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Backyard Flower Garden Questions

Ageratum: Are you friendly or wary of strangers?

American Marigold: Is there anything you will not/cannot eat?

Black-Eyed Susan: Have you ever given/received a black eye? Why?

Bleeding-heart: Do you open up freely with their emotions, or do you bottle it up until you burst? If you do hold it in, what is usually your breaking point?

Butterfly-Weed: What is one thing that always makes you stop and admire, no matter what you were doing prior?

Common Yarrow: Do you easily blend in with the crowd, or do you wear/act so that you are noticeable and stand out?

Cornflower: Is there a color you don’t particularly care to wear? Is it because it clashes with your style, appearance, or any other reason outside of simple dislike for said color?

Creeping Zinnia: Do you listen into other people’s conversations, either idly or purposely? Has there been anything you learned from it? Have you gotten into trouble?

Daylily: Do you have any daily routines/habits? Are they ingrained into you as a child or have they been recent additions?

Field Pansy: Have you ever gone and flown a kite before? Do you wish to do so if you haven’t?

Flowering Cabbage: Name one thing you keep, despite it being pointless or purposeless other than sentimental value or you simply cannot throw it away, and state the reason why you hang onto it.

Garden Impatiens: What causes you to lose patience? How do you react when you lose it? 

Gooseneck Loosestrife: Is there anything strange or unusual you can do, or have noticed happening around you without an identifiable cause?

Hosta: Do you enjoy the time out in the sun, or do you relax in the shade whenever you get the chance to do so?

Ivy Geranium: Do you have any pets? If so, how are they doing?

Japanese Bloodgrass: When was the last time you drew blood, either from yourself or from another? What was the reason? 

Lady’s Mantle: What is one outfit you remember your mother/guardian wearing when you were a child?

Lambs Ears: Do you remember how old you were when the last time someone tried to sensor their speech around you?

Lavender: Is there a particular scent you are fond of? Do you smell this scent often or rarely? 

Million Gold: How much money do you make, if any? How much money do you have currently? 

Moss Phlox: Have there been any new friends you have made? What do you want to know about them the most?

Nasturium: Have you ever been the one to be told a secret? Did you keep it or did you share it with someone else? Was the secret worth being kept?

Ornamental Purslane: Do you wear any jewelry? Which ones are your favorites? Do you favor certain metals/gems/styles?

Rose Campion: If you had to fight, which one person would you chose to fight at your side? Would you pick them based on skill, on trust, or both?

Salvia-May-Night: What your habits/rituals you do when preparing for bed? How long do you usually sleep for?

Snapdragon: What sort of things would you hoard, if given the chance? Would you? 

Snow-In-Summer: Would you rather have winter or summer? What are the benefits or reason to your preferred season over the other?

Sunflower: Name one thing that will always make you smile.

Thread-leaf Tickseed: Are you an insect-magnet when you go outside, or do you insects generally leave you alone? 

Variegated Solomon’s Seal: What is one thing you wished you could seal away and never see/feel/use/etc again? Why?

Wheat Cockscomb: Name one thing you could do that you wished you could do, but cant?

Yellow Cosmos: What is your favorite constellation? Why?

Spending Thanksgiving with the Weasley family would include:
  • Spending the entire morning helping Molly cook alongside with Ginny since it’s her first Thanksgiving actually making the food from scratch with no magic
  • “Oh get out of here you two and go have some fun! I’m quite sure I can handle whipping up some stuffing and potatoes. I’ve already started on the cranberries- oh see dear, it’s in the oven and the turkey is in the freezer ready for dinner.”
    “With all due respect Mrs. Weasley… you’re not suppose to put cranberries in the oven, they’ll melt, and the turkey has to thaw and then we put it in the oven to be cooked.”
    “Oh bloody hell!”
  • Going around the table and everyone saying what they’re grateful for
  • “I’m grateful for having Y/n here or otherwise I’m sure our lovely mother would have poisoned us dead.”
  • Molly swatting Fred in the head for that one
  • Fighting with Fred and George over who gets to break the wishbone
  • Forcing the Weasley family to watch Muggle American football 
  • Carrying on the Weasley tradition of a rough game of Quidditch
  • Laying on the couch with Ginny waiting for your food coma to pass
  • Ron and you eating all the pumpkin pie
  • Trying to explain what the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is to Arthur 
  • “So just a massive collection of big huge air machines roam around the city- that could possible crush someone- and these Muggles enjoy it? That’s absurd, we must go at once!”
  • Molly insisting that you didn’t eat enough, despite the fact that you already had three plates, and piling more food up for you
  • Pulling out all the Christmas decorations the second everyone’s done eating
  • Everyone picking out a tree together in the backyard and Arthur chopping it down
  • Setting up the tree inside and getting sap all over your fingers
  • Singing loudly to Christmas music with Ginny and dancing around the house 
  • George, Ron, and Bill would most likely get all the lights tangled up outside while you, Ginny, and Molly worked on the tree inside
  • Percy would stand to the side and make snide remarks to his brothers and laugh at them for creating a big mess on tangled up lights
  • The boys giving up and using magic instead
  • George would sit next to you on the ground while you take out all the ornaments from the holder and explain the meaning behind each and every one
  • “Oh, Bill made that over the summer. And this one grandma gave to Ginny. This is my favorite!”
    “Georgie… why do you have a pickle ornament?”
  • George being absolutely astonished that despite being aware of Muggle customs, you had no idea what the pickle ornament meant
  • “You mean to say you’ve never hidden a pickle in the tree before?”
    “That sounds quite dirty, George.”
  • Molly and Arthur standing to the side watching in adoration as the whole family worked together and joked around
  • Percy would fill everyone in on the background of Thanksgiving and why it is celebrated
  • Fred taking you up on his shoulders so you can put the star on top of the tree
  • Thousands of stories from the past would be shared
  • Feeling miles past full of food
  • Listening to Ginny gush about Harry Potter to you and sharing how she wished he could’ve made it to which you would roll your eyes and smile because she is absolutely smitten by the boy
  • Messing around with Ron and pranking his older brother’s together
  • Taking cat naps with Fred and George
  • Before you leave, Molly would give you the warm hat she had spent the whole week knitting for you
  • “There you go, love. Don’t want you catching a cold out there. Fred and George make sure you watch out for this one! Do not let her leave the castle unless she’s all bundled up. It’s suppose to get awfully cold my dear.”
    “We won’t, mum.”
  • Going out Black Friday shopping with Ginny and introducing her to Muggle concepts
  • “Now be careful, it can get pretty vicious. Watch out for carts, I got jabbed in the side last year with one and almost didn’t make it up in time to beat the crowd.”
    “Uh, Y/n are you sure this is safe?”
  • After break, Molly would send you back to Hogwarts with plenty of leftovers

-Daizy xx

Strawberry Moon - (Trixya/Vatya) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This is the brain-vomit first outing in an AU that will be two or three parts long? Fair warning, this is heavier on Trixya than Vatya. (But I’m a slut for Vatya, so there will never be enough.) Also, I’m not a Russian fish; so, if any of these phrases are totally and completely wrong…I apologize. 

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madame maxima is very beautiful!!! can you tell us about her personality?

ok so in this version of the headcanon shes snobby, elegant and prideful. out of all the mothers i plan on posting, she is the most neurotic and uptight. she cares a lot about her appearance, proper manners and in general how shes seen by others, especially important gems. she is a perfectionist who gets stressed easily and freaks out when sth doesnt go according to the plan. shes strict and has low tolerance for incompetence. she works incredibly hard to meet the highest standards of pearl making. also she doesnt like quartzes and considers them to be dumb brutes (same with rubies, minus the brutes. they are just dumb.) she also often has quarrels with her twin sister who im gonna post about later.

theres of course some depth to her. the reason for her behavior is that she acts out of fear and the immense pressure put on her. shes afraid of punishment for herself and her pearls, therefore she tries her absolute best to do what hw wants from her. inside she doesnt want to be cruel to her pearls, she loves them and in normal conditions would be very warm towards them, but it also gets complicated bcs of a self defense mechanism she developed over time where she started approaching her pearls as a high-shelf product rather than daughters. this way producing and training perfect pearls and giving them away for being ornaments hurts less. :( she hates herself for this. because shes so prideful and she hates the order its like she betrays her own family, beliefs and culture. shes stuck between a rock and a hard place…

another important element of her character is her approach to the past. as i mentioned the mothers were at war with the gems, eventually lost and got destroyed. gold is kinda stuck in it. she loathes the gems for what they did and shes very bitter at how little of the mothers culture survived. she keeps dreaming about the mothers rising to glory again. theres actually an important cultural symbol of the mothers that gold wears on her head very proudly: the whorl.

characteristic to many molluscs, it was a symbol of the mothers, much like a diamond is a symbol of the gem empire now.

Merry Christmas, Darling

[Summary]: It’s kinda lonely around Christmas Eve without your boyfriend, Bucky. But you get the present of a lifetime!

[Warning]: SO MUCH FLUFF

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

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The crisp winter air blasted you as you walked out of the store. You set your shopping bags down, zipped up your jacket all the way and put on your cap on when you noticed snowflakes starting to gently fall.

You grab your keys out of your purse, pick up your bags and walk to your car. You drive to the apartment that you and your boyfriend share. Unfortunately, he was away on a mission somewhere so it’s been kinda lonely in the apartment.

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I think its fine for amber to be upset about the ornament but she was being immature, on valentines my daughter came home from school and had made a card in school for her parents, we arnt together so she decided she wanted to give it to her dad ... i was upset and thought great he sees you one weekend a month and he gets the card but i didnt say it or act like it, i said how about we make one for your little brother too which is his son not mine, precious moments making the card is better

Exactly! You would think Amber would want to DO something with Leah instead of siting on the couch with her. Make it a fun night for you guys, go shopping to buy all the things you need, sit at the house and watch movies & make ornaments, make a good memory out of it for the both of you. THAT’S what a mom would have done to make the best out of a situation that made her sad…instead of trying to make Leah feel guilty for wanting to leave the ornament at her primary parents house! 

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I know you don't like gifts Spiridon, but also know that you're with ok ironic non-compromising gifts (the shield with tiny penises ornaments is very popular, you see). If you had to give some joking/mocking gifts to your advisors (and maybe companions, if you're feeling like listing it all) what would these be?

I don’t think I’ve got enough creativity for these sorts of gifts, especially considering that even now after all this time I can’t say I know these people well.

Solas would get one of those awful bug-eyed purse dogs that have no use beyond ornamentation and being yappy. That breed that’s supposedly also very, very old, and ironically not bred from wolves? No. I would never do that to a dog. Not even a yappy bug-eyed purse dog.

And the rest… nothing at all. Gifts aren’t something I do or think about. I’d much rather just trade verbal insults.

won’t be gone long

Kara and Lena don’t get to spend their first Christmas together actually together.

Kara’s apologetic and worried and swearing vengeance on Snapper for this assignment, even as she whirls about her apartment in a hurry as she tries to pack. She doesn’t notice how she’s going a bit too fast, and Lena pretends to look the other way as Alex shoots Kara a warning look, because really, she isn’t stupid. 

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Now that it’s canon that Homeworld has a very strict class system on par with Transformer IDW’s functionism - can we please discuss how painful Rose and Pearl’s relationship must have been?

Pearls as ornamental pets. Pearls as less than labor, less than personal assistants - Pearls literally objectified. The Pearl we know, as Rose’s own ornamental Gem. A being created as a vanity object, whose sole function (according to Peridot and presumably the rest of Homeworld) is to look pretty and obey their owner’s orders.

Originally posted by vahnitr

Rose eventually realizing that this power imbalance is wrong - but also realizing that this is the only way of living that Pearl knows.

Rose tries to tell Pearl to make her own decisions. Rose is, after all, rebelling against Homeworld, presumably for freedom and choice and all that good stuff. She knows that Pearl will follow her because Rose owns her - not just because Pearl loves her. If Rose even recognizes that as love. From Rose’s position, this Gem she has owned for who knows how long (thousands of years probably, if Pearl has traveled through space with her) is devoted to her… but then, aren’t all Pearls devoted to their owners?

Originally posted by oathkeeper-of-tarth

Pearl imagining the life they’ll have together after the war, when castes don’t matter any more, when Homeworld laws don’t tell them what is and isn’t proper. Pearl not daring to voice the hope that Rose will be able to love her like she loves Rose - all while knowing that they can never be equals, because how could they be? Pearl’s own conditioning working against her, dragging her self-worth back down to its “proper place” even after the war is over, even when Rose is no longer a Diamond but just a simple Quartz, please. Pearl has spent so long serving, worshipping, accenting - she doesn’t know how else to be.

Originally posted by themysteryoftheunknownuniverse

Pearl slowly, slowly realizing that the life she imagined will never come to be. The harder she tries to be pleasing, the more Rose pushes her away. Pearl not understanding why Rose looks so sad when she smiles at her Pearl.

Originally posted by rozequart

Because Pearl is still Rose’s Pearl. Rose only tried to tell her she was free, that Rose did not own her, once - and couldn’t bear to see the pain written so plainly on Pearl’s face, not so soon after the pain and loss of the war with Homeworld. Rose knowing that, to Pearl, ownership is her only valid connection to Rose. Rose knowing that severing that tie, as terrible as it is, will only ever cause Pearl pain. Rose can’t bear it.

Every “my Pearl” makes Pearl shiver in pleasure. It’s a reaffirmation of belonging. Every order followed unquestioningly makes Pearl more confident and happy, even as it makes Rose sick to her stomach.

Rose loves Earth. Rose loves humans. And that’s ok, Pearl reasons every time she wants Rose to look at her with a burning need that feels so ugly that Pearl has to meditate to calm herself into serenity again. That’s ok, Pearl repeats as a mantra for 50 years or so, because after 50 years or so the human is dead and rotting - and Pearl would never leave Rose like that. It hurts Rose so much every time. Pearl would never abandon her like that. Pearl is too faithful to die.

Originally posted by queeradorability

Pearl, the lowest of the Gems, looking at humans and feeling good about herself for the first time in her life. Here is something lower than her. She may be just a Pearl, she may be nothing to the Gems or to Homeworld, but at least she’s better than these.

Somewhere, Pearl picks up the idea of knighthood. During the war she flourished under Rose’s careful manipulation, turned into almost her own Gem when she decided that she wanted to be useful and not just pretty.

But she is still Rose’s Pearl. Just… a better one.

Originally posted by misterakio

And Rose can’t bear to be the person she was before, no matter how much Pearl expects it or craves it. She wishes Pearl would defy her, would decide on her own. But Pearl only looks to her for guidance, for orders, for everything, and Rose loves to nurture but she cannot separate Pearl’s desires from Homeworld’s social conditioning. It’s wrong, she thinks, to take advantage of her Pearl’s infatuation.

Because it’s clear to everyone that even if Rose is willing to cast aside ranks and all be equals, Pearl is not. And she might not ever be.

So all Rose can do is smile sadly and nudge Pearl in the right direction, encourage any independence she can. And all Pearl can do is try to please Rose.

But in the end, Rose is gone… and Steven is all Pearl has left.

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All I can think about is Christmas with Harry! Can you write something for me? I love your writing and love how you bring my dreams to life!!

Christmas with Harry would be the equivalent of being on the North Pole with Santa himself.

He’d insist on having the biggest tree he could find and it would be decorated to the hilt with every keepsake ornament he’d ever had as a kid that his mom gave him when he left the house.  He’d also insist on your ornaments being on the tree as well.

Which would be weird because you wouldn’t even spent Christmas at your house.  The entire week of Christmas would be spent in the coziness that is Anne’s home.  She’d have egg nog every time there was dinner.  And let me tell you, dinner would be a feast every night that you’d gladly help her with all day while shuffling Harry out of the kitchen every time he came in to “just get a taste!”

The house would be filled with people all the time.  Some staying for good, some dropping by and leaving.  Each one would be introduced to you by Harry as if he’d known then since he was little whether he actually did or not.

Christmas Eve would be a big fire in Anne’s fireplace, Christmas songs on her stereo system that pumped through the entire house, warm bulky sweaters and hot chocolate while some people played Jenga in the kitchen and others discussed whatever in the other room while It’s a Wonderful Life was playing on the TV (muted though).

When you and Harry finally went upstairs to your bedroom for the night, he’d surprise you with something he’d bought special for you that he wanted to give you “in this place” because of what it meant to be with his family.  You’d fall asleep after quietly making love in his childhood bed, held tight in his arms.

You’d wake up Christmas morning to the joyful noise of people downstairs.  Once you and Harry dressed and made it down there, everyone would be sitting in front of the tree sipping coffee and eating home made donuts.  Once you were in the room you’d all set to opening your gifts.  The whole day would consist of laughing while you and Harry shared the same Lay-Z-Boy and blanket.  He’d squeeze your hip every now and then just to let you know he could feel you.

He’d lean over and press a kiss to the side of your head and whisper “love you.” just loud enough for you to hear.

Made in Brooklyn (Steve x Reader) Part 5

Summary: Both born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn, Y/N Y/L/N and Steve Rogers are bitter rivals. As the leaders of two empires that combined cover almost all of the city of New York, there is no doubt that they are at war with each other. However, the involvement of a ruthless third party forces gravity to shift.

Author’s Note: I don’t usually do this, but in this part, the reader dances to a certain song. I’ve linked the song here, because I think listening to it will make the experience so much better. 

Chapter List


Part five

“Y/N,” he called after you. You ignored him and continued walking briskly down the street. You heard footsteps approaching you from behind, and you huffed. “Y/N!”

Suddenly you were yanked backwards, and two strong hands gripped your shoulders.



“What is with you?!” he exclaimed, shaking you gently.

“One of my men was just murdered!” you hissed, yanking yourself out of his grasp.

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Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 4)

Excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

[After having to re-do the lighting for the ‘gravity globe’ in the pit, putting them very behind-schedule]

My joy is short-lived. It’s proving difficult to communicate with Claire and David. They can’t hear me, or - even worse - each other. Also, they’re steaming up whenever they talk, which is making the playing of a scene virtually impossible. The helmets are lifted off, and design and sound spirit them away to see what can be done. Our schedule is so tight that we’re trying out all these things for the first time on set. Not ideal…

Good news. The helmets have been fixed!  Our genius sound boys have created a microphone and earpiece system that allows Claire and David to hear each other, and me. Prop man Phil has also worked out how to stop the glass steaming. We shoot on through to 4am. It’s great stuff, just not enough of it. We’re behind. Way behind.

The second night in the quarry […] the weather is drawing in. It’s bitingly cold, and snow is falling intermittently. We’ve drafted in a second camera and are getting through the pages, but are constantly battling the ice and snow on the actors’ visors. Then suddenly, 10 minutes after Phil has gone home, it’s a white out. The entire crew is engulfed by a swirling snow blizzard. It’s like we’re inside one of those little snowstorm ornaments and being shaken about. We shoot on, then as quick as it came, it’s gone… leaving two inches of snow on the ground.  So we now have half a scene with snow and half without! I re-shoot the first half and frame above the white floor… and crawl into bed as the dawn is arriving, with my face burning from the cold.

Other parts of this set: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ five ] [ six ]
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Hi , can I ask a request about GOM + Kuroko + Kagami as fathers and their reaction to the 1 year old baby ( girl or boy ) start to walk and hit the wall or fall to hard ( sometimes funny and cute ) please

sure thing anon! Btw, I always count Kuroko as part of the gom. so you never have to ask for him separately!

Akashi: His eyes widened when he saw his little girl walking, or rather stumbling, on her two feet. Akashi had never witnessed this before, being busy with his family business, so he almost fell over when she crashed into the wall. Hearing the commotion, you walked out of the room, trying to hold back laughter as he fretted over the tiny bump on her forehead. When he looked at you, his eyes were slightly wide, as though scared you were going to yell at him for not watching her more closely. Instead, you approached the two, laughing when your daughter started giggling as she reached out for you. All Akashi did was blink as he stood there frozen.

Aomine: “I swear I didn’t do it!!” was the first thing you heard when you walked in from work one day. Your face fell when Aomine practically dashed to the front door, almost knocking you over, with his son in hand. When you looked at him with a confused expression, he started to panic. “I didn’t do it, ____!” Standing straight and closing the door, to prevent the apartment block from hearing his screams, you finally found your voice, “What didn’t you do?” He thrust his son in front of him, and you took him in your arms, scared Aomine would accidentally drop him. You inspected his body and saw nothing was wrong so you weren’t sure what he was screaming about. You watched as Aomine opened his mouth, closing it briefly before he found his voice, ‘Well, our son was walking on his two feet and he’d tripped and smashed his head on the table.” You shook your head, a smile on your lips as you chuckled, “it’s fine, Daiki. He’s not crying is he?” He blinked, trying to hide the growing blush from appearing on his face, “N-No…” “Then you have nothing to worry about.” Placing a kiss to his cheek, you looked down at your son, giving him a peck on his cheek before walking into the kitchen, “I think you gave daddy a heart attack today, sweetie. Be careful, he doesn’t have too many functioning brain cells left.”  You were met with an “Oi, _____!” and a giggling son.

Kise: “______-cchi! Come quick! Our daughter is walking!” Kise exclaimed as you were just exiting the bathroom. “I’m coming, Ryouta. You always get so excited over the lit-” You were interrupted by a “Oh no!” and a crash, causing you to sigh. Reaching the living room, you were greeted with an extremely worried Kise and your daughter, who’d been practically smothered by her overprotective father. Reaching the two, you noticed your daughter was clapping her hands, a smile on her face while the blonde was trying not to cry a thousand tears. Smiling softly, you placed a kiss on the crown of her head, while you brushed Kise’s bangs back, kissing his forehead. Cradling his cheek, you looked into golden eyes, filled with worry and a bit of shock. “Your daughter is fine. She’s tough like her father.” His arms wrapped around your back, pulling you into a hug and you only smiled at him, gently patting his head as he cried in your shoulder. Some days, you weren’t sure who was the bigger baby, but you didn’t mind taking care of two.

Kuroko: You’d been finishing up the last report your boss needed for the next day’s meeting, leaving Kuroko to take care of your son. He’d chosen to paint with him, under very watchful supervision of course and with a safe set of paint. So you thought everything was fine, as Kuroko was very responsible. But when you’d heard a crash and a bark from Nigou, you sighed and left the computer room, intending on investigating. When you hit the living room, you saw both your son and Kuroko completely soaked from the bucket of water, your husband’s eyes wide when he realized you were there. Scratching the back of your head, you sighed, walking towards the back door to let Nigou outside. When you returned, you’d grabbed a towel, and a change of clothes for your son. But before you could fix him up, Kuroko snatched the items from your hands, stubbornly refusing to let you help. Rubbing your neck, you could only shake your head before going to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. You definitely had your hands full with this family, but it was a nice change when Kuroko did his share of the work.

Midorima: You’d just got back from shopping, leaving Midorima in charge of babysitting your one year old son. At first you’d been reluctant to leave him alone, not because you didn’t trust your husband, but because he had seemed to be nervous around his son. It probably had to do with his oha asa rating, so you’d shrugged it off. But when you walked in, you didn’t hear either boy, making you frown in concern. It was when Midorima screamed, something about his frog ornament being smashed, that made you dash out the back door, into the garden. His hands were on his face, eyes wide, as he stood there, watching his son. You guessed he’d tripped over the frog, falling face first into the garden and this was probably the reason why Midorima was freaking out. However, it was when you’d picked up your son, seeing him covered in tomatoes, that made you realize why your husband was upset. Shaking your head, you walked past your husband, who, for the next ten minutes, sat in the grass, crying about his tomatoes being ruined.

Murasakibara: It was very rare to see Murasakibara doing something other than laying on the couch, watching t.v, after a long day of work. But when he saw how excited his daughter was after watching the cooking channel, he’d suddenly found himself hungry. Knowing you weren’t going to be home for a bit still, he’d decided to head into the kitchen, grabbing a snack for both him and his daughter. He didn’t realize she’d followed him until he’d turned around, a bottle of pop and bowl of popcorn in hand. As he took a step, he’d tripped over her, after she’d fallen from running into him, sending the bowl of popcorn everywhere. The pop had hit the ground, exploding and soaking the both of them. When he realized how much of a mess he made, Murasakibara sighed, picking up his daughter and headed to the bathroom. After cleaning himself and his daughter, he’d walked out to see you standing there, eyes wide at the destroyed living room. He’d sighed, fully prepared for the lecture he was surely to get for being so careless.

Kagami: It was only for fifteen minutes, just that short of time before you were off work. Kagami sighed as he sat in the park, watching the other families laughing and playing in the grassy area. He was lightly bouncing his one year old daughter in his lap, after she’d made a fuss about being in her stroller. He’d decided to relax on the bench, legs tired and sore from his late shift at the fire hall. Checking his phone, he saw there was only ten minutes left. Deciding to head to your work, he’d packed everything in her stroller, carrying his little girl in his arms as he walked out of the park. Due to traffic, he managed to get there a minute later than your shift, but sighed when he didn’t see you leave yet. He’d placed his daughter on the ground, as she squirmed in his grasp, anxious to see her mom after a long day. Her face lit up when she noticed you and decided to try and walk towards you, meeting you half way. Kagami nearly had a panic attack when a middle schooler had accidentally bumped into her, and almost trampled her if not for your quick reflexes. Seeing his angry expression, you found yourself sighing, reaching him and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. If you weren’t around, you knew that young boy would’ve gotten an ear full. Instead, you took the fall as Kagami started ranting and raving about the lack of respect in children.

An idea I’d toyed with for a WIP fan game was Koujaku’s hair ornament actually being the neck of his mom’s shamisen. When he was going berserk after getting his tattoos, she was sent by survivors to calm him down, and tried to do so by playing his favourite song. It goes about as well as expected. Actual shamisen necks are much bigger afaik, so that idea seems unlikely.

To You, Twenty Years From Now

Summary: In 870, Levi and Mikasa reunite after ten years and catch up. Levi takes on a challenge.
Pairing: Rivamika, brief mentions of Eremin, Jeankasa, and Yumikuri if you squint.
Rating: T
Length: 5,834 words
Mirrors: FFNet | AO3
A/N: Queen Historia takes the throne after the final defeat of the Titans and spearheads huge initiatives to repopulate humanity, increase the quality of education, and advance technologically. After about 20 years, humanity is on par with the 1920s in terms of technology and fashion. The population has exploded, and consequently many have decided to settle outside the walls.

This work contains spoilers for the manga. There are also main character deaths, but they are only mentioned in passing.


Mikasa arrives at the same time her letter said she would, stepping off the 12:37 trolley at Shiganshina Terminal. Levi is already waiting for her outside, leaning against the driver’s side door of his car, a black- and maroon-lacquered monstrosity that nonetheless looks sleek and lethally fast. Much like its driver, Mikasa thinks as she approaches the vehicle.

Not much has changed in the years since they last saw each other. The harsh lines of their faces, hewn by hardship and hunger, have softened. Up close, Mikasa notices that Levi’s dark hair is starting to fade to gray at his temples, and that it’s slicked back instead of hanging in his face. He’s still in a suit, formal as ever, but it’s made of a light gray flannel instead of his usual dour black. Levi has made one concession to the changing times: he has switched out his cravat for a looser ascot, but the fabric is still meticulously folded and tied at his throat.

To Levi, Mikasa looks exactly the same. Well, almost. She is dressed in the current style, wearing a long boxy cobalt blue dress that falls past her knees and is bordered with a pattern of creeping vines and roses. A white cloche hat sits atop her head, decorated with a small enamel brooch shaped like a rose.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress,” he says in lieu of a greeting. If Mikasa had any anxiety about things being different between them (she did, but would never admit it to herself and certainly not to him), Levi has decisively quashed it. His consistent brusqueness feels strangely comforting to her. After ten years and the world having been basically transformed, Levi is still just kind of rude.

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“Mummy, mummy! Is it time to go yet!?” Rose exclaimed excitedly as she ran into the kitchen, with Hugo hurrying in behind her.

“In a minute sweetie” Hermione knelt down and kissed both her children on the forehead. “Is your father ready?”

“Daddyyyyyy” Rose called out. Hugo giggled.

Ron walked into the kitchen “Yes Rosie?” He picked her up and spun her around in his arms. Rose laughed, as she held onto Ron.  He kissed her on the forehead before he placed Rose back on her feet.

“My turn!” Hugo cried.

Hermione watched Ron with love in her eyes, as Ron repeated the same thing with Hugo.

“Who’s ready to meet Father Christmas!?” Ron exclaimed as he put Hugo down.

“Meeee!” Rose cheered!

Hugo clapped.

“Well we better get a move on, shall we?” Ron turned, and winked at Hermione.

“Of course!” Hermione chimed, as she picked up Hugo resting him on her hip. “We’ll take the floo network I suppose?”

“Let’s go nowww!” Rose grabbed hold of Ron’s hand, and tugged on it.

“Okay, okay” Ron laughed “Do you know what you’re asking Santa for?” He followed Rose into the sitting room, where the fireplace was. Hermione grabbed their winter jackets, then followed into the sitting room.

“I’m going to ask Santa for a toy broomstick! Like the one that Albus has!” Rose exclaimed, as she started putting her jacket on with a bit of help from Hermione.

“Are we ready to go?” Ron smirked as he zipped his jacket.

“I think so” Hermione smiled “Why don’t you take Rose, and Hugo and I will be right behind you.

“Alright. Let’s go Rosie!” Ron picked Rose up and stepped into the fireplace.

Hermione held out the container with the floo powder to Ron “We’ll be right behind you. I love you” Hermione kissed Rose on the forehead “And I love you” She turned to Ron, and kissed him on the mouth.

“I love you too” Ron smiled as he grabbed a hand full of floo powder.

Hermione backed away from the fireplace.

“DIAGON ALLEY” Ron called out.

With a flash of Green flames Rose and Ron where gone.

“It’s our turn Hugo!” Hermione kissed Hugo on the cheek, grabbed herself a hand full of flood powder, and stepped into the fireplace.

“DIAGON ALLEY” She shouted

Another flash of green, and they disappeared within the flames.

When Hermione and Hugo arrived in Diagon Alley, Ron was standing there holding Rose’s hand with a smile on his face.

“Hi hunny.” Ron said as he made his way over to Hermione and kissed her on the cheek.

Hermione blushed. “Who’s ready for Santa?” She looked at Rose who has a huge smile on her face, showing all of her teeth.

Hugo, still in Hermione’s arms, rested his head on Hermione’s shoulder.

“This way” Ron said as he lead the way down the brick streets of Diagon Alley.

Snow was lightly falling from the sky. Everything was lit up for Christmas. All the buildings with bright lights, and a giant Christmas tree decorated from top to bottom, with colourful lights, and thousands of different ornaments. Tinsel was currently being laced around the tree by a short witch, with white hair, and a round face. She had her wand out, using it to gracefully decorate the tree.

In the distance, they could see next to the tree was a giant chair, with a very big man sitting upon it.

Rose’s eyes widened with glee as they got closer and closer the big man. “Is that him?” she whispered.

“Yes. That’s him Rosie. That’s Father Christmas” Ron whispered in her ear.

The wizard Father Christmas, wasn’t the same as the muggle Santa.

He did have the long white hair and beard, round body, chubby face, and rosy cheeks, and he was just as jolly as ever.

The only difference was that this Father Christmas was that he didn’t wear the traditional red suit and hat. He was dressed in a navy blue cloak, with a matching hat, that stood strait up in a point.

Lucky for them, there wasn’t a very long line of other families bringing their children to meet Father Christmas. Ron and Hermione got into the short line with their children.

“Wow” Rose whispered as she glanced around her surroundings, leaving her view on Father Christmas, sitting in the chair, a child on his knee.

Their turn was next.

“We’re next!” Rose jumped up and down excitedly, shanking Ron’s hand that she was still holding onto.

Rose and Hugo watched as the child jumped of Father Christmas’ knee.

There was an elf wearing a green pointed hat who was managing the line. “Next” he called out in a squeaky voice.

Rose ran up the stairs to Father Christmas as fast as she could. Ron and Hermione followed behind her. Hugo still in Hermione’s arms.

Father Christmas was helping Rose up onto his knee and Ron and Hermione got to the top of the stairs. Hermione placed Hugo on his other knee.

“Hello!” The jolly man said. “What are your names?”

“I’m Rose!” she said with a giant smile

“And you are?” Santa turned to Hugo with a smile

“Hugo” he said quietly

“And what do both of you want for Christmas this year!?”  

“I want a toy broomstick!” Rose exclaimed. “My cousin Albus got one last year, and I’ve wanted one ever since I saw it!”

“A toy broomstick! I’ll see what I can do!” Father Christmas cheered. “What about you Hugo?”

Hugo thought for a moment before he yelled out “sweets!” with a giggle.

Father Christmas laughed “Just any kind of sweets? What’s your favourite?

Hugo thought again before he answered “Chocolate Frogs!”

“Chocolate frogs! Gotta collect all the wizard cards?”

Hugo giggled as he nodded his head.

“I think It’s time to go kids” Hermione said “Santa has a lot of other children to see today”

“Bye Santa!” Rose said with a smile as she hopped off his knee.

Hermione picked Hugo up in her arms.

“Happy Christmas to all of you!” Father Christmas called out as they walked towards the stairs to head back home.

Once again they walled the brick street to the other side of Diagon Alley, to take the Floo Network again. It was time to go home.

Hugo in Hermione’s arms rested his head on her shoulders. Rose was holding onto Ron’s hand talking about how excited she was for her toy broomstick.

“Father Christmas was very nice!” Rose said with a smile “Do you think I will get the toy broom stick?”

“I find that very likely Rose” Ron said as he gave her hand a little squeeze.

They walked a little further until they reached the fireplace for the floo network.

“I’ll see you at home sweetie.” Hermione said as she kissed Ron and kissed Rose on the cheek.

Hermione stepped into the fireplace, and smiled at Ron with loving eyes. “I have a strong feeling this is going to be our best Christmas yet.”

I want to throw an amazing dinner party for all our friends who fawn over what a good host I am and how nice my ensemble is and wow I’ve never seen a risotto prepared with such finesse while my useless husband stands sheepishly to the side nursing his beer offering to help and I insist I can handle it and he knows it’s true and feels content being ornamentation.