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The party was, as Adrien had predicted, a boring adult party.

The upside was that more than half the people here were at his station or higher, so that meant that less than half were looking to climb the social ladder through him, which meant that he could usually escape any notably uncomfortable conversations without too much fuss.

On the downside, he was expected to make nice with a fair amount of people.

The only thing more amazing than how much Adrien didn’t want to be here was how he somehow managed to pretend that he did want to be here.

It was petty revenge, but tonight, Adrien was determined to be seen eating as many different slices of cake as possible.

Not metaphorical — literal cake.

The catering here was, as expected, top-notch. The ornamental cakes lining the dessert buffet couldn’t have been less then a thousand euros each — probably more.

They were beautiful and decadent and absolutely out of his approved diet, and there was nothing his father could do about it.

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What the fuck with Americans trying to glamorize high school years? Put a filter on, add some grain, take photographs of young lovers kissing each other and running around in a forest, make films of group of friends driving in the countryside and siblings enjoying the sun on a boat. Light a cigarette, eat snacks that go well with alcohol, somehow the reason behind is just some dumb boy dumped our girl. No. Take off that filter, this isn’t 90s anymore, iPhones in everyone’s hands have clearer vision. Teenage years isn’t only about the social drama and occasional sadness that seem to take over your life. In fact, it revolves around what the fuck am I gonna do with my life, with my parents pushing me to study law and the craving of a gaze from a boy I’ll never actually love on the top. The truth is, if teenage years were dessert you’d throw the tasteless cake ornaments away and dig the frosting to eat the plain cake. Indie rock will never play in the background as you kiss your lover on the shore and fireworks color the night sky and camera won’t romantically lose focus. In reality, life’s not romantic. Teenagers are dreamy and we like to deafen ourselves with loud music but we’re not romantic. That was childhood. In high school years you get closer to college and life gets more complicated and real. Those are the years you lose someone from your family for the first time and start to notice that people are dying one by one, so you realize your parents aren’t gonna be a around forever. You start to study more and read more and understand more and even pay attention to politics a little. You regret kissing not kissing, loving not loving, speaking up shutting up, isolation socializing because teenage years are a giant ball of mess, it has knots you will eventually give up solving. What I’m trying to say to those 25, 30, 45, 60 year old photographers and filmmakers who get applause by their peers for perfectly capturing the youth daze, that wasn’t a deep take on the way a teenager’s mind work, that was nostalgia.


This impressive Twelfth Cake, is ornamented with gum paste devices printed from original eighteenth century moulds.The icing is coloured with cochineal in the manner of the day. The two crowns, standard decorations used on cakes of this kind, were constructed from ten individual shapes pressed from the mould below, a rare survivor from the late eighteenth century. The other ornaments were all printed from two carved wooden moulds or confectioner’s boards.Designs for these cakes varied considerably, but that above made with the tools of the Georgian confectioners trade gives a pretty fair impression of these remarkable precursors of the Victorian Christmas Cake, which seems to have usurped the role of the Twelfth Cake in the 1860s.

The Deadbeat Dads Society ~ Ao3~

Summary: Lucas’s absentee Dad comes to visit and he enlists Maya to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Pairing: Lucaya. Past Rucas

Warnings: reference to child neglect and abandonment. Unbeted. 


Maya was a founding member of the Deadbeat Dads Society.

After all it took a special kind of man to abandon his wife and toddler and beg for money when his daughter tracked him down, fifteen years later.  That type of thing was lifetime membership material.

Her club had been a lonely one until Lucas had joined their school. It had taken him a while to share the gory details of his parents’ divorce, but considering his father’s string of affairs with vastly younger women and that one humiliating, public sex scandal, Maya couldn’t really blame him for keeping mum.

For a few years, Lucas had split his time between both parents. He flew between Texas and New York often enough to exchange Christmas cards with the air hostesses. It was hard, but it might have worked if his Dad hadn’t been such a flake; the man forgot about birthdays and graduations and picking his son up from the airport. Despite what the songs said, loving someone didn’t solve problems, it didn’t make things simpler or easier.

Maya had been the one Lucas talked to when he’d finally decided to stop visiting Texas and in return, Maya had recruited him to help find her absentee dad a year later. Lucas had driven her to all the way to Ohio and later, he’d held her as she’d cried bitter, angry tears after her dad rejected her again.

Despite shared membership to their exclusive club, Maya and Lucas hadn’t talked for a while. Not since Lucas and Riley’s on-off- on relationship had ground to a definitive halt, eight months ago. For all Riley’s and Lucas’s attempts to remain friends, battle lines had been drawn, and Maya hadn’t been on Lucas’s side. Riley and Lucas were amicable enough now; Riley had stumbled into a relationship with Charlie Gardner and Lucas had dated a string of cheerleaders, but things were never the same as they had been. Their group never really recovered. Maya saw Lucas in the canteen and they exchanged pleasantries in the hallway but she didn’t think she could call herself his friend anymore.

It was a surprise then when Maya found Lucas waiting at her locker the Friday before Christmas.

“Maya, I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”


“I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend, just for one day,” Lucas repeated, running a hand over his face. There were purple circles pressed like bruises under his eyes and his jaw was thinner, sharper than Maya remembered. “Look, I know this is weird –”

“Just a bit.”

“– but my dad’s coming to visit and I told him I have a girlfriend. He wants to meet her.”

A sharp reply curled across Maya’s tongue, but she bit it back at the last minute. Maya knew Lucas had stopped visiting Texas a few years ago, she could only guess that his dad visiting New York was a mending of bridges, of sorts.

Maya licked her lips carefully; they were peeling from the constant movement between the freezing outdoors and heated buildings.  “Why did you say you had a girlfriend?”

Lucas ran his hands through his hair, “I wasn’t lying when I told him and he’s got this new wife. She’s only a few years older than us. I dunno, I guess I thought if he saw her next to my girlfriend, he’d be embarrassed or something.” Lucas laughed, the sound like a dull bell, “Stupid, no?”

Maya shrugged. It was a stupid idea, but Lucas didn’t look like he needed to hear that right now.

“Why don’t you ask Missy, she’d love to be your girlfriend?” Maya heaved her bag over her shoulder. “Or Riley? I know you guys broke up, but she’d be great at this. Better than me.”

“No. Not Riley,” Lucas said quickly, wincing. “I guess I just remembered those times we helped each other out with Dad stuff. I haven’t told anyone else he’s coming… You know what, never mind. I’ll say my girlfriend’s sick or something.” He waved at Maya and turned around, “It was good talking to you, Maya.”

Maya watched him walk away, her eyes lingering on the broad slump of his shoulders and the way his hair curled at the nape of his neck. Maya wasn’t Lucas’s friend anymore; he was her best friend’s ex. She didn’t owe him anything.  Maya cursed.

“Wait!” She called and ran to catch up to him. “You’re paying for dinner.”

Lucas sighed in relief and he smiled down at her, “Of course.”

“And don’t let my size fool you,” Maya continued, falling into step with him easily, “they once kicked me out of the All-you-can-eat-crab-house.”

“You always were a menace at buffets.”

Maya shrugged philosophically, “It’s one of my many endearing qualities.”


Maya was only half dressed when Lucas arrived.

He knocked on her front door and Maya answered it, feeling a strange longing for the days Lucas would just appear outside her window with a bag of fast food and a smile.

“Come on in, I’m nearly finished.” Maya gestured to the small living room vaguely, “make yourself at home.”

“Is your mom in?” Lucas asked, sitting primly on the edge of the couch.

“No,” Maya said, wandering back into her bedroom, “She’s working night shifts again, trying to get more money for Christmas.”

“Oh, right.” Lucas mumbled and Maya felt herself bristle at his awkwardness.

Lucas’s family was stinking rich and for all his good qualities, he sometimes got weird when Maya reminded him that her family most definitely wasn’t. There had been a time when he’d tried to sneakily buy things for her; books and art supplies she had wanted, but couldn’t afford, had appeared in her locker or ‘he’d found them on offer’. Maya had been furious, humiliated, when she’d realised what he’d been doing.

Tugging a dress over her head, Maya turned to look at herself in the mirror. A knot had worked its way between her eyebrows and she rubbed at her forehead distractedly. Finally, Maya took a deep breath and made herself go back into the living room.

“I’m ready.”

Lucas glanced up at the sound of her voice. His mouth dropped a little, eyes wide. “You, er, you look nice.” He stuttered.

Maya rolled her eyes, “With compliments like that my head will soon be too big to fit through the doorway.” She slung her bag over her shoulder and gestured towards the door, “coming?”

“Oh, yeah. Right.” Lucas stumbled after her. For an athlete, he was awful clumsy.

“You do look really pretty.”  Lucas tried again as they made their way downstairs.

“Better.” Maya said approvingly.

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Noah is the Mastermind Behind It All

Follow up to my post: Why Your Favourite Killer is the Mastermind (Noah)

Noah is secretly controlling everything the characters do, (it reminds me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Mad Eye Moody “Do you think that miserable oaf would’ve sent you into the woods if I hadn’t suggested it? Do you think Cedric Diggory would’ve told you to open the egg underwater if I hadn’t told him first myself?”)

1. Emma would have never gone to the pig farm if Noah didn’t have it posted on his board.

Unless we see otherwise in episode 7, I think that pig farm was actually Kevin Duval’s. In the neighboring house was the bridge and groom ornament from a wedding cake. This is a completely different barn from the one Jake was killed in. Jake’s part had fluted metal walls on the inside doors.

And speaking of the pig farm, and the pig motif in general, the first time we see Noah this season he’s holding a red toy pig. The camera even lingers on it for a second or two when he puts it down. Then later that episode when Jake shows up at the farm (or wherever the killer got him was) there was pink toy pig. Could be a coincidence, but it seems like a hint towards Noah.

2. Audrey never would have gone to the storage unit if Noah didn’t bring it up

3. He easily could have brought Kevin Duvall back with Riley’s e-mails (speculation)

He also could have also easily used Emma’s IP address to send the Riley emails.

4. To clear Audrey’s name as an accomplice, he said they should text Eddie and surprise surprise he wants to meet them somewhere, where the killer doesn’t come out until Emma arrives because Noah wanted the killer to be revealed to her bc she’s the killer in his movie fantasy and needs her to think she’s seeing the killer that only exists in her mind

5. The prank on Audrey, Noah claimed there was a 3rd prankster that set it all up never showed. But he was there and the 3rd prankster all along.

6. Audrey doesn’t get a text in the police station until after Noah leaves the room. Noah tells her to report it so that’s what she thinks he wants her to do, but sure enough the killer tells her not to.

In S1, this exactly what happened every time Piper or Audrey stepped out of the scene. They use this angle a lot in the show.

7. Audrey needs to know that he knows about her secret in order to actually confess to him. Why he plants the phone back in her bag where she knows someone had it and only after that does he so obviously follow her so that she finds him and starts suspecting he knows her secret.

8. The texts on Audrey’s phone can’t be deleted so Noah can find them later. It’s all a giant manipulation

9. He’s setting Emma up to look crazy as the killer in his movie fantasy.

He was also freely roaming the halls during the school lockdown.


actualryder  asked:

Hi! So I'm planning to have a yule celebration with several people of different paths that celebrate it. Do you have any ideas on what fun activities we could do that aren't too focused on one singular path?

Hello, a winter solstice party sounds very fun! There are a lot of fun things you can do that isn’t linked to just one path.
-fire pit
-make salt dough ornaments/ offerings
-Yule log cake
-bake sugar cookies
- write wishes on bay leaves then burn them for luck in the coming year
- make candles
-make paper snow flakes
- if it’s snowing you can make snow candles
-drink warm mead
-drink warm cider
- make popcorn and cranberry garland and hang on trees outside to feed the local squirrels and birds

There’s probably more projects but these are some I thought of. :)

Happy solstice!