silk, silent and smooth as eelskin. Here at each

Joining of song to song, he sheds his skin and is reclothed

In one-of-a-kind splendours, as dragons do, peeling away

Yet another layer of himself to bare a new, raw, glistening

Opus of identity to the world. He has become a chameleon,

Never quite Jiyong and never quite not, for his skin is stripped,

Grown, and stripped again until he knows not who he is.

@anonji I’m trying to tag you but tumblr has decided to be annoying as usual. I’ve been very busy over the past couple days so I only had time to sit down and think about what to write for you today. Thank you for reading my work. I appreciate it so much.

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Slugette, I have very similar goblets and the answer is “carefully, with a lot of swearing and terror as they get slippery in your hands.”

Or you get lazy and let them collect dust. Not going to admit which option I chose… >_>;

OMG.. yeah I know..my husband has these beautiful ornate crystal whiskey glasses.. makes me nervous as hell when I wash them.. 

Yes.. if I had those fuckers, they’d collect dust.. but then they would look hella good on my “display” shelf which currently has a huge resident spider on it.. 

anonymous asked:

would a Veteran Astartes of the Dark Angels Chapter be eligible for the list? knows no fear,power armor,and ornate weaponry

While I do believe some fear is a good thing in most soldiers, I’m not disinclined to give you a chance.

hunter and her bone elk

a harmless bacteria lives on the fur of the elk that releases a calcium deposit throughout the elk’s life. these appear in the form of ornate bone plating. the older the elk lives the more covered it becomes, without ever restricting movement.

This is a front-facing view of the ground floor of the sanctuary of the former synagogue of Congregation B’nai Israel Ahavas Achim, taken at sunset.  It wasn’t always named as such; the temple was constructed in the early 20th century, and opened its doors to its original congregation, Anshi Austria, on March 28, 1928.  There was a parade down Joseph Street to mark the occasion.  In the 1940s, Congregation B’nai Israel took over the building, and later, Ahavas Achim merged with them.  Sadly, by the 1970s, flight to the suburbs made the congregation dwindle significantly, and by the early 1990s, it was abandoned.  After failing to sell at auction, the property was condemned by the City of Rochester.  The Joseph Avenue Business Association has advocated for adaptive reuse, but doesn’t have funding.  If funding does not appear, the building will likely be demolished.

Print available here.

The old manor was dingy, cluttered with empty chests and rusted suits of armor. They laid on their side, a thick coating of dust covering the once polished steel.  Heavy cobwebs hung in the broken chandeliers, making the ornate light fixtures sag under their weight.

Lucy hissed and rubbed her hands together to keep herself warm, watching as her horned companion picked his way across the dark foyer and over the old threadbare rug. It looked as it had once been a plush red carpet, stretching further than her eye could see.

Now it was ugly and matted, Natsu’s sandled feet trampling down on the same path other looters had taken in the past.

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The Main Hall At Wray Castle.

Only open to the public these past 4 years, Wray Castle came to the National Trust as a bare shell devoid of possessions and most features. This is the main hall - one of the most remarkable features still left. 

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G  Shot at (top) 24mm f4.5 1/50th sec (bottom) 17mm f4 1/30th sec

@mandy_pants_tattoos picked up these White Brass ornate Spade weights from @boundbydesign on @lauranimalia ’s recent trip to Denver ! She will be in Chicago, July 21-23, Michigan July 24-26 and Ohio July 27-29. Be sure to tag your piercer/shop if you want her to stop by! If you’re at a shop or are a piercer, comment or shoot us a message ✨✨✨#diabloorganics #roadtrip #brass #whitebrass #spade #earweights #diablodames #diablodudes #legitbodypiercing #hitupyourpiercer #acceptnoimitations #fancy #ornate #girlswithstretchedears