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PLEASE read everything here carefully! Here is some info on what to expect from a pre-order: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news/15162601-preorder-and-mask-info

As with all of my mask pre-orders there will be a 3-8 week production time.

This means the time it takes for me to produce a batch of masks, not when the mask will arrive at your house. I will update about production in the store news. Any information about shipping status, production delays or anything else customers need to know will be updated there: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news

This is a limited run. Only a certain number of DIY or silver masks will be made. Once the edition is sold out, it is gone forever.



- No part of this mask is actual metal. “Antique silver” is just a convenient name for the metal effect achieved through paint application. You are buying a urethane cast.

- These are produced one at a time in my own studio.

- Please be sure to provide the correct address when placing your order, all orders will be shipped to the address im provided with and cannot be changed after the order is placed. No exceptions, sorry!

- There are no refunds on pre-orders.

- Please do not buy a mask if any of the above is an issue!
- If you want any more info on buying from my shop please go through the FAQ/policy page in my shop: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/pages/f-a-q

Mask info page: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/pages/mask-care-info
STORE NEWS: http://missmonster.myshopify.com/blogs/news


Mask info:

-This mask fits most faces but a perfect fit is not guaranteed. Cannot be worn with glasses.

 - This urethane is sensitive to heat. Please keep it out of direct sunlight as it can warp under it’s own weight when hot.  You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the back of the mask until it becomes pliable. Set the shape you want by leaving on an upturned bowl or object to hold the shape while it cools.

- Do not use this as safety equipment or a welding mask or anything else but costuming. Use common sense, please. I am not responsible for injuries sustained through improper use of this mask.


By purchasing this you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the shop’s policy page and have read and agree to comply with all of the information on this page.


Adventures with gckaf!

I absolutely loved friend gckaf’s big beautiful sword! I fit perfectly under the shiny blade, and the ornate hilt is just the right size for me to balance on. I also tried to squeeze under the hilt, too—and impressed everyone when I actually lifted the heavy hilt a tiny bit! I am getting super strong!

Ornate Wobbegong | Orectolobus ornatus
- - more types of Wobbegong sharks here

“A nocturnal, bottom-dwelling species, the ornate wobbegong rests during the day, in caves, under ledges formed by coral reefs, and in trenches. At nightfall, this species commences hunting for its preferred prey of fish and marine invertebrates, such as octopi and cuttlefish. The striking colouration of the body provides excellent camouflage amongst fronds of algae and coral, and enables this shark to employ a sit-and-wait ambush strategy. The barbels around the mouth are used as lures to attract prey, which when in range, is quickly snapped in the powerful jaws. While smaller prey is immediately swallowed whole, larger animals may be held in the jaws, sometimes for days, impaled on the fang-like teeth. Once dead, the prey can then be swallowed without a struggle.”  x

(by hsacdirk)