Adventures with gckaf!

I absolutely loved friend gckaf’s big beautiful sword! I fit perfectly under the shiny blade, and the ornate hilt is just the right size for me to balance on. I also tried to squeeze under the hilt, too—and impressed everyone when I actually lifted the heavy hilt a tiny bit! I am getting super strong!


Adlergarnitur of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria from the 16th Century on display at the Neue Burg Museum in Vienna

Made in 1547 by Jorg Seusenhofer it can be adapted into different tournament armours as well as field armours for warfare. Adlergarnitur is a style that makes heavy use of the Austrian Eagle as a motif on armour. The eagle can be seen on the helmet and the thigh plates.

Ferdinand managed to incur a high level of dept due to his love of ornate armour and Counter-reformation artwork which is now in display in museums in Vienna.

If you’re looking at an opulent cake that’ll be the centre of attention, don’t hold back on the size and design. This Marie Antoinette-inspired masterpiece is an absolute showstopper with rich, ornate details. On a side note, I wonder how many can this confection actually feed. It’s huge!