Adventures with gckaf!

I absolutely loved friend gckaf’s big beautiful sword! I fit perfectly under the shiny blade, and the ornate hilt is just the right size for me to balance on. I also tried to squeeze under the hilt, too—and impressed everyone when I actually lifted the heavy hilt a tiny bit! I am getting super strong!

Ornate Wobbegong | Orectolobus ornatus
- - more types of Wobbegong sharks here

“A nocturnal, bottom-dwelling species, the ornate wobbegong rests during the day, in caves, under ledges formed by coral reefs, and in trenches. At nightfall, this species commences hunting for its preferred prey of fish and marine invertebrates, such as octopi and cuttlefish. The striking colouration of the body provides excellent camouflage amongst fronds of algae and coral, and enables this shark to employ a sit-and-wait ambush strategy. The barbels around the mouth are used as lures to attract prey, which when in range, is quickly snapped in the powerful jaws. While smaller prey is immediately swallowed whole, larger animals may be held in the jaws, sometimes for days, impaled on the fang-like teeth. Once dead, the prey can then be swallowed without a struggle.”  x

(by hsacdirk)