Abandoned Mansion by Paul
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Montgomery County, New York.


Laura O’Grady in Dolce & Gabbana and Kiera in Lanvin in “Ornate Expectations” photographed by Andrew Yee for How to Spend It magazine.  Styled by Damian Foxe.  


Towards the storm by Liancary
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Italian Parade Shield dated between 1380-1450 from Florence on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

This rare shield would have been used for ceremonial purposes only. It boldly declares the identity of the Villani Family, who were wool merchants in Florence. 

Their arms dominate the surface, and when not in use the shield would have been put on display in their home.


Root energy and Sacral love ((((❤️)))) The aftermath of spending a whole day with this incredible woman 🌸@reggiani89

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Italian Decorated Parade Armour of King Philip III of Spain from 1585 on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

From top to bottom, the Burgonet, breastplate and gauntlets comes from a a series presented to the Spanish royal family in the 1580′s. Tailor-made parade armour was iron clothing: the pointed ‘peascod’ breastplate imitated fashionable doublets. Draped with fine silk sashes and with helmets sprouting plumes of ostrich feathers. Such armour was for effect and display rather than protection in battle. Inspired by ancient Roman armour it transformed Renaissance nobles into classical heroes.