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Your thoughts on Matt???

I had to find an appropriate picture of Matt to express my undying adoration for this person because oh my fucking god.

The Holts are confirmed for, first, an entire family of unbelievable goddamn nerds and I say this with the greatest and warmest love in my heart. They are also confirmed for an entire dang family of Slytherins, jesus Matt.

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Backyard Flower Garden Questions

Ageratum: Are you friendly or wary of strangers?

American Marigold: Is there anything you will not/cannot eat?

Black-Eyed Susan: Have you ever given/received a black eye? Why?

Bleeding-heart: Do you open up freely with their emotions, or do you bottle it up until you burst? If you do hold it in, what is usually your breaking point?

Butterfly-Weed: What is one thing that always makes you stop and admire, no matter what you were doing prior?

Common Yarrow: Do you easily blend in with the crowd, or do you wear/act so that you are noticeable and stand out?

Cornflower: Is there a color you don’t particularly care to wear? Is it because it clashes with your style, appearance, or any other reason outside of simple dislike for said color?

Creeping Zinnia: Do you listen into other people’s conversations, either idly or purposely? Has there been anything you learned from it? Have you gotten into trouble?

Daylily: Do you have any daily routines/habits? Are they ingrained into you as a child or have they been recent additions?

Field Pansy: Have you ever gone and flown a kite before? Do you wish to do so if you haven’t?

Flowering Cabbage: Name one thing you keep, despite it being pointless or purposeless other than sentimental value or you simply cannot throw it away, and state the reason why you hang onto it.

Garden Impatiens: What causes you to lose patience? How do you react when you lose it? 

Gooseneck Loosestrife: Is there anything strange or unusual you can do, or have noticed happening around you without an identifiable cause?

Hosta: Do you enjoy the time out in the sun, or do you relax in the shade whenever you get the chance to do so?

Ivy Geranium: Do you have any pets? If so, how are they doing?

Japanese Bloodgrass: When was the last time you drew blood, either from yourself or from another? What was the reason? 

Lady’s Mantle: What is one outfit you remember your mother/guardian wearing when you were a child?

Lambs Ears: Do you remember how old you were when the last time someone tried to sensor their speech around you?

Lavender: Is there a particular scent you are fond of? Do you smell this scent often or rarely? 

Million Gold: How much money do you make, if any? How much money do you have currently? 

Moss Phlox: Have there been any new friends you have made? What do you want to know about them the most?

Nasturium: Have you ever been the one to be told a secret? Did you keep it or did you share it with someone else? Was the secret worth being kept?

Ornamental Purslane: Do you wear any jewelry? Which ones are your favorites? Do you favor certain metals/gems/styles?

Rose Campion: If you had to fight, which one person would you chose to fight at your side? Would you pick them based on skill, on trust, or both?

Salvia-May-Night: What your habits/rituals you do when preparing for bed? How long do you usually sleep for?

Snapdragon: What sort of things would you hoard, if given the chance? Would you? 

Snow-In-Summer: Would you rather have winter or summer? What are the benefits or reason to your preferred season over the other?

Sunflower: Name one thing that will always make you smile.

Thread-leaf Tickseed: Are you an insect-magnet when you go outside, or do you insects generally leave you alone? 

Variegated Solomon’s Seal: What is one thing you wished you could seal away and never see/feel/use/etc again? Why?

Wheat Cockscomb: Name one thing you could do that you wished you could do, but cant?

Yellow Cosmos: What is your favorite constellation? Why?

seasons of you- jjk

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the best things bloom in spring. 

all genres, mature content / 15.9k words / reincarnation!jjk au / enjoy !

req(s); Jungkook; Reincarnation!AU, forbidden lovers throughout different lifetimes starting from royalty; but in the present lifetime, the reader is already married (+) a slice of both dom and sub!jungkook smut

a/n; i spent so many weeks and days and hours on this and it is the longest oneshot/fic i have ever written by far, bUt i loved writing it so I really really hope you love reading it ! give me your thoughts nd such if you would be so kind,,,,  i’d super duper appreciate it for this monster, much love <3

“You never know how truly you love someone until you lose them,” your mother always told you. It seemed an obvious thing, nodding your head with a smile as she brushed through the ends of your hair at the vanity. Her opulent necklaces always glinted in the firelight, or the sunshine coming through the windows on early mornings, lips parted with wise concentration and dresses making hushed sounds against the old concrete when she swayed back and forth. She didn’t believe in servitude, allowing them to keep place and tidy things in order to hold appearances, but when it came to personal tasks, and tasks regarding her children, your mother was certain the only way something was done right is if it was done by oneself. An idea that was deemed preposterous by much of the aristocracy.

You never understood the allure of royalty, the title of noble Lady holding such an snobby tone to it, one that your sisters wore with painfully obvious pride and arrogance. The palace felt far too large, even for the multitude of families who lived there, not to mention the king, Queen, Prince, Princesses, and all of the royal families’ bastard children, who ran amok unattended and judged based on their father’s decisions. You kept to the outskirts, never gathered in the fancied gardens, or dinner parties unless required, which was more often than you favored.

Like tonight, for instance, the annual King’s dinner and ball which was to be attended by all royalty and titled people living both within and in close proximity to the castle. Whenever people gathered here they seemed to have a hard time leaving, and those who lingered always ensnared themselves into the most troubling of situations.

Your mother’s fingers are soft and gentle as they work out the tangles of your hair. Since your father died when you were a young girl, your mother had blossomed, no longer kept down by the oppressive tendencies of men. She could go as she pleased, dress as she pleased, and her favor with the queen granted her access to any area she pleased. They were playmates as children in the palace, and while your mother spoke ill of no one, she never failed to minutely scrunch up her nose in distaste at mention of the king. She claimed that he dampened her friends once vibrant spirit, made her nothing more than a housewife, a domestic mother, and while your sisters wondered what else a woman could be for than to make heirs and tend to their husbands, you could see the inequality and dreary living that the scales of renaissance life possessed.

You never sought a husband, half out of disinterest and half never wanting to be controlled by anyone other than yourself, and if that earned you whispers and eyes behind your back so be it. Better to be standing with it to other people than constantly on it.

“What is this occasion for?” You ask, running kohl along the lines of your eyelids, “another ambassador in town?”

“Not quite so,” your mother’s tone dissuades yours, catching her eye in the mirror as she sets the forgotten comb beside you, “the king’s son has returned from his schooling and military exploits in Western Europe.”

“I didn’t hear him announced,” you remark, wondering where you could have been when the trumpets went off, “the queen must be overjoyed.”

“On the contrary,” your mother stays silent for a moment, watching your face work out the puzzle. “He is the son of the king’s first mistress, who died in childbirth. The king favors him greatly, so don’t act as a shutin. Remember, those who favor those the king favors-”

“-get king’s favors, I know,” you mock her, repeating the line she always did in order to get you to play nice, “but if he’s a bastard, why would the king throw a celebration in his honor?”

The light catches the gold in her dress as she spins, firelight igniting her hair while she speaks. “I believe the king is aiming to get him legitimized. He has bribed the church a great deal and sum in order of persuade them into attending this event tonight, therefore we must all be present to show our appreciation and love for his son. You were playmates once,” she adds, “as young children.”

“I don’t remember that,” you state the obvious, continuing with your prior train of thought, “but if he’s legitimized, that would mean-”

“Yes, flower,” your mother silences you with her favorite nickname, “it means he would be king. And that centuries of tradition and birthright would be absconded in the name of male pride.” Her tone savors slightly of bitterness, bringing the trace of a grin to your lips.

“What’s his name?” You ask, setting the stylo down and replacing it with a puff for rouge. “The son’s?”

“I believe it’s Jungkook,” your mother says absently, drifting away to lay out your gown, “I’m quite certain it’s Jeon Jungkook.”

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Spending Thanksgiving with the Weasley family would include:
  • Spending the entire morning helping Molly cook alongside with Ginny since it’s her first Thanksgiving actually making the food from scratch with no magic
  • “Oh get out of here you two and go have some fun! I’m quite sure I can handle whipping up some stuffing and potatoes. I’ve already started on the cranberries- oh see dear, it’s in the oven and the turkey is in the freezer ready for dinner.”
    “With all due respect Mrs. Weasley… you’re not suppose to put cranberries in the oven, they’ll melt, and the turkey has to thaw and then we put it in the oven to be cooked.”
    “Oh bloody hell!”
  • Going around the table and everyone saying what they’re grateful for
  • “I’m grateful for having Y/n here or otherwise I’m sure our lovely mother would have poisoned us dead.”
  • Molly swatting Fred in the head for that one
  • Fighting with Fred and George over who gets to break the wishbone
  • Forcing the Weasley family to watch Muggle American football 
  • Carrying on the Weasley tradition of a rough game of Quidditch
  • Laying on the couch with Ginny waiting for your food coma to pass
  • Ron and you eating all the pumpkin pie
  • Trying to explain what the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is to Arthur 
  • “So just a massive collection of big huge air machines roam around the city- that could possible crush someone- and these Muggles enjoy it? That’s absurd, we must go at once!”
  • Molly insisting that you didn’t eat enough, despite the fact that you already had three plates, and piling more food up for you
  • Pulling out all the Christmas decorations the second everyone’s done eating
  • Everyone picking out a tree together in the backyard and Arthur chopping it down
  • Setting up the tree inside and getting sap all over your fingers
  • Singing loudly to Christmas music with Ginny and dancing around the house 
  • George, Ron, and Bill would most likely get all the lights tangled up outside while you, Ginny, and Molly worked on the tree inside
  • Percy would stand to the side and make snide remarks to his brothers and laugh at them for creating a big mess on tangled up lights
  • The boys giving up and using magic instead
  • George would sit next to you on the ground while you take out all the ornaments from the holder and explain the meaning behind each and every one
  • “Oh, Bill made that over the summer. And this one grandma gave to Ginny. This is my favorite!”
    “Georgie… why do you have a pickle ornament?”
  • George being absolutely astonished that despite being aware of Muggle customs, you had no idea what the pickle ornament meant
  • “You mean to say you’ve never hidden a pickle in the tree before?”
    “That sounds quite dirty, George.”
  • Molly and Arthur standing to the side watching in adoration as the whole family worked together and joked around
  • Percy would fill everyone in on the background of Thanksgiving and why it is celebrated
  • Fred taking you up on his shoulders so you can put the star on top of the tree
  • Thousands of stories from the past would be shared
  • Feeling miles past full of food
  • Listening to Ginny gush about Harry Potter to you and sharing how she wished he could’ve made it to which you would roll your eyes and smile because she is absolutely smitten by the boy
  • Messing around with Ron and pranking his older brother’s together
  • Taking cat naps with Fred and George
  • Before you leave, Molly would give you the warm hat she had spent the whole week knitting for you
  • “There you go, love. Don’t want you catching a cold out there. Fred and George make sure you watch out for this one! Do not let her leave the castle unless she’s all bundled up. It’s suppose to get awfully cold my dear.”
    “We won’t, mum.”
  • Going out Black Friday shopping with Ginny and introducing her to Muggle concepts
  • “Now be careful, it can get pretty vicious. Watch out for carts, I got jabbed in the side last year with one and almost didn’t make it up in time to beat the crowd.”
    “Uh, Y/n are you sure this is safe?”
  • After break, Molly would send you back to Hogwarts with plenty of leftovers

-Daizy xx

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I'm going to send TWO characters JUST BECAUSE. Kojuro and Hotaru.

Send me a character meme (You can still send me more!)


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral  | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His dependability (on everything else but housework)
worst quality: He can’t cook. What sort of a man can’t cook?
ship them with: His MC
brotp them with: Masamune and Shigezane. I love the Oshu trio <3
needs to stay away from: 
Shigezane’s girlfriends.
misc. thoughts: His sister is so violent. And then it gets played as a joke? Like it’s fun that a grown man gets slapped by his sister without a reason. I don’t get it.


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His overall adorableness
worst quality: No sense of direction. Totally clueless on many things.
ship them with: MC.
brotp them with: Saizo and Yukkins. Saizo pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does. Yukkins wants to talk to him despite knowing about his power and wants him to feel welcome in Ueda.
needs to stay away from:
Iga elders. Poor bby needs to get a normal life.
misc. thoughts: He’s just so adorable (and hot) I wanna squeeze him to death. But I’m kinda torn between having motherly feelings and wanting to jump him immediately. He’s so innocent but damn that moment when he kissed MC in his event story. I was GONE.


Last week, in Nightwing #29, the rest of the Teen Titans and the Suicide Squad got jokerized, but we didn’t see Raven or Goliath on that panel. I, hopefully, thought they were going to save the day..

In Suicide Squad #26, we at least get to see what happened to Goliath, he got jokerized too and he is being ridden by Dark Multiverse Damian. Raven didn’t show up in the issue… What are they planing to do with her? 

Besides being put on an hamster ball and being an ornament for the Laughmobile..

Strawberry Moon - (Trixya/Vatya) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This is the brain-vomit first outing in an AU that will be two or three parts long? Fair warning, this is heavier on Trixya than Vatya. (But I’m a slut for Vatya, so there will never be enough.) Also, I’m not a Russian fish; so, if any of these phrases are totally and completely wrong…I apologize. 

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Merry Christmas, Darling

[Summary]: It’s kinda lonely around Christmas Eve without your boyfriend, Bucky. But you get the present of a lifetime!

[Warning]: SO MUCH FLUFF

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

Tagging: @bovaria @marvel-ash @just-call-me-mrs-captain @dividedwecantfall @mellifluous-melodramas @metalarmproblems @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @thewinterher0 @that-sokovian-bastard @the-real-tony-stank @mcuimxgine @buckysberrie

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The crisp winter air blasted you as you walked out of the store. You set your shopping bags down, zipped up your jacket all the way and put on your cap on when you noticed snowflakes starting to gently fall.

You grab your keys out of your purse, pick up your bags and walk to your car. You drive to the apartment that you and your boyfriend share. Unfortunately, he was away on a mission somewhere so it’s been kinda lonely in the apartment.

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madame maxima is very beautiful!!! can you tell us about her personality?

ok so in this version of the headcanon shes snobby, elegant and prideful. out of all the mothers i plan on posting, she is the most neurotic and uptight. she cares a lot about her appearance, proper manners and in general how shes seen by others, especially important gems. she is a perfectionist who gets stressed easily and freaks out when sth doesnt go according to the plan. shes strict and has low tolerance for incompetence. she works incredibly hard to meet the highest standards of pearl making. also she doesnt like quartzes and considers them to be dumb brutes (same with rubies, minus the brutes. they are just dumb.) she also often has quarrels with her twin sister who im gonna post about later.

theres of course some depth to her. the reason for her behavior is that she acts out of fear and the immense pressure put on her. shes afraid of punishment for herself and her pearls, therefore she tries her absolute best to do what hw wants from her. inside she doesnt want to be cruel to her pearls, she loves them and in normal conditions would be very warm towards them, but it also gets complicated bcs of a self defense mechanism she developed over time where she started approaching her pearls as a high-shelf product rather than daughters. this way producing and training perfect pearls and giving them away for being ornaments hurts less. :( she hates herself for this. because shes so prideful and she hates the order its like she betrays her own family, beliefs and culture. shes stuck between a rock and a hard place…

another important element of her character is her approach to the past. as i mentioned the mothers were at war with the gems, eventually lost and got destroyed. gold is kinda stuck in it. she loathes the gems for what they did and shes very bitter at how little of the mothers culture survived. she keeps dreaming about the mothers rising to glory again. theres actually an important cultural symbol of the mothers that gold wears on her head very proudly: the whorl.

characteristic to many molluscs, it was a symbol of the mothers, much like a diamond is a symbol of the gem empire now.

HAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY @yahoberries !!!! @mayarashi did the lineart and i colored! (and also added the tit ornaments) 

congrats on being an amazing artist and overall a fantastic person! i wish you nothing but happiness for the year to come and i hope i can help to bring a lil extra joy in your life now and then like you did (and keep doing!) for me. today is the only day you’ll be free of roasting from my end so dont waste it :^)

the world forgetting, the world forgot

finally done with this timetravel!hc which grew so fucking long omg. so, yeah, new ot3 + nyxnoct. enjoy!

  • guess who is going to a special kind of hell for this? me! and guess who doesn’t give a fuck? still me!
  • now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with it
  • the astrals like their cycle
    • if the first king of light fails? allow the bloodline to grow in power
    • a king is born, dies, goes to the crystal
    • rinse and repeat, until the expected spike in power comes
  • but what if this went even further?
  • it always seemed strange to me that regis gave noctis what would have become his royal arm, the culmination of all he did as a ruler of lucis
    • aren’t they supposed to be forged in the heat of battle? a weapon stolen and made greater still? a weapon born from its wielder’s being?
    • no, noctis’ royal arm is and has always been the sword of the father, not that it bore that name at the time
    • all that he is and he would be compressed in one blade, the one that would ultimately take his life
    • and the engine blade? regis’ weapon
    • (in other worlds, this is not true, and regis gave him the engine blade as a birthday present, for his son who would never get to make his own path)
  • this is how it happens
  • when noctis dies for the first time, the crystal refuses to let him go
    • the king of light is born at dusk and dies at dawn, so it is written
    • but for him to die, he must be born first
    • this is a given
    • so, when he dies, the crystal takes him back into himself, and whisks him away to a time where his shadow lingers over everyone he ever touched
    • the soul of eos does not care for linearity, it exists at every point in time where the planet is still alive, and it would not be denied
  • he reappears around forty years in the past, in the tempering grounds, unaware of anything but his name
    • gilgamesh, for all that he is ruthless, still recognizes a member of the line he had sworn himself to
    • the line that he himself belonged to, once upon a time, before forsaking his name to protect his brother, and become his shield
    • he is the one that takes the last king in, that heals him and takes care of him, helped by the lucian souls who dwell in their resting place
    • noctis is cut off from the crystal’s power, because he is not a king in that world. he is just a man, adrift in time
    • elemancy, inherited from his mother’s side, still runs in his veins, but it is the only magic he has access to now
    • and the blade he wields is the one responsible for the scar on his chest
    • as well as the two daggers that had followed him in death, like their owner would have
  • noctis spends a lot of time in the tempering grounds in the beginning as he slowly regains his strength and adapts to the hole the crystal left inside of him
    • not that he knows what the dull pain inside of him is
  • training with gilgamesh, talking with the souls, healing
  • the past is not that different from the future in that moment
  • after a while, gilgamesh pronounces him as healthy as he will ever get, and tells him that it is not yet his time to dwell in the tempering grounds
    • that the lake would accept him, someday, but not at the moment
    • but still, so he may always find his way back, gilgamesh gives him one of the banners adorning the caves, which he ties around the handles of all three of his blades
  • he starts exploring after that, getting back in touch with the world he was kept away from for his own good
    • jobs as hunter, mercenary, always on the move, never settling
    • one of the people he likes to spend time with is kimya, who feels both familiar and grounded in a way that doesn’t leave his head aching
    • he feels like he knows her, but it’s not as urgent a feeling as when he tries to pierce the veil obscuring his memories
  • it’s during one of those hunts that he meets clarus for the first time
  • the future king’s shield usually get out of the city for training purposes, to test his strength against stronger opponents than he would find in insomnia and to see his friends amongst the hunters
  • it’s not unusual for him to go to hunters’ bars to share glasses and stories afterwards
    • that’s when he starts noticing a lone hunter, always in black, with simple and functional clothes, but the sigils and subtle ornaments betray them as being of lucian make, even if older than what he is used to seeing
    • the crystal earrings which glinted in the light, the old jewelry around his neck, the designs engraved in his sword’s hilt
    • all of it betrayed his lucian heritage
  • no one seems to know who he is, he just appeared one day and starting taking all of the higher bounties and coming back none the worse for wear
    • and he is always alone, no matter that more than one hunter offered to accompany him
  • but what struck him the most was how similar he looked to aulea
    • the features, the eyes, even the unconscious little movements when confronted with either cold or heat were the same
  • and this is what pushes him to seat at his table the next time he sees him
    • noctis is surprised to be approached so boldly
    • people are always either completely at ease around him, like kimya or little dave, or put ill at ease by something…out of place around him
    • clarus is neither, and he is curious in spite of himself
    • something in the back of his mind hums in recognition
    • it’s almost too easy to fall back into half-remembered banter as the shield asks him about his latest hunt, the one everybody had been buzzing about
    • because who goes to hunt a family of malboros on their own?
    • but there is a reason why noctis doesn’t like to stay around people for too long
    • warm and mellowed by alcohol, it’s easy to forget the splitting headaches that incapacitate him at the least opportune of times
    • the only sign of pain this time around is a brief furrowing of his eyebrows before his face smoothed out
    • and clarus is amazed by how much he looked like regis in that moment
    • regis, whose face could clear of laughter in less than a second when faced with a member of the council
    • but he has no time to dwell on it, because his drinking partner gets up and starts gathering his gear
    • “i will see you around?” he says uncertainly, looking back with cloudy blue eyes
    • “you will.” clarus has an inkling about who this mysterious hunter may be, and he is not about to let go before confirming it. “i’m clarus.”
    • “noctis. just…noctis.”
    • and he is gone
  • they don’t see each other for quite a while after this
  • because noctis’ head won’t stop hurting
    • the memories are almost there, and whatever is holding them back is raging
    • half-blind from pain, he makes his way back to gilgamesh by letting his feet take him back, based the feel of the elemental deposits he encountered on his way
    • he doesn’t know how he is not killed before arriving, really
    • elemancy is his saving grace, close-combat so out of his reach it’s laughable
    • noctis finds his way to the havens simply by feel, feeling for the runes humming with blessed magic, eyes closed to try and lessen the pressure behind them
    • they grant him just enough peace for him to doze off fitfully, images flitting behind his eyes
  • when he finally, finally gets back, he almost cries in relief
    • death would be better than this
    • the first thing he feels is gilgamesh’s gauntleted hand on the side of his face
    • “what have you done to yourself now, lost one?”
    • noctis turns his face into his hand, cold metal a balm to his burning skin
    • the blademaster leads him gently to the lake at the center of his domain, and makes him drink
    • while inwardly cursing the astrals and the crystal for the way they chose to play things out
    • noctis finally falls asleep, and gilgamesh takes him to the island, letting him rest on the altar at its center while it takes effect
    • once again burying his memories and healing him
    • this time, he lets it go deeper, granting him a part of his power
    • the ritual was only ever meant for his own warriors, but exceptions are to be made sometimes
    • (the tempering grounds and everything associated with them were forgotten for a reason after all, and that reason is the water)
  • the recovery takes longer this time, noctis’ exhausted body and mind falling deeper into slumber to recover
  • when he wakes up, it is to the warriors’ concerned voices and gilgamesh leaning against the slab of stone he was asleep on
    • “whatever you did almost killed you, lost one. do not attempt such a thing again.”
    • noctis takes a moment before answering
    • “they were almost back. i don’t know if i want them to.”
    • a solemn silence fills the grounds
    • the memories are safely back behind their wall now, but the lost king vows to stay away from others even more than before after this
    • he doesn’t want to go through this again
  • the barrier is stronger now, and the headaches are gone by the time he goes back to the surface world, away from the tangle of dimensions that make up the caves he calls home
  • his resolve does not last as long as he had wished
    • as soon as he gets back to an outpost to take another hunt, he is asked by no less than 3 people how he was doing, if he was alright, what had happened…
    • mostly the people he interacted the most with, like ezma’s husband, david, who liked to move from outpost to make sure everything was alright or the tipsters who had gotten to know him through their usual “bartender witchcraft”, as david would put it
    • he is a bit overwhelmed but touched by the concern
  • the concern quickly melts away when he learns that the hunt he had been keeping an eye, for a pair of behemoth causing havoc in duscae, was taken, and by clarus nonetheless
  • from what he had gleaned before his retreat to taelpar crag, the man usually took his time to do recon on the bigger targets, which noctis hopes is true as he heads to the last place they were reported at
    • “get back!”
    • clarus’ body moves before the words register to his mind, the tone, cutting and commanding, leaving no room for disobedience
    • he jumps out of the monster’s way just in time to avoid the lightning storm aimed at the spot he was standing in just a second before
    • glancing back, he is startled to see noctis and not regis as he had first expected
    • and even more by the unsettling violet illuminating his eyes, so unlike aulea’s deeper blue
    • but he is sure of one thing now : noctis truly is a leonis
    • the elemancy is confirmation enough
    • the way he fights? definitely hammers the point home
    • the dodges, edged in red and gold compared to the traditional lucian blue; water and air being drawn to him as he fought, replenishing his reserves like he had seen aulea do countless times; the same precision and deadliness at the base of cor’s style; the way he focused his aura into the edges of his sword
    • and the sword in and of itself. he had only seen the likes of it in king mors and regis’ armiger. the lines, the carving, the runes. a sword worthy of the royal line
    • the shield understands why this man could go head head to head with monsters even hunter groups hesitated to face by himself and win
    • the first behemoth goes down without a hitch in a combination of lightning and fire, igniting the very air around it in glorious red and blue
    • the second one is more difficult, and flees in the face of the hunter’s power with only a scar left to prove that it survived his sword
  • when they are dealt with, noctis rounds on clarus
    • “what the hell were you thinking!?”
    • he is pissed off, and it shows
    • nobody is stupid or reckless enough to go after a mated pair on their own
    • even he was planning on asking for david’s or ezma’s help for that one
    • clarus is not cowed in the least by his wrathful stare, but he does seem to grow more uncomfortable by the second
    • which is how he figures out that he is injured
    • noctis’ bedside manners are not the best
    • he brusquely tells him to strip off so he can deal with the wound, and nearly starts tapping his feet in impatience when he is not listened to immediately
    • the shield does, reluctantly, not willing to try his luck with the clearly angry hunter, moreso that he used all of his recovery items during the fight
    • (a lifetime knowing aulea leonis will do that to you)
    • there is a pretty consequent clawmark on his back from where he got caught by surprise
    • drawing clean water from the nearby swamp, noctis starts cleaning the wound and encouraging the edges closed. lightning to stimulate healing, fire to clean, and he is set
    • the older man can damn nearly hear gilgamesh talking about a warrior’s pride and why it should be taken seriously, and it does not help his temper
    • the vague grumblings about pride makes the amicitia chuckle in spite of himself, which just puts noctis in a worse mood
    • when he is done, clarus catches him by the arm and thanks him
    • tells him that he owes him a debt, and that he could call on him whenever he wanted
    • the older hunter visibly restrains himself from refusing, and abruptly deflates after actually hearing gilgamesh
    • it’s good enough for clarus
    • for now
    • because he is damn well making sure to either bring regis/aulea to this unknown leonis, or to make him come to them
    • though he is not going to try his luck now, with how put out noctis looks
    • their second meeting is quite the exciting one
  • after getting back to insomnia, clarus seeks regis out to tell him about the interesting man he met, who fights and acts like a leonis
    • which prompts the crown prince to dig into the archive behind his father and the council’s back
  • aulea and cor were born to their father’s second wife, the first one having died 5 years before in the infiltration of one of niflheim’s biggest bases
    • she was a soldier in the king’s army known for her ability to modify magitek on the fly and transform it into devastating bombs when mixed with the king’s magic, explaining why she was given this mission
    • they did not find anything confirming her death, and she was pronounced killed in action
    • their father found out later while shifting through her personal effects that she had been 3 months pregnant at the time
  • it would not be out of the realm of possibility for her to have survived, explaining noctis’ existence
    • perhaps this was another one of niflheim’s schemes. how could they be sure?
    • regis is sceptical, but willing to hear clarus out and meet this supposed leonis
  • aulea, being aulea, learns of this and tells them she is coming along, no matter what they say
    • no way is she letting them deal with something concerning her family without her
  • so, it’s a group of three that leaves insomnia
  • meanwhile, noctis is still exploring eos, still doing hunts, but stays closer to human settlements because of the encroaching MTs
    • david doesn’t stop teasing him about that, because his friend finally connecting with someone else? unthinkable!
    • “so you like them younger, huh?”
    • shut up dave
    • “now you’ve just gone and dashed my dreams to pieces”
    • “i swear to the fucking six i will feed you to that coeurl.”
    • “hey now, let’s not get hasty, what would dave and ezma say?”
    • “she would agree with me. and dave would never find out how much of an idiot you truly are, i’m saving you some trouble.”
    • “wow, that’s cold.”
    • “oh hell, look what you’ve done, it’s coming our way now! you owe me so many drinks after this.”
  • the three lucians get to the outpost in the aftermath of this hunt, noctis laughing and poking fun at david, ezma judging both of them from where she is teaching dave proper weapon maintenance
    • aulea marches straight to him, because she wants to know
    • “aulea leonis, thanks for saving that knucklehead back there. he is an idiot and needs constant supervision, like that other one” she says as she jerks a thumb at her companions
    • there are definitely no indignant sounds in answer to that
    • noctis is bemused, but shakes the hand she thrust in front of his face
    • a quicksilver smirk unnoticed by everyone but her oldest friends crosses her face
    • because she got him exactly where she wanted him
    • a lot of things can lie, but not magic
    • and the way he instinctively starts drawing on the reserves she purposely left open is the sign she was waiting for
    • their timing couldn’t have been better
    • when exhausted, a leonis tries to fill their their reservoirs of magic from everything around them, be it elements, deposits, or other wielders themselves
    • it cuts off as quick as it started, but noctis’ startled eyes meet hers, and he knows
    • “hello, brother. i wonder where you have been all those years.
  • regis and clarus are appalled by aulea’s lack of tact
  • noctis is not…shocked, per say. something inside of him knows it’s not the truth, which he tries to tell her
  • she is not having any of it
    • “you are a leonis, magic doesn’t lie”
    • “even it it was so, that doesn’t make me your brother”
    • “it does. only three of us were born with the gift in the last hundred years : my father, my brother and me. you can’t be anything but blood.”
    • (the leonis’ blood is one that strengthens overtime, privileging a few members over the others to focus itself)
    • noctis shakes his head silently and goes back to healing david, trailing sparks of lightning on his skin as he forces the wound closed
    • “i don’t have anything for you to settle your debt yet, clarus, if that’s what you are here for.”
    • the dismissal is clear
    • aulea prepares to argue more, but she is stopped by clarus’ hand on her shoulder
  • the hair, the face, the eyes, noctis and aulea are so similar, it’s eerie, is what regis thinks as he takes over
    • he is still wary, but there is something about the hunter that calls to him
    • the practiced detached look is evident to him, for having seen it many times in the mirror, but he forges on
    • “you could come back with us. family may be waiting for you at the end of it.”
    • “i have everything i need right here, thank you.”
    • “is there anything i can do to change your mind?”
    • “no.”
    • noctis thinks that everything is said and done at this point
    • oh, how wrong he is
    • he inherited his stubbornness from somewhere after all
    • “very well then. we’ll just have to convince you.”
    • and then they rent a motel room
    • noctis cannot believe this is his life
  • david is silent beneath his hands
    • “you sure you don’t want to see what this is about? not everyday you get an invite to insomnia’s upper echelon.”
    • “not interested.”
    • a smirk curls his lips after that, but just as he opens his mouth–
    • “ouch! what did you shock me for!?”
    • “whatever you were about to say, i don’t want to hear it.”
    • cue mock wrestling match
    • noctis may have the height advantage, but david is mean to make up for it
    • ezma wonders how she got saddled with this idiot sometimes
    • dave is alternatively cheering for his dad and noctis
  • really, what regis meant by convincing was “we’re going to accompany you on your hunts because this is apparently how you bond with people”
    • noctis is unimpressed, but lets them tag along
    • they are a pretty impressive bunch, really
    • lightning quick aulea with her rapier, magic at the tips of her fingers, as quick to laugh as she is to frown
    • cunning regis who refuses to give up no matter what, who moves in the air like he moves on earth
    • stoic clarus, unmovable as a rock, always ready to meet a challenge head on, and to pull the other two back when necessary
    • noctis hates to admit it, but they are growing on him
    • it’s the little moments, like regis holding them back for a second when he comes up with a new plan
    • clarus yelling at aulea when she nearly hit him with a spell and the sheepish shrug she gives him in return
    • regis and clarus watching noctis care for his sword, or the play of firelight on his earrings, the flex of his back as he trains with aulea, the glint of his jewelry at his hands and throat
    • laughing together over drinks as regis gets progressively more drunk and handsy around clarus
    • subtle around each other, those two are not, especially so far away from the city, and from its citizens’ constant judgement
    • aulea looks on in exasperated fondness and shares commiserating glances with noctis, who is looking on in amusement at regis’ uncharacteristic behaviour and his shield’s attempts at appearing unaffected
  • watching clarus unceremoniously carrying regis back totheir motel room is what makes noctis laugh around them for the first time, jacket thrown over his shoulder and hair tied back to deal with the heat
    • clarus and regis stop bantering for a bit, and it is when they think maybe
  • it’s a slow process, their trust, interrupted at times by aulea’s insistent questioning or noctis’ faraway gaze, his fingers lingering on either his sword’s sharp edge or the holstered blades at his thighs
  • their stay vary from a day to a week, the time they can spare until they are missed back in the city
  • after a while, weskham starts joining them, the butler both amused and worried by his friends’ constant absence
    • they click immediately, much to the three’s annoyance
    • weskham is too damn charming for anyone’s good, and not even noct is immune
    • telling him stories about aulea and regis’ shenanigans when they were younger, including the time regis inadvertently warped on top of a building and aulea climbed after him to get him down
    • kings mors didn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes straight when he found them
    • regis wants to hide his face in his hands, but he refrains from it. still does not help the blush when noct catches his eyes and his smile widens
    • this is not how he want to be noctis to see him dammit
    • from the corner of his eyes, he notices clarus hiding his smirk behind his class and kicks him in the chin
    • because they are ridiculous
  • but really, what actually manages to get him back to insomnia is cor, who learned about him from his sister and decided to see for himself after making sure that his sister is still in insomnia
    • cue tiny cor challenging noctis to a fight when he finds him
    • noctis is even less impressed than by his three usual tag-alongs and just freezes genji in its scabbard
    • “proof enough for you?”
    • cor is spluttering and really want to kill someone, preferably noctis
    • which does not happen because the hunter is not letting a child go back to insomnia by himself
    • the youngest leonis is offended but stops protesting when he gets a look scarily similar to aulea
    • he really doesn’t want to listen to him but as they journey back to the city, noctis starts teaching him little tricks which he starts using in spite of himself, like how to increase the amount of energy he can absorb from deposits, or how to maximize his aura and increase his strikes
    • pointedly showing that yes, he has magic, and to stop and listen for a second
    • because grumpy noct is grumpy and needs a nap
  • they make a stop by hammerhead to rest for the night before heading on to the crown city; cid takes one look at cor’s disgruntled face and noctis’ amused one and wants to go back to his cars
    • he settles for whacking cor on the head once and tells him how aulea was ready to search the countryside by herself to find him, which cor looks vaguely guilty for
    • and then he turns to the hunter, looks at him for a second and shakes his head
    • “so you’re the one the two idiots have been singing the praises of for months?”
    • “cid, i take it?”
    • “yeah, that’s me”
    • this is the beginning of beautiful friendship full of grumpiness and complaints
    • it’s great
    • cid tells noct to come on in and to take “the brat” with him while he’s at it
    • they end up sharing a meal together, which mainly consists of cid and noctis taking turns needling cor who tries (and fails) to stay stoic
  • cor and his self-assigned minder leave for insomnia the next day
    • cid is just wondering what kind of trouble regis and clarus got themselves into, because oh boy is noctis completely their type; it’s unnerving
    • he is too old to deal with this
  • the smallest leonis may or may not have hidden behind behind noctis at aulea’s unnervingly calm, “please open the gates, before i break them down for you.” when they arrived at the entrance of the crown city
    • that one was followed by a decidedly not calm death threat aimed at her brother
  • regis, clarus and her are waiting just behind the gates as they open slowly, still in their formal clothes from the council they hastily escaped once they got cid’s message
  • noctis enters insomnia, and never really leaves
    • no way are they letting him go now that he is finally there
    • and noctis is reluctant in the beginning, but damn if he didn’t get attached to them
    • so he stays, rejects aulea’s offer of an apartment, because she is the head of the family after her father’s death
    • she stopped trying to convince him about being her elder brother, because she saw how uncomfortable it made him, but he’s still added to the family register
    • noctis ends up renting an apartment in what would become the galahdian immigrant district in the future with the money he accumulated from hunts
    • they don’t even ask him about becoming a crownsguard, it wouldn’t fit him
  • he gets dragged to the citadel on most days when he is in the city, because they know he would either try to lose himself in the city or go back outside the if left to his own devices
    • sword and elemancy training with cor, because he got attached
    • wandering the gardens with regis as he vents about the council or expresses his worry about niflheim
    • getting conned into trying weskham’s new recipes
    • going out for drinks with clarus
    • aulea dragging him for an excursion in the city because “you’re too gloom for your own good”
    • generally making sure that he does not end up like cid
    • which noctis bitches about to the man in question. he is not sympathetic at all to his plight and mostly laughs at him
  • regis and clarus stare when they see him in casual clothes, because noctis looks that much wilder when compared to the other lucians. his hair pulled back from his face, the small galahdian braids at his temple used to keep everything in place, the piercings and accessories that caught and held people’s attention as they enjoyed the city’s night life, the small knives he kept hidden on his person just in case. just, noctis
    • (noctis does not remember who taught him those twists in the first place, only calloused hands gently running through his hair, arm wrapped around a bare calf, hand following the lines of a tattoo. a soft memory he keeps alive by rebraiding his hair in this fashion, letting his fingers work as he closes his eyes)
  • their first kiss happens in the green lands surrounding the city, the three of them sitting by one of the small ponds hidden amongst the trees
    • noctis is warm and comfortable between them, leaning against clarus’ shoulders and looking up at the sky, pointing out constellations to them
    • regis makes the first step, touching him on the back to catch his attention before leaning in for a kiss
    • the panic that springs in him is more distant than usual, because he wants this. he doesn’t see why anyone would want him, who had nothing except three blades and a name, but oh how he wants
    • then, it’s clarus’ turn, turning noctis’ face and catching it in his hands before kissing him, slow and careful, unlike regis’ surer nips and teases
    • the leonis lets go, stops thinking and enjoys the moment
  • a lot happens during those war torn years, but mostly they are happy
    • niflheim can still be held in check by the old wall, leaving them free to travel, even more so with regis grown and able to protect himself
    • he wouldn’t have accepted staying caged in the city, which is a caelum if anyone has ever heard of one
  • mors sees noctis in action while he is training with aulea, clarus and regis, red and gold haze surrounding his sword as he danced around the prince’s warp strikes, blades seemingly jumping to his hand as he countered aulea’s magic with his own and singing as they cut through the air to intercept clarus’ strikes
    • which is how he ends up accompanying the king to the front lines as he fights to reach the lucii statues maintain the wall protecting lucis from niflheim
    • mors “the tower” lucis caelum, a beast of a man whose favoured weapon is a bow, shooting down soldiers and daemons by the dozens from afar
    • (the bow of the tower : this weapon belonged to the king who held strong against an invasion, sacrificing lands to save the kingdom’s heart)
  • noctis finally letting aulea and cor call him their older brother
    • “what will you do if i disappear one day? i won’t always be there to help.” noctis asks during one of their training trip outside of the city, to get cor more experience, which everyone else invite themselves to
    • cor just frowns at him in reproach
    • “don’t be ridiculous, i will always find you”
    • noctis grins and drags him closer, messing his hair up and knocking his beret askew
    • “what would i do without my tenacious little brother, huh?”
    • cor tries to push him away half-heartedly, badly hiding a smile while aulea is laughing, arm wound around noctis’ waist
    • weskham chooses that time to take a picture, and it’s the one cor will keep for years
    • the leonis family, smiling together
  • getting taken on fishing trips by regis and clarus, using the opportunity to visit david, ezma and little dave, as well kimya when they go to malmalam thicket for some of wesky’s ingredients
  • aulea throwing him to the sharks by making him her escort during most of the official functions she attends, because she is enabler and likes making her friends suffer
    • jealousy and wandering hands in dark corners of a ballroom may or may not happen when noctis in a suit makes his first appearance
    • helping him out of it is just as good, in regis and clarus’ opinion
  • but all things must end one day
  • noctis knows it, because the wall holding back his memories starts to break down, and he hears the lucian souls’ whispers more clearly than before, one of them tugging at his heartstrings with how familiar they (he) sound
  • when cor expresses the desire to pass the trial, noctis and clarus accompany him
    • if he is a little more frantic, a little more tender during the last night he shares with his lovers, well, it’s his secret to bear
    • trying to engrave the sight in his mind, knowing he would never see it again
  • cor and noctis walk parallel to each other across the dimensions, cor going through the trials led before him and noctis walking to his resting place
  • as the youngest leonis and gilgamesh battle, noctis finds himself back at the place he first appeared in, on the altar in the middle of the lake
  • pulling out his sword, the sword of the father he remembers now, he unwinds the prayer banner that kept it tied to him from the hilt and leaning, his forehead one last time on its cold metal, says his goodbye
    • the sword of the last, the sword of the lover, the sword of the father
    • two blades meeting in the middle and crossing paths in the stream of time
    • in insomnia, regis’ armiger appears around him, thirteen blades circling him
  • when cor takes gilgamesh’s arm, noctis slips back into slumber, to await his time
  • the waters swallow him, and with him disappears all memories of noctis leonis, events slowly warping at the edge to erase his presence
    • there is a reason why a leonis’ eyes are blue
  • the owner of the voice he had heard so many time appears to him as he sinks into the, and the last king of lucis remembers
    • a roguish smile and pale blue eyes, tattoos he had traced so many times
    • “welcome back, little king”
    • and he sleeps
  • when the king of light sacrifices himself to bring dawn back, noctis, no longer a caelum, not truly, awakens, and gilgamesh greets him
  • “without the crystal my brother gave his life for, without the ring that adorned your hand, you are mine more than his, lost one; my own”
    • gilgamesh, founder of the leonis line, the first king’s brother, and his shield
    • the one who willingly lost his name to better protect his brother, and eos’ future
    • a family history mired in loss, eyes forever reflecting the blue waters of the tempering grounds; to remember, and to forget
    • “even if everything you know disappears, even if you are left adrift in time, you will always find a place here”
  • across eos, events shift back into place, and memories break through the pane of glass they had been hidden behind; in leide, in duscae, in altissia
  • cor is waiting for him as he emerges from the welcome darkness of the caves
    • “i told you i would always find you.”
  • noctis smiles a little at this, both happy and sad. because the life he had left was no more, all the people he had known dead and gone
  • (a father, a lover, which one came first, which one came last)
  • to be continued


Alright, Dragon spam aside briefly, how about we have Weekly Update #71?

This was a very productive week all around, with some adorable early ornament orders being filled; a festive little Murloc from World of Warcraft and a cheeky Poro from League of Legends, as well as brand new ornament set for this year - Star Wars! This new set features 4 ornaments, the Tauntaun, the Jawa, an Ewok and of course a Porg in full body festivities!

Over on the amigurumi side, several orders were also filled starting off with the return of Prince Sidon twice over, and a fond hello to Wolf Link! After those were filled, there was plenty of time left in the week to finally finish off the last Warcraft dragon in my goal, Deathwing!

Now, the amigurumi queue is actually quite long still, despite the progress and being a bit ahead of schedule, any NEW plushie orders will not be worked on until after February 15th. I do not want to shorten the queue with the time I’ve gained these past few weeks until after I return from my vacation, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, until I know for sure, the wait is at a 17 week wait, the longest it has ever been.

I think that covers everything for this week, and I’ll have a notice about the Warcraft Dragon listing day tomorrow! Until then you can find more of my work or commission your own at TheTallGrass.etsy.com!

“I have a problem with YOU (retail employee) because my human-introduced ornamental plant is being attacked by human-introduced pests in an bioregion that strongly favors aforementioned pest. Two part question: Why did you scam me and how can I throw more money at you to fix it?”

Now that it’s canon that Homeworld has a very strict class system on par with Transformer IDW’s functionism - can we please discuss how painful Rose and Pearl’s relationship must have been?

Pearls as ornamental pets. Pearls as less than labor, less than personal assistants - Pearls literally objectified. The Pearl we know, as Rose’s own ornamental Gem. A being created as a vanity object, whose sole function (according to Peridot and presumably the rest of Homeworld) is to look pretty and obey their owner’s orders.

Originally posted by vahnitr

Rose eventually realizing that this power imbalance is wrong - but also realizing that this is the only way of living that Pearl knows.

Rose tries to tell Pearl to make her own decisions. Rose is, after all, rebelling against Homeworld, presumably for freedom and choice and all that good stuff. She knows that Pearl will follow her because Rose owns her - not just because Pearl loves her. If Rose even recognizes that as love. From Rose’s position, this Gem she has owned for who knows how long (thousands of years probably, if Pearl has traveled through space with her) is devoted to her… but then, aren’t all Pearls devoted to their owners?

Originally posted by oathkeeper-of-tarth

Pearl imagining the life they’ll have together after the war, when castes don’t matter any more, when Homeworld laws don’t tell them what is and isn’t proper. Pearl not daring to voice the hope that Rose will be able to love her like she loves Rose - all while knowing that they can never be equals, because how could they be? Pearl’s own conditioning working against her, dragging her self-worth back down to its “proper place” even after the war is over, even when Rose is no longer a Diamond but just a simple Quartz, please. Pearl has spent so long serving, worshipping, accenting - she doesn’t know how else to be.

Originally posted by themysteryoftheunknownuniverse

Pearl slowly, slowly realizing that the life she imagined will never come to be. The harder she tries to be pleasing, the more Rose pushes her away. Pearl not understanding why Rose looks so sad when she smiles at her Pearl.

Originally posted by rozequart

Because Pearl is still Rose’s Pearl. Rose only tried to tell her she was free, that Rose did not own her, once - and couldn’t bear to see the pain written so plainly on Pearl’s face, not so soon after the pain and loss of the war with Homeworld. Rose knowing that, to Pearl, ownership is her only valid connection to Rose. Rose knowing that severing that tie, as terrible as it is, will only ever cause Pearl pain. Rose can’t bear it.

Every “my Pearl” makes Pearl shiver in pleasure. It’s a reaffirmation of belonging. Every order followed unquestioningly makes Pearl more confident and happy, even as it makes Rose sick to her stomach.

Rose loves Earth. Rose loves humans. And that’s ok, Pearl reasons every time she wants Rose to look at her with a burning need that feels so ugly that Pearl has to meditate to calm herself into serenity again. That’s ok, Pearl repeats as a mantra for 50 years or so, because after 50 years or so the human is dead and rotting - and Pearl would never leave Rose like that. It hurts Rose so much every time. Pearl would never abandon her like that. Pearl is too faithful to die.

Originally posted by queeradorability

Pearl, the lowest of the Gems, looking at humans and feeling good about herself for the first time in her life. Here is something lower than her. She may be just a Pearl, she may be nothing to the Gems or to Homeworld, but at least she’s better than these.

Somewhere, Pearl picks up the idea of knighthood. During the war she flourished under Rose’s careful manipulation, turned into almost her own Gem when she decided that she wanted to be useful and not just pretty.

But she is still Rose’s Pearl. Just… a better one.

Originally posted by misterakio

And Rose can’t bear to be the person she was before, no matter how much Pearl expects it or craves it. She wishes Pearl would defy her, would decide on her own. But Pearl only looks to her for guidance, for orders, for everything, and Rose loves to nurture but she cannot separate Pearl’s desires from Homeworld’s social conditioning. It’s wrong, she thinks, to take advantage of her Pearl’s infatuation.

Because it’s clear to everyone that even if Rose is willing to cast aside ranks and all be equals, Pearl is not. And she might not ever be.

So all Rose can do is smile sadly and nudge Pearl in the right direction, encourage any independence she can. And all Pearl can do is try to please Rose.

But in the end, Rose is gone… and Steven is all Pearl has left.

Originally posted by sardonyxs

won’t be gone long

Kara and Lena don’t get to spend their first Christmas together actually together.

Kara’s apologetic and worried and swearing vengeance on Snapper for this assignment, even as she whirls about her apartment in a hurry as she tries to pack. She doesn’t notice how she’s going a bit too fast, and Lena pretends to look the other way as Alex shoots Kara a warning look, because really, she isn’t stupid. 

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Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 4)

Excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

[After having to re-do the lighting for the ‘gravity globe’ in the pit, putting them very behind-schedule]

My joy is short-lived. It’s proving difficult to communicate with Claire and David. They can’t hear me, or - even worse - each other. Also, they’re steaming up whenever they talk, which is making the playing of a scene virtually impossible. The helmets are lifted off, and design and sound spirit them away to see what can be done. Our schedule is so tight that we’re trying out all these things for the first time on set. Not ideal…

Good news. The helmets have been fixed!  Our genius sound boys have created a microphone and earpiece system that allows Claire and David to hear each other, and me. Prop man Phil has also worked out how to stop the glass steaming. We shoot on through to 4am. It’s great stuff, just not enough of it. We’re behind. Way behind.

The second night in the quarry […] the weather is drawing in. It’s bitingly cold, and snow is falling intermittently. We’ve drafted in a second camera and are getting through the pages, but are constantly battling the ice and snow on the actors’ visors. Then suddenly, 10 minutes after Phil has gone home, it’s a white out. The entire crew is engulfed by a swirling snow blizzard. It’s like we’re inside one of those little snowstorm ornaments and being shaken about. We shoot on, then as quick as it came, it’s gone… leaving two inches of snow on the ground.  So we now have half a scene with snow and half without! I re-shoot the first half and frame above the white floor… and crawl into bed as the dawn is arriving, with my face burning from the cold.

Other parts of this set: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ five ] [ six ]
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Made in Brooklyn (Steve x Reader) Part 5

Summary: Both born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, Y/N Y/L/N and Steve Rogers are bitter rivals. As the leaders of two empires that combined cover almost all of the city of New York, there is no doubt that they are at war with each other. However, the involvement of a ruthless third party forces gravity to shift.

Author’s Note: I don’t usually do this, but in this part, the reader dances to a certain song. I’ve linked the song here, because I think listening to it will make the experience so much better. 

Chapter List


Part five

“Y/N,” he called after you. You ignored him and continued walking briskly down the street. You heard footsteps approaching you from behind, and you huffed. “Y/N!”

Suddenly you were yanked backwards, and two strong hands gripped your shoulders.



“What is with you?!” he exclaimed, shaking you gently.

“One of my men was just murdered!” you hissed, yanking yourself out of his grasp.

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anonymous asked:

All I can think about is Christmas with Harry! Can you write something for me? I love your writing and love how you bring my dreams to life!!

Christmas with Harry would be the equivalent of being on the North Pole with Santa himself.

He’d insist on having the biggest tree he could find and it would be decorated to the hilt with every keepsake ornament he’d ever had as a kid that his mom gave him when he left the house.  He’d also insist on your ornaments being on the tree as well.

Which would be weird because you wouldn’t even spent Christmas at your house.  The entire week of Christmas would be spent in the coziness that is Anne’s home.  She’d have egg nog every time there was dinner.  And let me tell you, dinner would be a feast every night that you’d gladly help her with all day while shuffling Harry out of the kitchen every time he came in to “just get a taste!”

The house would be filled with people all the time.  Some staying for good, some dropping by and leaving.  Each one would be introduced to you by Harry as if he’d known then since he was little whether he actually did or not.

Christmas Eve would be a big fire in Anne’s fireplace, Christmas songs on her stereo system that pumped through the entire house, warm bulky sweaters and hot chocolate while some people played Jenga in the kitchen and others discussed whatever in the other room while It’s a Wonderful Life was playing on the TV (muted though).

When you and Harry finally went upstairs to your bedroom for the night, he’d surprise you with something he’d bought special for you that he wanted to give you “in this place” because of what it meant to be with his family.  You’d fall asleep after quietly making love in his childhood bed, held tight in his arms.

You’d wake up Christmas morning to the joyful noise of people downstairs.  Once you and Harry dressed and made it down there, everyone would be sitting in front of the tree sipping coffee and eating home made donuts.  Once you were in the room you’d all set to opening your gifts.  The whole day would consist of laughing while you and Harry shared the same Lay-Z-Boy and blanket.  He’d squeeze your hip every now and then just to let you know he could feel you.

He’d lean over and press a kiss to the side of your head and whisper “love you.” just loud enough for you to hear.